Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel - ‘A light unto the nations’

By Ted Belman

(Ted Belman is the editor of Israpundit and I agree with his analysis here. See the next article for comments on Ted's points)

Israel’s biblical mission is to be a “light unto the nations”. Israel is leading the way in taking on Iran’s proxies, Hezbollah and Hamas. The US is on board in fingering Syria and Iran as being behind it all. They are also behind much of the violence in Iraq.

The US must rise to the challenge and attack Iran. Enough of the talk and endless proposals. It is time for action. In fact there is no better time.

Israel should not be attacking Lebanon who is powerless. Instead Israel should be attacking Syria. Israel will find it easier to win in Lebanon if it destroys Syria.

The US is wrong to think it can stablize Iraq without taking on Syria and Iran. It is also wrong to think it can win the war on terror without cutting off the head of the snake. Thus both Iran and Saudi Arabia must lose their oil revenues. It is time for the US to occupy the oil fields in Saudi Arabia and maintain the oil flow. Also the revenues could then be used to finance the war.

The exit strategy is obvious; shrink Iran and Syria and create an independant Kurdistan. Finally maintain control of the oil fields and the revenues therefrom for the benefit of the third world.

Bomb the nuclear facilities, government institutions and Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. At the same time aid and abet secessionist movements among the Kurds and Azeries in north western Iran, Kurds in eastern Syria and the Shia in south eastern Iran.

Once the regimes fall, redraw the borders of Syria, Iran and Iraq as Ralph Peters suggests in Blood Borders and stand by your friends.

Now is the time to regain the initiative. The US should regain their nerve and finish what they started.

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