Sunday, July 16, 2006

Revolution in Israel is now inevitable…islamofascists watch out

The ordinary person, in Ireland or elsewhere, is totally dependent on the Media for how they view any conflict. This has the most serious implications for Israel when one remembers the bias of the great Media corporations, such as the BBC, the Guardian and the Independent, and when one remembers that the main reporter for the BBC at the time broke down in tears when reporting Arafat’s funeral. That was in others words emoting over the grave of the man who had killed more Jews than anybody since the time of Hitler. But mostly the Media itself is merely reflecting the anti-Israeli bias of the world leaders, but especially of the EU countries and of Russia.

At the present moment the war which Israel has been forced to fight on two fronts is being presented by the main media outlets as an escalation which has been caused by Israel.
Putin has led the way at the G-8 Summit of World Leaders held in Japan. His statement shows the fine art of lying.

First Putin makes a reference to the kidnapping of the Israeli soldier by Hamas. He then says that he, Putin, is against terrorism and against kidnapping. He then goes on to add the “but”. The “but” in the case of Putin is that Israel has ulterior motives and is not solely interested in finding one soldier. Can one tentatively make a reference to the Protocols here. It certainly crossed by mind when I heard this ex-KGB man use this kind of language.

However, the above is a lie and it amounts really to lying through selecting
only a portion of what happened. There is a lying technique being used here by the KGB propagandist. Let’s see what he does.

Firstly, not only was the Jewish soldier, Guilad Shalit, kidnapped by Hamas but 2 other soldiers were killed in their murderous and quite cowardly action. It took place inside Israeli soil. It was an act of war. Moreover it was part of an unending series of attacks and the terrorising of Jews inside Israel by thousands of Qassam type rockets onto Israeli soil. Crude they may be but they can terrify and kill and in any case every one of these, including their manufacture with deadly intent, is an act of war. Also every one of these has been manufactured and pointed at Israel from the confines of Gaza. The Israeli Government had persuaded the Israeli people that the Palestinian Arabs would make peace if they withdrew every Jew from Gaza and the Israelis even offered the Palestinians valuable greenhouses to help them along. You can thus imagine the change of mood in Israel.

At the G-8 Summit in Japan, with the ear of hundreds of millions, Putin has hidden quite a bit!
So Putin’s Big Lie technique is exposed. He distorts the truth. The Israeli Government as a whole never ever just talked about the release of Shalit. Somehow Israel had to find a way of stopping the Qassam Missile attacks by Hamas. The Israeli Army in its statements said so.Enter then the US in the shape of Bush and Rice who gave directions to their main stooge in Israel (apart from Peres that is), Defence Minister Peretz, that a peaceful solution should be found, by negotiating with the people who abducted Shalit through the Egyptian Intelligence.

The plan of Rice was to have Shalit returned and Israel would then be happy. This would involve exchanging prisoners who had been locked up for political terrorism.

Talk about rewarding an act of terrorism!

Hamas would not only escape scott- free from its war attack on Israeli soil, for its killing of 2 Israeli soldiers, for all the rockets which had struck Israel in past months with all the terror on Israeli people that that caused, but, and it is a big but, Hamas would come out of the affair with renewed power over the Palestinian masses. The precedent would be laid down in black and white, with the approval of Rice and Bush no less, that Hamas could engage in acts of war and could profit.

This was the line of Olmert and of Peretz but it was NOT EVER the line of the Israeli Army. For a number of reasons, in my opinion:

1. No matter what Government or Coalition of interests takes over in Israel, the fact remains that the country of Israel was founded not through democracy but through armed struggle. When Israeli leaders declared the independence of the Israeli state in 1948 it was attacked the very next day by Arab States joined together with the clear nazi and Genocidal intent to obliterate the country of Israel. It was the revolutionary mobilisation of the Jewish people, a true revolution by the way, given the passivity associated with the Holocaust, that actually created Israel. Six Wars later, all launched by the Arabs, and now in the Seventh, that remains as true as it did on that very first day of Israeli independence back in 1948 when the Arabs attacked.

2. It is a simple fact that if you join an army, any army, and the Israeli Army is mainly an army of Israeli youth, then if you are killed in battle those who will mourn most for you along with your family are your colleagues. Peretz, the anti-Jewish Labour leader, may have been prepared to simply forget about the two other soldiers killed in the Hamas raid, not unlike Putin by the way, but that approach is not the case with a Jewish army, where every Jewish life is a special life.

3. There is another most important reason why the IDF differs in its approach from the likes of Peretz. The IDF is an army of specialists, it specialises in the defence of Israel. It was founded in struggle and it maintains that specialization. Peretz and Olmert, on the other hand, well what special qualities have they got. One organised pay deals, the other looked after the duties of a Lord Major. But the IDF knew that more was involved. The IDF was soon, however, to have very strong allies, and these did not come from the EU or the US, they came from the very fast movement in thought of the Israeli masses. The people of Israeli were turning en masse from song contests (I am being a little facetious here) to political struggle once more.

So to sum up:

In the latter regard the Islamofascists of Iran and their Hezbollah proxies, the Jew-haters in the Palestinian Arab ranks, often think they are superior. The weakness of Israel has been the theme of the Iranian Fascists for some months now.

But in this case what they left out of their equation was the nature of the Israeli people. This is also a people of struggle and a people of principle, just like the army that they formed back in 1948.

We are entering a new period where the ordinary people of every country, not just Israel, can come forward. The ordinary British can reach back into their Cromwellian and revolutionary past, the Irish can reach back towards the Padraic Pearse and James Connolly 1916 principles of struggle against the British Imperialists led by Asquith and Maxwell, and above all others the American people can reach back into the principles laid down by their glorious American Revolution, with its ideas of Liberty which led on to the French Revolution, and laid down the basis for the American Constitution.

But more than anybody realises, these events are going to revolutionise the thinking of Israelis. Expect a situation of dual power to develop with the IDF taking the lead more and more from bankrupt politicians such as Peretz. In turn the IDF will become more and more political and the line between politics and war is going to break down totally. War is politics, politics is war by another name. Expect also the Israeli youth to come forward. And Peretz, Peres, Bush, or whoever had better get used to the idea that a Palestine State era is over. In short Israeli politics will be revolutionised totally.

All that needs to be given conscious expression in leadership. Our task!


City Troll said...

Felix what your advocating is a military coup by the IDF of Israel and that will never happen...

As usual you bash the US in your post but as usual it is the US and no one else that is supporting Israel as it defends itself...

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...


Havent seen much evidence of US support yet. 'Defend yourselves but dont, you know, do it properly or there will be CONSEQUENCES' is not support!

Personally I also think felix is having a pipedream if he thinks the IDF can ever free itself from the pathetic politicians which use it as a sacrificial scapegoat over and over. I just wish he wasnt.

Bob Jackson said...

this is very disturbing reading. I have never really understood exactly what fundamentalism means until I read this rant by Felix Quigley.

The ratio of civilian dead is 10 to 1 in favour of Israel, led by its legitimate, democratically elected government in action against a terrorist militia.

If you apply the current argument which is presented by the US and Israeli governments the obvious question is: if its acceptable for the IDF to kill 400 civilians when Hizbolah have murdered 40 Israelis, what kind of a response does this encourage against Israel. This will be a massive recruitment operation for Jihadist extremists everywhere - and why not? If you were a Lebenese teenager and had grown up rebuilding a country which has been set back 20 years in two weeks what else would you do? Start all over again? Not likely when your family lives in a state of terror (state terror).

Of course Israel has the right to defend itself but as is always mentioned in the Northern Ireland conflict, along with rights come responsibilities. Israel has the right to defend itself but to obliterate a country for an attack which left 3 IDF soldiers dead and 2 captured is completely irresponsible because its not proportional. It encourages extremism!

Just as the US managed to turn global public sympathy after 9/11 into resentment through its illegal, immoral and unnecessary invasion of Iraq,
Israel is now actively encouraging Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, or anyone else with the capability to provide an extremist religious group with a nuclear weapon to do so. Israels actions with US support make the world a far more dangerous place than it was two weeks ago.

Note that during the first Gulf War it was the fact that Israel's restraint in not retaliating against Iraqi scud missiles that held together a coalition of Arab and Western armies in getting Saddam's forces out of Kuwait, with Western soldiers operating through many Arab countries. That kind of measured leadership isnt there anymore unfortunately.

As a final note I'd like to point out that Quigley's reference 'the ordinary British can reach back into their Cromwellian and revolutionary past, the Irish can reach back towards the Padraic Pearse and James Connolly 1916 principles of struggle against the British Imperialists' is absurd. In the 1640's and 50's Cromwell applied a system of religious fundamentalist genocide in Ireland which left a third of the population dead (approx 600,000) and led to centuries of conflict. You cant celebrate the activities of a genocial fundamentalist colonist and a revolutionary anti-imperialists in the same sentence. Unless of course you're used to selectively interpereting historical events.

Israel will have to see things from a broader perspective than only their own if they are to negotiate this unneccary cycle of violence. Its not acceptable to present your own civilian casualties as justification for commiting the same crimes by a multitude of ten.

Mise le meas

Bob Jackson

Neal said...'ve really become a nutter. Somebody laced whatever you usually smoke with a little something extra.