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Cockburns Counterpunch Irish stable-mates

The Blanket, an Irish website edited by Anthony McIntyre and his wife Carrie Twomey, attracts the worst and most conscious of those who spread lying propaganda about Israel in Ireland. Down through the years The Blanket has carried article after article in support of Palestinian terrorism against Israel. It has repeated every lie going the rounds against Israel and McIntyre himself has led in Ireland in repeatedly comparing Israel to the German Nazi state.

McIntyre does not seem to write articles himself on the issue any more. Instead he gets others to write them for him. One of these is Israel hater supreme Mick Hall.

The politics of Hall are not too sophisticated. He wants a Palestinian state led by Hamas and he wants a Northern Ireland state resurrected in Stormont led by Provisional Sinn Fein. That would (possibly) allow Hall to get a job supporting his chums in the republican movement. The republican movement denies the Protestants of Ireland the right to have their small state in the North of Ireland.

That sums up the politics of the Blanket. Support for the fascists of Hamas and support for Sinn Fein IRA. Any doubts about Hall and the Blanket on this are dismissed when you read Hall’s latest. Hall is obviously a close associate of McIntyre. He publishes continually on McIntyre’s Blanket site. McIntyre obviously agrees with every word that Hall writes, after all he runs the site along with his wife, so he has lots of space and opportunity to separate himself from Hall.

Note in the following extract that Hall is lining up in total support of Hamas, which is an organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a Fascist organisation, which is a Jew-hating organisation, and which is backed by the Iranian anti-Semitic Government. Now that is quite a list. But as we shall see in later articles Hall and McIntyre are joined by politicians at the highest levels of Irish Government and Media.

Hall is really some reactionary. And remember that this person projects himself on Irish websites like SluggerOtoole as a man of the Left.

In the quote below, and I have included the whole paragraph here, Hall is elevating Hamas as a model for the Left and for Republicans to follow.

Hall talks about what Hamas has achieved. Is that not really, really remarkable! That a man supposedly of the Left should be praising Hamas. And then at the end he calls it (Hamas) a “radical political organization” and referring to its “militants”. It is quite sickening!

“Compare this with what Hamas have achieved in the years since the Oslo accords came into being. True, their leadership has had to dodge Israeli assassination squads, often unsuccessfully. But whilst doing so they and their activists have worked away building a radical support base and infrastructure which these days Fatah and SF's leadership can only admire nostalgically. The irony of this is that the likes of Fatah and SF were the role models for Hamas and many radical groups of how to build a political machine. While SF leaders were shaking yet another President, Prime-Minster, leading churchman, journalist or celeb's hand and spending endless hours moving between one meeting to another, Hamas was doing what a radical political organization and its militants should be engaged in, plotting and working towards the downfall of all they oppose. “
(The Blanket, 2 February, 2006)

McIntyre has noted the huge opposition in Ireland against the Islamofascists over the cartoon issue.

What to do? He has just had Hall giving his full support to the Hamas Islamofascists.

The answer for McIntyre is quite simple. He gets a journalist called David Adams from the Irish Times to do HIS bit. Enter Adams who writes a blasting article (Feb 17 2006 The Blanket) for McIntyre against the Islamofascists.It is a good principled article but what on earth is it doing on the Blanket!

McIntyre publishes this without comment.

Any honest person would have to draw the link between Islamofascism and Hamas. I mean it is not so hard to see. Hamas is the creation of the Muslim Brotherhood and is backed by the Islamofascist regime in Iran.

Of course McIntyre sees all of this very well and is doing all he can to avoid the link being drawn, and that is why the Blanket is so dangerous and so unprincipled. Everything is done to cover up the Palestinian fascism.

We have to wait and see what way this will develop on the Blanket which in its hatred of Israel has always been very close to Cockburn’s Counterpunch anti-Semitism.

After many years of uncritical support for Palestinian Islamofascism and hatred of Israel we now have one article (from an outside journalist) attacking Islamofascism over the Cartoon issue. What will happen next is anybody’s guess!

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