Thursday, March 30, 2006

The political situation facing Israel is indeed critical!

As I noted in the last article Israel is very isolated in the world situation such is the hatred which has been generated over decades by Palestinian lies allied to a Western need for Arab oil.

The Election of Hamas is Central at Limerick University This Weekend

A very central issue has been the election by a majority of Palestinian Arabs of Hamas.

This is an openly Islamofascist organization whose main aim is to create an Islamist Palestinian state.

In the past the Palestinians have been supported by the neoleft. But what is now posed is the fact that with Hamas in power the Left is supporting Islamofascism with all that that means.

And it is in this critical situation that the Israel hating Conference is being called in Limerick University, promoted by a PLO terror supporting group which is lodged in the University of Cork.

Jews obsessed with their hatred of Israel are Present in Limerick

One of the worst aspects of this Conference is that it has brought across into Ireland some of the most Israel hating people on this earth. These people who are obsessed with their hatred for this tiny country, Israel, also happen to call themselves Jews.

There is also speaking at this conference a man who has been the PLO best friend for many years, a man called Michael D. Higgins.

This man, Higgins, has been President of the Irish Labour Party. This is indeed an issue for all Irish people with a decent spark of Irish national pride, because that was the party which was founded in Ireland by the great Irish Labour leaders and internationalists, James Connolly and Jim Larkin.

The Irish should not allow Higgins drag THEIR names into the mud with him. A little more on Higgins later!

Penny Rosenwasser

One of the guest speakers at this conference in Limerick is an American Jewish woman.
Her name is Penny Rosenwasser.

This woman is obviously obsessed with hatred of Israel. I consider this person to be a number one enemy of Israel in Ireland this weekend. She is joined on the platform by another man called Pappe, also billed as a Jew, well known also as a hater of Israel.

The full list of speakers as appears on the Palestine Solidarity poster advertising the conference is as follows:

"Speakers include: Mustafa Barghouti, Daniel Machover, Dawood Hammoudeh, John Gormley, Conor Lenihan, Martin McGuinness, Penny Rossenwasser, Lidon Soriano, Josh Ruebner, Elizabeth Corrie, Carmela Armanious Omary, Ilan Pappe and Michael D Higgins ".

In researching Rosenwasser for this article I have seen her linked to Women in Black, which American readers may have heard of.

Rosenwasser and the Jenin Big Lie

I will focus on her activity as part of the organisation Jewish Voice for Peace as they staged a takeover of an Israeli embassy at the time when the Israeli Army was conducting its famous and valiant operation against the nest of terrorist suicide bombers who infested the Palerstinian camp in the City of Jenin.

The months and years before this necessary operation by the young Israeli soldiers on this Islamofascist scum who belted on explosives, WANTING TO DIE AND MEET THEIR 72 VIRGINS, so long as ordinary Jews could be murdered.

That is what the operation on Jenin in April 2002 by the Israeli Army was all about.

And that is also how you can figure out the anti-Semites who populate the Irish and other landscapes. In the eyes of the anti-Semites it was acceptable for the Islamofascist scum to carry out their suicide murders but NOT all right for the Jews to do anything about it.

I know for a fact that at that very weekend Mr Anthony McIntyre and his Belfast PLO supporters were marching up and down the Belfast Falls and Springfield Road junction. They were certainly not attacking the suicide murderers, but the young Jewish boys in the Israeli army in the Jenin operation against the Islamofascist terrorists and Jew haters.

That was exactly the same weekend that Rosenwasser and her American Jewish friends in the Jewish Peace Group were occupying the Jewish Embassy. She described what this Jewish Jew-hating group as

working together cooperatively, powerfully, emphatically, as both outraged and heartsick, of taking action very visibly as Jews against the brutal policies of the Israeli government and army.”

The other context of the above thoughts of Rosenwasser were this:

As she paraded with her reactiobnary Jewish friends outside that embassy Jewish soldiers were fighting house to house because a decision was taken that bombing from the air was not possible because of the danger to Palestinian Civilians. As she pranced around shouting anti-Israel hatred 13 young Jewish lads of the IDF were blown up and murdered by the Islamofascists. The area was booby trapped at every turn.

And why should Rosenwasser make Jewish people really angry. Because not once does she mention the preceding suicide bombers and their murders of Jewish people.

I think there is only one name for this and I think the name is Anti-Semitic.

There is no other word which can describe this pattern. To have a lapse of memory on the Islamofascist suicide murderers, then to mobilise on the American streets to oppose the operation to root out of Jenin those very suicide bombers. No. I am sorry to say it but I think anti-semitic is a fair description.

That is who the Irish Palestine Group have roped in as a special guest speaker at the meeting in Limerick University, along with the noted Irish political figure, Michael D. Higgins.

Michael D. Higgins and the Irish Labour Party

Micheal D. Higgins is a very big name in Ireland and is closely associated with the Irish labour Party which has been in Government. Higgins has therefore been in positions of high power in Ireland.

He is also closely connected with the world of the arts, the Media and coming from the West of Ireland with the Irish language movement.

What on earth is this man doing mixing it with the Irish Palestinian Group in Limerick this weekend. It would appear that Higgins hates Israel and that is his motivation.

But then Higgins is also a great "promoter" of womens rights, and gay rights. What then is his present position on the Palestinians who have just elected into power Islamofascist Hamas.

Surely Higgins is not going to blame the Jews of Israel for THAT!

All in all it is going to be a very sordid affair. Protests should be sent to the University of Limerick and also of University of Cork for associating with this and for allowing their premises to be used for an Israeli hate-fest.

All Irish people, nationalist and Unionist, Catholic and Protestant, must raise their voices against this abomination taking place in Limerick this weekend.

Limerick Hate Israel Conference

A Special Hate Conference

This weekend takes place in Limerick University a very special type of conference. The aim of this particular conference is to stir up hatred against Israel and also to give support to the Jew-hating and anti-semitic Palestinian Arab movement, NOW LED BY ISLAMOFASCIST HAMAS.

The Conference is organized by the Irish Palestine Solidarity Group.

What is the Palestine Solidarity Group?

This is an organization which in Ireland links up with neoleft movements such as the Irish equivalent of the Socialist Workers Party of Britain, to which well-known broadcaster Eamon McCann from Derry is linked.

But it also links up with the Irish Republican movement in all its forms and so gives great momentum to the spread of anti-Semitism in Ireland.

Many leading Irish Politicians

It also enrols in its support many Irish leading politicians. In the past a lady called Mary O'Rourke, a very prominent politician, has attacked Israel in the Irish Parliamentary system.

And this organisation finally has many links with the prominent website from the Belfast region called The Blanket (The name obviously comes from the Republican Hunger Strike protest). The main person there is Anthony mcIntyre who has repeatedly called Israel a Nazi state in the pages of his web journal.

Time and time again it has been shown that there is great hatred for Israel in Ireland. Let us immediately call this by its correct name which is anti-Semitism.

(We will also see that in this Conference the Palestine Solidarity Group calls on the services of one Michael D. Higgins. More on him later)

On this issue of what is anti-Zionism, anti-Israelism, and anti-Semitism I will call on no less than Dr Martin Luther King who when speaking at Harvard University in 1968 had this to say:

“When people criticize Zionists they mean Jews, you are talking anti-Semitism.”

I think that this quotation by Dr King which has been carefully hidden by these Israel-haters should be firmly kept in mind in discussing this Israel hate-fest Conference in Limerick.

Israel and Ireland Should be Standing Alongside Each Other

Israel SHOULD have a good name in Ireland. It is a tiny, tiny country and is outnumbered by Arabs by something like 500 to 1. It also faces the hatred of 1,400 millions of Muslims in the Islamic world. It is not much bigger than Munster.

That geographical fact alone should make Irish people think and ask what precisely those Irish politicians in Limerick this weekend are up to!

Israel is tiny. Much of its land as it stretches along the sea is not much more than 15 miles wide. That would be something like from Droheda to Dundalk, or from Lisburn to Dromore.

Israel is surrounded on ALL sides by hostile Arab states pushed up against the sea and is historically shown to be hugely vulnerable.

Israel faces the hostility of all the countries and major powers on the earth. I can think of no exceptions. And there is NO other country which is like that. And that IS anti-Semitism in action!

There are though some special enemies.

First of all I have to place the Europeans.

The EU is the historical and bitter enemy of Israel, just as the major part of Europe was involved in the Holocaust, either directly as in the case of the German Nazis, or indirectly by allowing it to happen, as is the case with Britain (led by Churchill no less) and the others such as France and Ireland.

But the greatest enemy of all of Israel and the one which puts the lives of Jews in MOST danger, all the time, is the one which is thought of as a friend. That is the United States and here I am careful to note that I am talking specifically about the United States Government. not the American people! Different thing!

In 2002 George Bush Jnr did what no other President did before, even the most Israeli hating ones like Clinton and Carter, he called for the establishment of a Palestinian (Fascist and terrorist) state on the historic land of Judea and Samaria. Moreover Bush in that same speech called for Israel to withdraw to the 1948 borders, the borders against which the Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini led his genocidal Arab armies in 1948, to wipe Israel off the map and to finish the evil work of the Holocaust.

Now when you think about it that IS a very anti-semitic political strategy. It means that Bush is asking the Jews of Israel to forget about what happened in 1948.

How can Bush do that and get away with it?

Ah that is a mystery! But it is a mystery only until you begin to analyse the nature of a goodly part of the American Jewish leadership. The role of many leading American Jews is to support the American Government no matter what.

This is why sooner or later we have to turn the spotlight onto the so-called Jewish leaders in America.

Francisco Gil-White has begun to do this on

So, the question which is emerging and it is in no way academic! Friends of Israel. Friends of Jews. Are there any? This is now a burning question as the election of genocidal Hamas demonstrates.

Not unfortunately many in Ireland. The atmosphere has been poisoned. But yes there are friends of Israel and of Jewish people and they are to be found in the masses of the ordinary American people.

Note that I draw a sharp distinguishing line here between rulers or Government and people. I do this for all countries actually, but it is most obvious in America.

The American people are the great and perhaps only hope that Jews will continue to exist and that an Islamofascist genocide against Israel may be stopped.

The political situation facing Israel is indeed critical:

There is the election of the Islamofascist and genocidal Hamas by the majority of Palestinians.

There is the hatred spewing out of Arab and Islamist countries

There is the hatred of the EU towards Israel

There is as we have seen the anti-Semitic polities of George Bush jnr and his Government, especially in the State Department

And there is the wish of Iran to wipe Israel off the map even as it gathers its forces to create a nuclear weapon

And it is in this critical situation that the Israel hating Conference is being called in Limerick University, promoted by a PLO terror supporting group which is lodged in the University of Cork. So I have taken time here to place down on record how I see the political context in which the Palestine Solidarity anti-Semitists are now working in Ireland.

Next Article

In the next article I will look more closely at how the Palestine Solidarity Group has set up this conference and the use in particular they have made of anti-Semitic Jews.

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Today Slobadan Milosevic is being buried in the place where he was brought up. His wife will not be able to attend because the Serbian Government will not guarantee her freedom from arrest. There will be no Serbian Government presence at the funeral.

These facts more than anything show what has happened in the war which NATO, the UN, the EU and the US waged against Yugoslavia. They have defeated Yugoslavia and broken it up into client states which are totally servile to the interests of the above. Threats and economic enslavement are the order of the day.

During the past months Milosevic was being poisoned by people unknown but who must be connected in some way to the Hague Court. By giving their prisoner drugs which blocked the effect of the medecine he was prescribed by the Russian medical team they have effectively killed him. There is every reason to believe that Milosevic was murdered by NATO.

Any statements which the Hague Court put out now must be treated as lies. It is a fact that blocking substances were discovered in his blood by Dutch toxologists and this test was done earlier in the year.

It should be remembered also that those who have been able to follow the trial that the Court was able to prove nothing against Milosevic. The central issue of the so-called Srebrenica “massacre” has especially been totally disproved.

There was a massacre in the area of Srebrenica but it was not carried out by Serbs. Rather it was carried out by cold-blooded Muslim (Islamofascist) killers of the Muslim Army in Bosnia, the people of Islamofascist leader Izetbegovic, whose history dates back to the terrible massacre of Jews, Romany but mainly Serbs of the Nazi Holocaust in the Balkans.

This massacre of thousands of Serb farmers was carried out in the period leading up to (and in fact necessitating) the Serb Army going into Srebrenica. In other words Srebrenica was a base for right wing Islamofascist terrorist killers.

I think it is of some importance that all of these facts be known.

The central question is how NATO was able to “sell” the Srebrenica “massacre” to hundreds of millions of people. For that to have happened what was needed above all was a collaborationist Media, an army of pliant “journalists” who were biased against the Serbs to start with.

If this is the truth, and I believe that we have the evidence to show so, then the implications for our modern age are very serious. It means that any people who stand in the way of NATO and our rulers can be crushed. That is the real significance of the murder of Slobadan Milosevic.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


The following article was published yesterday by Israpundit. I include the comments to date.

I believe that the Hague Court run by the UN and by NATO is an abomination. In fact the treatment of the Serbs by the whole of the International Community is the most shameful thing that has happened since the Nazi genocide of the Jews. I do not wish to compare the two directly, because really there is no true comparision, but there are worrying parallels, especially in regards to the ability of the Media to vilify a whole nation. Jewish people should be vitally interested in all the events which have led up to the death of Slobodan Milosevic as well as the Serb General who died in the Hague last week.

I have never seen Milosevic as a great opponent of NATO or of the UN (He was really an appeaser of NATO, a man trained in the Stalinist bureaucratic school of peaceful coexistence between the Soviet Union and the Capitalist Powers) but I do think that the Serbs were not guilty of genocide and that the Court in the Hague is an abomination. Also Tito and later Milosevic and that Serbian elite were part of the stalinist inspired non-aligned movement which were supportive of the Palestinian anti-Semitic movement and bought the lies of the Palestinian fascists. That must be said but that is not really the issue here because THAT is not why Milosevic and the Serbian leadership were crucified by the UN and NATO

In discussing issues you really have to produce facts and proof. This is very much the case in all discussion to do with Yugoslavia and what happened there. The anti-Serb bias of the press has been intense and non-stop for two decades now.

I actually read in an article this morning in the Spanish paper El Mundo the following reference to the dead Milosevic. The article is called “What to do with the body of “Slobo”. It is written by a Ruben Amon who is billed as Enviado especial (special reporter)

Down in paragraph 3 of this article Amon refers to the remains of Milosevic as “el cadaver de genocida” which I translate as the body of the genocidist. You see what I mean, the trial is not over, and anyway has proved nothing, yet the victim has already been sentenced by Amon.

The reason I am talking about this is that El Mundo is not a cheap rag of a newpaper. As far as I can make out it is the most powerful in Spain and is certainly well known world wide.

In paragraph 6 of this major article Amon makes another attack. He is talking about the conflicting wishes of the family of Milosevic as to where he will be buried. One of these is his daughter Marjia. Amon makes this cutting remark “La hija extravagante del pertinaz carnicero” which I translate as the extravagant daughter of the butcher. (Carnicero is the Spanish word for butcher). It is not only the butcher word that is doing the damage there, but also “extravagant” in describing the dead man’s daughter.

Why paint this picture? What is the need for it? How does Amon know this about the lady? Does he know her life intimately or is it hearsay! But every word is working here, we have a picture being sketched in, socialist leader, socialism!, corrupt socialist leader, mafia, lots of money, powerful, dangerous, all a little seedy!

In any case this reporter makes his bias clear. Even the title, What to do with the body of “Slobo” is distasteful to me. Slobo is a word I have often seen used in a derogatory fashion.

This to me is really serious stuff. I have found in studying the press following the Jewish issue of Israel it is not just the direct lie that does the damage, it is also the passing reference, the illusion that is created by language. And these people like this Amon are skilled. Amon is probably attuned to a certain professional type who buys the El Mundo and he is taking, I sense, a certain sneering, I am above all this, but you know after all we are talking about the Serbs, and you know what they are like…ie subhuman, approach.

Jewish readers of Israpundit will find little difficulty in understanding this.
It may be the journalism of very intelligent and well read people. Very cultured people. But it is filth journalism!

The Hague court worked somewhat on these lines. Indict the man…then search for the evidence. The propaganda against the Serbs at the time of the NATO war on Yugoslavia was incessant. During this war I was working as a teacher in London and going to and from work I talked to and joined a non-stop picket of Serbs opposed to the bombing who were picketing the Ministry of Defence which is located just across from 10 Downing Street. They were in the main a very quiet and reserved people. My impression also was that they appeared to be very divided among each other so I could never find out much about their politics, just that their country was being attacked and their people were being vilified daily in the British Press.
I also learned that justice as we know it was being turned on its head and a big role in condemning a people was being played out by the Media. In many ways the Media IS the story of the breakup of Yugoslavia. This is the case in particular in relation to the SO-CALLED MASSACRE in Srebrinica.

The comments of Jared Israel of Emperors New Clothes ( explain better than I can the situation Milosevic faced:

“Milosevic’s death while incarcerated at The Hague - like the deaths of other Serbs before him - is at minimum an outrage. He asked for, and Russia agreed to provide, first rate care for his serious heart condition. The Hague Tribunal demanded special guarantees; the Russian government provided them. Nevertheless, the request was denied, apparently without explanation. Even apart from the statement made by Milosevic’s lawyer, Mr. Tomanovic, that Milosevic thought he was being poisoned, this denial was itself foul play. And The Hague has also denied his family’s demand that an autopsy be conducted in Russia. Why?”

Note in the above that Jared Israel is not talking about “conspiracy”, he is only stating certain facts.

Milosevic had a serious heart condition. He wanted treatment in Russia. He naturally did not trust the UN Court which was trying him on trumped up charges. The Russian state, a sovereign state offered full guarantees. Those are the facts as Jared Israel produces them. (I will not deal with the Dutch report which suggests serious interference by the Hague doctors at this point until more verification and detail comes forward)

It seems to me that the method of NATO and the UN is to use the Media to stir up hatred against a person or country. Then the UN and Amnesty International moves in and takes statements from a partisan group, in Bosnia it was the Islamofascists led by Izetbegovic and in Jenin it was the Palestinians. Remember there was also supposed to be genocide there carried out by the Israeli Army.

To sum up - This is really a story about the demonization of a people. In relation to Milosevic and also to the whole Serb leadership they have been demonized by NATO, the UN and by a compliant Media. The example of this which stays in my mind is the “Concentration Camp” photo which was shot by the ITN team and beamed around the world. The picture was proved to be a total hoax.

The International Community through these forces moved in on Yugoslavia and allied themselves with the open fascists of Croatia, with the Albanian fascist KLA of Kosova and with the Islamofascists of the Izetbegovic Government in Bosnia.

And anybody who is any part of that should hang their head in shame.

I appeal especially to people in Ireland to find out more about these issues (like Srebrenica) before condemning any Serb for genocide, just because the UN or the Media say so. And of course I appeal to Jewish people to remember that out of all the nations in the world at the time of the Holocaust that they should not forget that in the Balkans the people who went into the Concentration Camp and did not come out were Homosexuals, Romany people, Jews AND Serbs in great numbers. These peoples are brothers and should always remain so.
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Posted by Felix Quigley @ 7:43 am


The latest “news” from the Hague (the Duch toxichologist Donald Uges who examined him) is that Milosevich himself administered the “medicines” that finally killed him. Someone appears to unaware that he was locked up in a cell, surrounded by “suicide guards”.
I think time has come to look for people who might have a strong motif for seing him dead. Among them are first of all Carla Del Ponte, but I guess also US, EU and NATO leaders made a sigh of relief when he died.
Comment by Per — March 13, 2006 @ 8:20 am Edit This

Even though the issue of Serbia falls outside of the scope of IsraPundit, I endorse the views expressed by Felix and Per. The Clintonian assault on Serbia, even with the fig-leaf of NATO, is a shameful page in Western history.
Comment by Joseph Alexander Norland — March 13, 2006 @ 11:01 am Edit This

Thank you for this excellent piece.
Comment by Ted Belman — March 13, 2006 @ 1:02 pm Edit This

Thank you Felix! I have been searching the web for some objective information on Milosevic and the Serbian reaction to his death. The fact that it is so difficult to find this information in english indicates how thoroughly the propaganda has been spread and the concerted effort that has been made by NATO, the UN and especially the United States to control the supposed ‘free press’ around the world.
Another interesting article can be found here:
Comment by mutex — March 13, 2006 @ 2:23 pm Edit This

Another informative point of view: intelligent people who don’t feel the media should think for them!
Comment by mutex — March 13, 2006 @ 2:57 pm Edit This

I have no doubt that Milosevic was not the villain he was made out to be. I didn’t know any better at the time of the NATO attack on Serbia. From the information I have gathered since, it is the ethnic albanians of Kosovar that were the true villains.
Comment by Laura — March 13, 2006 @ 4:34 pm Edit This

> The example of this which stays in my mind is the “Concentration Camp” photo> which was shot by the ITN team and beamed around the world. The picture was> proved to be a total hoax.
This piece of revisionism first appeared in Living Marxism magazine, the journal of the British Revolutionary Communist Party. The magazine subsequently folded after being successfully sued for libel by ITN.
Comment by Joeboy — March 13, 2006 @ 6:15 pm Edit This

The wars in the former Yugoslavia show how flawed our entertainment driven media is. They need to have a villian, a victim and a hero. In the case of Bosnia, Kosovo and so on the villians where the Serbs, the victims where the Bosnians/Albanians et al and NATO/UN was the hero. No one came out of these conflicts clean not Muslims, not Serbs, not Croats. The media and the West however have chosen their search for “war criminals” to be concentrated almost entirly on the Serbs. If they where to dig into the actions of the other participants such as the KLA, they would find just as many war criminals. As it is these war crimes tribunals are a perversion of justice. Condem the Serbs give everyone else a free pass.
Comment by Jim McCaskill — March 13, 2006 @ 8:01 pm Edit This

Not criminals until convicted.
Comment by Ted Belman — March 14, 2006 @ 5:06 am Edit This

These issues are not over, they are only beginning:
1. How did Milosevic die? Was he poisoned by an interfering antibiotic
2. As Per suggests this must have been administered by somebody connected with the Court
3 The Srebrenica massacre was not a massacre at all and everything about it has the closest possible connection to the “massacre” in Jenin and earlier in Deir Yassin. Jewes cannmot sit this one out as the parallels are too clear.
4 What exactly is the nature of this Hague court?
My reading is that it was set up directly by NATO and that NATO paid the bills.
This leaves NATO the UN and EU working together in order to stitch up the Serb leadership for “massacres” which never happened.
5 We are facing global enemies and a global struggle. My Irish struggle is your Jewish struggle and all is inseparable from the experiences in Yugoslavia.
I want to partially correct something I said above where I was critical of Milosevic as a Stalinist type bureaucrat. This is correct to a point. But I have also written elsewhere that Yugoslavia was dangerous to NATO and to the US, the EU and UN because it had always kept a certain distance from the Soviet Stalinist bureacrascy.
I still am critical of Milosevic in certain respects but the real enemy was the US State Department, the EU and the UN. Also in the Hague Milosevic has conducted a valiant struggle against this iniquitous Hague regime of lies.
All the above enemies, the US, EU and the UN are also the enemies of the Jews and Israel.
That is why this issue is NOT over!
Comment by Felix Quigley — March 14, 2006 @ 5:36 am Edit This

Friday, March 10, 2006

Vanessa Redgrave Enemy of Israel

An article by Bill Levinson on the support for Islamofascism by Vanessa Redgrave raises important issues concerning the degeneration of the neoLeft on the Palestinian israel issue.

Vanessa Redgrave and her brother Corin emerged out of the protest movement of the 60s, the issue of the Vietnam War and out of the theories of Marcuse that the new revolutionary force in the world was the movements of national liberation. It was in that category that the Algerian war against the French fell.

Redgrave brought much of this superficial analysis with her when she joined the Workers Revolutionary Party (or more accurately the Socialist Labour League its forerunner)

Redgrave with hardly two ideas to rub together was given a privileged position by Gerry Healy who knew a pay packet when he saw one.

With an approach based on high activism and scorn for historical research it did not take Redgrave and Healy too long to find out that the PLO was also part of this national liberation movement.

It was around this time that the WRP along with other neoleft groups were morphing into real anti-Semitism. A good example of this was the noted big-mouth of all time Tariq Ali.

It must be emphasised that a feature of this whole neo-Left was its ignorance of history and indeed its distain for history.

I myself ran into the British-based WRP and tried unsuccessfully to get a socialist movement going in Ireland. These types of movements in their early stage especially have got some good aspects and some bad. One of the issues we campaigned on in Ireland was opposition to the Provisional IRA’s bombing campaign on the basis that it divided the working class. We stood on the programme of uniting catholic and protestant. You see it was not all bad.

The line from the WRP was really a liquidation into the Arab anti-Semitic movement. This was helped along the way by the links Redgrave was able to make with the likes of Gaddafi and it is widely suspected that the old desert tent dweller was prepared to put his hand into his back pocket. Healy would have appreciated such a pay packet and such a gesture. Totally corrupt! Redgrave was up to her neck in these Arab contacts.

Healy and others like him were active during the World War, inside the British Labour Movement, taking some kind of abstentionist position towards Fascism.

It may have been that kind of politics that led Healy to miseducate his cadres. In the WRP at no time was any knowledge of the role of the Arabs inside Nazism understood by its members. It is remarkable that Hajj Amin el Husseini, the Arab Palestinian Nazi, was unknown inside the neoleft movement as a whole. Nor were his close familial relationship with Arafat known.

This is important because Redgrave was as Bill Levinson on Israpundit points out at the time prancing around inside refugee camps waving her armalite above her head. What a total idiot!

But what the WRP and Redgrave are based on more than anything else is a complete rewriting of history.

Or rather a complete ignorance of history. As the WRP moved more and more into anti-Israel mode it became in effect anti-Semitic.

But of course there always are tendencies inside such movements who will start to question. On the split-up one person who did question the WRP anti-Semitism was the Ceylonese Trotskyist Mike Banda.

By the way research that I did a year ago drawing on some work done by an Australian writer showed that Leon Trotsky in the period around the outbreak of the War was changing his former opposition towards Zionism. I wrote that he was in fact moving towards being a Zionist.

I called the article Leon Trotsky: A change Too Late and can be reached on

The issue is more complicated, and richer, than many will care to admit.

This is why I hate to see these words Left and Right misused in relation to Israeli politics today. It shows really a lack of research and a lack of historical understanding from another level. But basically not totally removed from Redgrave and Healy’s quite ignorant approach to the issue of the Jewish Homeland and to Jewish history.


I feel a responsibility to warn about the reactionary nature of the republican Balrog website.

The founder Chris Gaskin is a real loud-mouth who Mick Fealty of the parochial SluggerOtoole calls a breath of fresh air in the Irish blog scene. Well that is his opinion. I see Gaskin’s site as one of the main Israel-hating sites in Ireland.

Gaskin has just turned his column to two issues which show there is no end to the opportunism and crass politics of the man.

Listen to this:

“Today in my Gender and the Law class the case of Natallie Evans came up for discussion. It is a harrowing case of a woman who had her ovaries removed in October 2001 because of pre-cancerous tumours.Due to this fact she and her former partner created frozen embryos for them to use when they wanted children.They separated before she could implant the embryos. As a consequence of the Human Fertility and Embryology Act 1990 the permission of the father is needed at every stage of the process.Her former partner revoked his consent and as a consequence she brought her case to the courts and was defeated at every stage. She then went to the European Court yesterday and lost on a split 5-2 decision.I really feel for this woman, this is her only chance at having any children of her own and if the embryos are not implanted by October then they have to be destroyed. This man is despicable in my opinion. He can have kids at any time he wants but he is denying her this chance at a family.The judge should have supported the use of the embryos as the father gave his consent at the time and that should be enough.”

Gaskin is in the lawyer business. I know nothing about the law but this after all is a political issue.

But note how Gaskin describes this man (this man is despicable) who seems to me to have a full right as to what happens to his and hers embryo.

I cannot help but think Gaskin uses this hateful language towards this man in order to curry
favour with some reactionary women in the Feminist Movement.

And indeed he has reason to. Because Gaskin goes on to show that he is an out and out Catholic reactionary on the issue of the womans rights to choose. Listen to how he continues:

What I did extrapolate from this case is the barefaced hypocrisy of the British judicial system when it comes to the issue of reproductive rights. They are basically saying that for life to begin it requires the permission of both partners that however is in stark contrast to the issue of abortion where the permission of the man is not sought when it comes to murdering life.This case has huge Gender consequences and I would like to see the pro-life lobby place as much pressure on this man as they do on pregnant women who opt to kill their children (sorry have to call a spade a spade here)They won't however because he is a man!”

What an utter reactionary! And note how on the one hand he is opposing the rights of women to abortion and on the other “because he is a man” he offers himself as anti-man.

What a weird mixed-up character is Gaskin.

Is there a womans movement now in Sinn Fein or is there not? Or perhaps Sinn Fein Feminism was a different variety of Feminism and took the Catholic and Papal view on the right to choose. I am not sure of this.

In another article at the same time Gaskin almost explodes when it comes to the issue of child abuse and rape.

Here Gaskin declares from on high that people with this tendency cannot ever be reformed or learn from their experiences or therapy (therapy for Gaskin is out) and must spend the rest of their natural lives in jail.

“The problem however is that the current sentencing policy is somewhat muddled. A person on a life sentence can sometimes be rehabilitated through incarceration. There are some however who can't be rehabilitated like sociopaths or child abusers.In my opinion anyone who commits rape or anyone who abuses a child should spend the rest of their natural life in prison. I would prefer that they were hanged but as the current tide of social trend seems to pour scorn on that notion then incarceration for life is the next best option.”

That is from an Irish Republican. I wonder what the Fenian Movement of the mid 19th century would have thought of Gaskin. Probably thought they had been transported not to Australia but to another planet.

In these articles (Gaskin ranges far and wide) I am reminded of that crowd of English lumpen proletarians who hailed from Portsmouth. One fine day they raised their mob and marched up the road the intention being to burn down the home of somebody they thought of as a paedophile. You know after they were finished they would hand him over to Gaskin who would then stick him on a gibbet and hang him.

In any case the police managed to stop the mob. Just as well because the man turned out to be a woman. She was not a pedophile but a doctor. She worked with children in the field of pediatrician. She was a children’s doctor.

With the beloved for Gaskin Palestine having transformed into Hamastan and into Fascistan Gaskin has shut up for a few weeks now from his usual penchant for attacking Israel. But not for long I suspect! Gaskin will be back on that front in time. And in any case his silence now shows his real politics.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


When I watched the surreal scenes of the Russians meeting with Hamas last night on my television screen what came to mind was the year of 1933 when Hitler took power, also through elections. Then Hitler was described by the Soviets and by the Stalinist Communist Party of Germany as not really any threat. And those cretins did not lift a gun in anger to destroy the Nazi menace.

Putin is possibly reacting to US pressure and danger from its own (US) Imperialist strivings in the Caspian oil rich area. This has been central in US and EU policy over the past 20 years.

The result of that US and EU pressure which is actually a remnant of the Cold War is that Putin jumps into bed with a mad man. He seeks to join up with Islamofascist Iran which in turn will seek to threaten and destabilise Russia’s Muslim masses. (Shades of Joachim Von Ribbentrop indeed)

The original cause of this Russian treacherous reception for Hamas in my opinion is US interference in the Caucasus and oil-rich Caspian regions. This has a long history, from the use of Bin Laden by the US in Afghanistan, and then later all the horrible events in the dismemberment of Yugoslavia.

It was in Yugoslavia that the US worked closely with Iran and with Saudi Arabia to ferry into that volatile situation thousands of committed Islamofascist mujahadin to stir it up and defeat the Serbs.

Everything in politics has a cause and it has an effect. This is surely one – the attempt to outflank the US enemy. But on Putin’s part – what a crime, what a lack of principle, and what a sheer cutting of his own throat! The latter may become a reality and not a figure of speech!

Russia seems to have a short memory in that it has forgotten about the Islamofascist massacres at the Beslan school and the Dubrovka theatre in Moscow.

Now it is allying with the same people who carried out those murders. Hamas is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, it trains children from the tenderest age that their highest goal in life is to blow themselves up in order to murder the Jewish enemy.

And you do tell a person by the friends he keeps! So with Putin and Hamas!

Here I am not even mentioning what is the biggest factor. That Russia is historically a very anti-Semitic nation, the home of the Pogrom, which did open the door for Hitler’s programme of extermination.

So just as people in the wake of the cartoon attacks begin to draw conclusions about the Palestinian Arabs Putin steps up in order to make Hamas respectable.

Hamas I fully expect will use the Fatah method of saying many things to many people at many times. But nothing will stop Hamas and the whole of the Arab movement (never mind Palestinian) to seek to use every means to destroy Israel.

The problem is not actually Russia. The problem remains the hatred of Israel inside Europe and inside the US governing class. We all know about the history of anti-Semitism inside Europe, just think Nazi and Holocaust. Also think silence and acquiesence.

But the history of anti-Semitism inside the US ruling class has still to be made widely known.

Of course, the US ruling class and the EU ruling classes do not spell this out. It emerges. Much of it is transmitted through the medium of pursuing (oil) interests in the area.

You have to strip away the layers. Sometimes these layers are not very deep. As when the US and EU still refuse to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They still will not send ambassadors to Jerusalem. They insist that they can only go to Tel Aviv.

What sort of friends indeed! If a person invites a supposed friend to his home for a friendly visit and a meal, but the friend says I do not like where you have chosen for your home. Let me decide for you. Friend (or Master) cracking the whip?

It is the pressure of this anti-Semitism that is creating distortions inside the body politic of Israel. It is one of the causes (But one) of the lamentable disease of Jewish self-hatred which paralyses more and more Jews in the face of the Islamofascist enemy. In other words Israel faces a global attack.

To sum up: Putin is undoubtedly an enemy to Israel of the first order. But please do not forget the others of that same ilk in the US and EU governing classes.

This is the great danger that Israel and Jews internationally face. These ruling classes or ruling elites in every country have only one interest - survival. Oil is always very big in their calculations. Israel is now the scapegoat.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A Vital resource, Pierre Rehovs' Films

We need a special cadre in every country in the world which will answer the lies of the Palestine Solidarity Group and other groups like that which spend their time and considerable resources lying about the situation in the Middle East.

What do I have in mind when I mention the word cadre? Well I think it is a French word and I have drawn the word from revolutionary socialist circles.

Of course I have adapted it in my own mind. It means in this case people who are devoted to the Jewish cause. Such devotion can come from many sources but what is very important is that its members have a really clear idea of the main facts of history, not just Jewish but perhaps especially Jewish.

Essentially I mean intellectuals in the sense of that word being people who can and do think for themselves. Dogma of any kind is a no-go area.

In this day and age many of its members will be secular. But I firmly believe that a new leadership (if it understands that history) will see clearly that Judaism is a religion but in my opinion also a political philosophy which the Jewish people had to develop out of necessity. And what necessity!

In any case any cadre (organised leadership) for any cause worth its salt will have a great fondness for truth and will become really agitated when it sees lies being told.

Some time ago I came across the films of a Frenchman called Pierre Rehov. At the time I tried to contact through e-mail Pierre but was unsuccessful. Pierre was or had just made a series of films which I believe from just reading their descriptions to be very important and can become an impulse for the developing of a cadre or leadership in many countries.

I have never really forgotten Pierre. So I thought it was a piece of real good fortune when recently I stumbled across the fact that Pierre has placed his films at the disposal of giant company Amazon. This will make it all so simple. Amazon leads you into another company, you flash your credit card, and the film DVD will be on its way!

Pierre seems to tie together a lot of the vexations which I and I feel sure many others have met in recent years.

Pierre, for example, talks about his experience of Palestinian Arab lying propaganda on the Muhammad el Dura case in this quote which covers:

“For Pierre Rehov, life only took on true meaning when he began putting it at risk. He had been a movie producer, a novelist, a journalist and a lawyer. But none of those professions satisfied his searching soul. In moments of deep personal introspection he questioned himself, “Who and what am I really?” For him, the answer came when he turned on the news on October 6, 2000, and saw the images of the shooting of Mohammed al-Dura, the 12 year-old Palestinian boy, whom Israel was summarily accused of targeting. “I was in shock,” says Rehov, who rarely watches the pro-Arab French broadcasts. “In this case, I knew as a producer that there was something very fishy about the images. The angles just weren’t right.” The day after al-Dura was shot, there was a pro-Palestinian rally in the streets of Paris, where the participants screamed, “Death to the Jews.” Rehov was reminded of one century ago when the exact same antisemitic scene played itself out on the streets of Paris prompted by the Alfred Dreyfus trial. Rehov’s instincts told him that the death of Mohammed al-Dura was another blood libel against the Jews. “I knew that I was no Herzl, but I had to do something,” Rehov says.”
Pierre has gone on to make what seem to me to be 6 super films, all devoted to telling the truth and all at the same time being very powerful weapons (And those two things if you are in a truly revolutionary cause do go hand in hand)

I think all of these films have got great relevance to the lives of ordinary people in many countries. The one which I am focused on at the moment is called “Road to Jenin”.

Now there is another film about Jenin which is made by Mohammed Bakri. It is called “Jenin Jenin”. This is also an important film to know about but for the wrong reasons. It is an example of lying propaganda.

Banning such a film as I believe happened in Israel is not the answer though, even though it is a propaganda weapon and may result in Jewish lives being lost. But Pierre found the correct and most effective answer. He used his talent to tell the real and true story of Jenin by making his own film.

Far more effective than banning because Pierre according to the report I have read has been able to use the Bakri film to expose the Palestinian Arab method of lying. Hence the two films form a stark contrast and that in itself becomes very educational.

Jenin was a very big event for many of us who were also following the demonization of the Serbs by NATO, the UN, the EU especially there Britain and Germany, and above all by the United States, especially the CIA.

Jenin was also lied about as it was happening by all of my political enemies in Ireland who painted a picture of Jewish atrocity in real time.

And this brings us to our central problem and why an organised cadre of people (individuals yes but organised for effective action as a cadre) is so important.

Because I know that those lies spread in Ireland by those enemies of Israel were never really answered. Even though the truth about the Jenin Palestinian Arab lying did come out after an interval of time you never really can regain that lost time.

Mud does stick! A sad but true fact!

But the intelligent use of these films can perform a wonderful service. Many people who have been misled by an anti-Semitic Media can learn the truth in an entertaining way.

A short introduction, showing of the film, questions and answers, a few central websites to follow as a follow-up activity, I think that could be the basis of good activity in the Jewish cause.

The end result: A leadership of people in every country which will hammer those lies just as they come out, and even preempt the lies of the ISM by our own (truthful) propaganda.

(For the full list of Pierre Rehovs' films use Amazon search)

Cockburns Counterpunch Irish stable-mates

The Blanket, an Irish website edited by Anthony McIntyre and his wife Carrie Twomey, attracts the worst and most conscious of those who spread lying propaganda about Israel in Ireland. Down through the years The Blanket has carried article after article in support of Palestinian terrorism against Israel. It has repeated every lie going the rounds against Israel and McIntyre himself has led in Ireland in repeatedly comparing Israel to the German Nazi state.

McIntyre does not seem to write articles himself on the issue any more. Instead he gets others to write them for him. One of these is Israel hater supreme Mick Hall.

The politics of Hall are not too sophisticated. He wants a Palestinian state led by Hamas and he wants a Northern Ireland state resurrected in Stormont led by Provisional Sinn Fein. That would (possibly) allow Hall to get a job supporting his chums in the republican movement. The republican movement denies the Protestants of Ireland the right to have their small state in the North of Ireland.

That sums up the politics of the Blanket. Support for the fascists of Hamas and support for Sinn Fein IRA. Any doubts about Hall and the Blanket on this are dismissed when you read Hall’s latest. Hall is obviously a close associate of McIntyre. He publishes continually on McIntyre’s Blanket site. McIntyre obviously agrees with every word that Hall writes, after all he runs the site along with his wife, so he has lots of space and opportunity to separate himself from Hall.

Note in the following extract that Hall is lining up in total support of Hamas, which is an organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a Fascist organisation, which is a Jew-hating organisation, and which is backed by the Iranian anti-Semitic Government. Now that is quite a list. But as we shall see in later articles Hall and McIntyre are joined by politicians at the highest levels of Irish Government and Media.

Hall is really some reactionary. And remember that this person projects himself on Irish websites like SluggerOtoole as a man of the Left.

In the quote below, and I have included the whole paragraph here, Hall is elevating Hamas as a model for the Left and for Republicans to follow.

Hall talks about what Hamas has achieved. Is that not really, really remarkable! That a man supposedly of the Left should be praising Hamas. And then at the end he calls it (Hamas) a “radical political organization” and referring to its “militants”. It is quite sickening!

“Compare this with what Hamas have achieved in the years since the Oslo accords came into being. True, their leadership has had to dodge Israeli assassination squads, often unsuccessfully. But whilst doing so they and their activists have worked away building a radical support base and infrastructure which these days Fatah and SF's leadership can only admire nostalgically. The irony of this is that the likes of Fatah and SF were the role models for Hamas and many radical groups of how to build a political machine. While SF leaders were shaking yet another President, Prime-Minster, leading churchman, journalist or celeb's hand and spending endless hours moving between one meeting to another, Hamas was doing what a radical political organization and its militants should be engaged in, plotting and working towards the downfall of all they oppose. “
(The Blanket, 2 February, 2006)

McIntyre has noted the huge opposition in Ireland against the Islamofascists over the cartoon issue.

What to do? He has just had Hall giving his full support to the Hamas Islamofascists.

The answer for McIntyre is quite simple. He gets a journalist called David Adams from the Irish Times to do HIS bit. Enter Adams who writes a blasting article (Feb 17 2006 The Blanket) for McIntyre against the Islamofascists.It is a good principled article but what on earth is it doing on the Blanket!

McIntyre publishes this without comment.

Any honest person would have to draw the link between Islamofascism and Hamas. I mean it is not so hard to see. Hamas is the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood and is backed by the Islamofascist regime in Iran.

Of course McIntyre sees all of this very well and is doing all he can to avoid the link being drawn, and that is why the Blanket is so dangerous and so unprincipled. Everything is done to cover up the Palestinian fascism.

We have to wait and see what way this will develop on the Blanket which in its hatred of Israel has always been very close to Cockburn’s Counterpunch anti-Semitism.

After many years of uncritical support for Palestinian Islamofascism and hatred of Israel we now have one article (from an outside journalist) attacking Islamofascism over the Cartoon issue. What will happen next is anybody’s guess!