Sunday, July 16, 2006


The Tangled Web, the Northern Irish site, continues its wonderful support of Israel against Isdlamofascism

I see that rockets fired by Hezbollah TERRORISTS in Lebanon have killed at least eight people and wounded many others in the liberal minded coastal Israeli city of Haifa. And, get this, good ol' Al-jazeera is broadcasting a live feed of the attack from Mt. Carmel, enabling Hezbollah rocket teams to adjust aim, for accuracy. Al Jazeera is sooo helpful when it comes to helping these Islamic thugs kill more innocent Jews, huh?

This is the second time Haifa has been hit by Hezbollah rockets in recent days and the worst attack on Israel since hostilities with Lebanon broke out. I wonder which nation supplied the rockets for Hezbollah to slaughter Israeli civilians? Could it be Syria, or Iran? And isn't it time both these nations were roundly condemned by the international MSM for their overt support of terrorism? And perhaps it is also time that US and Israeli planes dealt with both these rogue nations? Why SHOULD Israel just sit back and take wave after wave of terror attacks? It's high time that military action like this was taken but here's the odd thing. In report after report, mourning the death of Lebanese "civilians" - the BBC appears to be suggesting that not one Hezbollah terrorist has been killed by precision IDF attacks? Mmmm....just how credible is that, or, perhaps since the BBC can't bring itself to even say the word "terrorist" - the prospect of Israel killing them is too much for the BBC to bear contemplating?

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