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A Vital resource, Pierre Rehovs' Films

We need a special cadre in every country in the world which will answer the lies of the Palestine Solidarity Group and other groups like that which spend their time and considerable resources lying about the situation in the Middle East.

What do I have in mind when I mention the word cadre? Well I think it is a French word and I have drawn the word from revolutionary socialist circles.

Of course I have adapted it in my own mind. It means in this case people who are devoted to the Jewish cause. Such devotion can come from many sources but what is very important is that its members have a really clear idea of the main facts of history, not just Jewish but perhaps especially Jewish.

Essentially I mean intellectuals in the sense of that word being people who can and do think for themselves. Dogma of any kind is a no-go area.

In this day and age many of its members will be secular. But I firmly believe that a new leadership (if it understands that history) will see clearly that Judaism is a religion but in my opinion also a political philosophy which the Jewish people had to develop out of necessity. And what necessity!

In any case any cadre (organised leadership) for any cause worth its salt will have a great fondness for truth and will become really agitated when it sees lies being told.

Some time ago I came across the films of a Frenchman called Pierre Rehov. At the time I tried to contact through e-mail Pierre but was unsuccessful. Pierre was or had just made a series of films which I believe from just reading their descriptions to be very important and can become an impulse for the developing of a cadre or leadership in many countries.

I have never really forgotten Pierre. So I thought it was a piece of real good fortune when recently I stumbled across the fact that Pierre has placed his films at the disposal of giant company Amazon. This will make it all so simple. Amazon leads you into another company, you flash your credit card, and the film DVD will be on its way!

Pierre seems to tie together a lot of the vexations which I and I feel sure many others have met in recent years.

Pierre, for example, talks about his experience of Palestinian Arab lying propaganda on the Muhammad el Dura case in this quote which covers:

“For Pierre Rehov, life only took on true meaning when he began putting it at risk. He had been a movie producer, a novelist, a journalist and a lawyer. But none of those professions satisfied his searching soul. In moments of deep personal introspection he questioned himself, “Who and what am I really?” For him, the answer came when he turned on the news on October 6, 2000, and saw the images of the shooting of Mohammed al-Dura, the 12 year-old Palestinian boy, whom Israel was summarily accused of targeting. “I was in shock,” says Rehov, who rarely watches the pro-Arab French broadcasts. “In this case, I knew as a producer that there was something very fishy about the images. The angles just weren’t right.” The day after al-Dura was shot, there was a pro-Palestinian rally in the streets of Paris, where the participants screamed, “Death to the Jews.” Rehov was reminded of one century ago when the exact same antisemitic scene played itself out on the streets of Paris prompted by the Alfred Dreyfus trial. Rehov’s instincts told him that the death of Mohammed al-Dura was another blood libel against the Jews. “I knew that I was no Herzl, but I had to do something,” Rehov says.”
Pierre has gone on to make what seem to me to be 6 super films, all devoted to telling the truth and all at the same time being very powerful weapons (And those two things if you are in a truly revolutionary cause do go hand in hand)

I think all of these films have got great relevance to the lives of ordinary people in many countries. The one which I am focused on at the moment is called “Road to Jenin”.

Now there is another film about Jenin which is made by Mohammed Bakri. It is called “Jenin Jenin”. This is also an important film to know about but for the wrong reasons. It is an example of lying propaganda.

Banning such a film as I believe happened in Israel is not the answer though, even though it is a propaganda weapon and may result in Jewish lives being lost. But Pierre found the correct and most effective answer. He used his talent to tell the real and true story of Jenin by making his own film.

Far more effective than banning because Pierre according to the report I have read has been able to use the Bakri film to expose the Palestinian Arab method of lying. Hence the two films form a stark contrast and that in itself becomes very educational.

Jenin was a very big event for many of us who were also following the demonization of the Serbs by NATO, the UN, the EU especially there Britain and Germany, and above all by the United States, especially the CIA.

Jenin was also lied about as it was happening by all of my political enemies in Ireland who painted a picture of Jewish atrocity in real time.

And this brings us to our central problem and why an organised cadre of people (individuals yes but organised for effective action as a cadre) is so important.

Because I know that those lies spread in Ireland by those enemies of Israel were never really answered. Even though the truth about the Jenin Palestinian Arab lying did come out after an interval of time you never really can regain that lost time.

Mud does stick! A sad but true fact!

But the intelligent use of these films can perform a wonderful service. Many people who have been misled by an anti-Semitic Media can learn the truth in an entertaining way.

A short introduction, showing of the film, questions and answers, a few central websites to follow as a follow-up activity, I think that could be the basis of good activity in the Jewish cause.

The end result: A leadership of people in every country which will hammer those lies just as they come out, and even preempt the lies of the ISM by our own (truthful) propaganda.

(For the full list of Pierre Rehovs' films use Amazon search)

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