Saturday, March 18, 2006


Today Slobadan Milosevic is being buried in the place where he was brought up. His wife will not be able to attend because the Serbian Government will not guarantee her freedom from arrest. There will be no Serbian Government presence at the funeral.

These facts more than anything show what has happened in the war which NATO, the UN, the EU and the US waged against Yugoslavia. They have defeated Yugoslavia and broken it up into client states which are totally servile to the interests of the above. Threats and economic enslavement are the order of the day.

During the past months Milosevic was being poisoned by people unknown but who must be connected in some way to the Hague Court. By giving their prisoner drugs which blocked the effect of the medecine he was prescribed by the Russian medical team they have effectively killed him. There is every reason to believe that Milosevic was murdered by NATO.

Any statements which the Hague Court put out now must be treated as lies. It is a fact that blocking substances were discovered in his blood by Dutch toxologists and this test was done earlier in the year.

It should be remembered also that those who have been able to follow the trial that the Court was able to prove nothing against Milosevic. The central issue of the so-called Srebrenica “massacre” has especially been totally disproved.

There was a massacre in the area of Srebrenica but it was not carried out by Serbs. Rather it was carried out by cold-blooded Muslim (Islamofascist) killers of the Muslim Army in Bosnia, the people of Islamofascist leader Izetbegovic, whose history dates back to the terrible massacre of Jews, Romany but mainly Serbs of the Nazi Holocaust in the Balkans.

This massacre of thousands of Serb farmers was carried out in the period leading up to (and in fact necessitating) the Serb Army going into Srebrenica. In other words Srebrenica was a base for right wing Islamofascist terrorist killers.

I think it is of some importance that all of these facts be known.

The central question is how NATO was able to “sell” the Srebrenica “massacre” to hundreds of millions of people. For that to have happened what was needed above all was a collaborationist Media, an army of pliant “journalists” who were biased against the Serbs to start with.

If this is the truth, and I believe that we have the evidence to show so, then the implications for our modern age are very serious. It means that any people who stand in the way of NATO and our rulers can be crushed. That is the real significance of the murder of Slobadan Milosevic.


KurtMac said...

Please get over yourself! Mr. Milosevic was an ultra-nationalist for Serbia. He wanted to eliminate the individual identities of Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo. That they were predominantly muslim was an after-thought. Try being a little more objective about Mr. Milosevic and his past actions. He was not murdered, he got what he deserved.

Witch-king of Angmar said...

There is no Kosovo idintity. Kosovo is a part of Serbia, the very birth place of Serbian nation. Bosnia consists of Bosnian Serbs, muslims and Croats, therefore there is no Bosnian identity either.

Peter Robert North said...


Sir, I hope I can clear up some confusion here concerning your comment about Milosevic:

"...Mr.Milosevic was an ultra-nationalist for Serbia. He wanted to eliminate the individual identities of Croatia, Bosnia, and Kosovo."

Pure BALONEY, Sir. Where is your documented evidence for this outrageous claim?(A claim, mind you,with ZERO basis in fact - one parroted thousands of times in true Goebbels fashion, by the anti-Israeli/anti-Serbian Western corporate media - eg., the Guardian,ITN,BBC,ABC,NBC,CNN et al)

Milosevic was the president of the Republic of **Serbia** at the time (June 1991) of the forced breakup of the existing **Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia** caused by the Washington-backed (Bush Snr) unilateral secessions of the Republics of Croatia & Slovenia.

The then existing **Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia** was run by a ROTATING collective presidency - whose presidential chair in June 1991 was occupied by a CROAT - Mr. Stipe Mesic- and the **SFRY federation Prime Minister** in June 1991 was also a CROAT by the name of Mr.Ante Markovic, also Croats at the very highest levels of the SFRY federation were the Minister of Defense, Veljko Kadijevic, the foreign affairs minister, Budimir Loncar, et al.

So we have the supreme command positions in the SFRY federation ALL being NON-Serbs: the head of the SFRY Federal Army, the SFRY Yugoslav State President, the SFRY Yugoslav Prime Minister,the SFRY Yugoslav Foreign Minister - ALL being Croats: Veljko Kadijevic,Stipe Mesic, Ante Markovic, Budimir Loncar. Not only that but the head of the SFRY air force and navy were also NON-Serbs: a Croat and a Slovenian.

When the unilateral secessionist republics of Croatia and Slovenia were ILLEGALLY recognized by the European Community (now the EU) in January 1992 - because of the fait accompli forced unilateral recognitions by Germany and the Vatican - no troops from Serbia & Montenegro
(later renamed simply the "Federal Republic of Yugoslavia"-hence the confusion)- attacked Croatia or Bosnia at all.

See ex-Canadian Ambassador to the SFRY at the time of its forced breakup in June 1991, Mr. James Bissett's article, in the Canadian National Post, entitled: "ScapeGoat,R.I.P." available at:

Here is what Mr. James Bissett wrote in his article:

"But it was not the Serbians and "Slobo" who started the wars in Yugoslavia. The fighting started because Slovenia, then a Yugoslav republic, declared unilateral independence and used force to seize customs posts along the Austrian border.

The federal prime minister of Yugoslavia, Ante Markovic, who happened to be a Croatian, ordered the army into Slovenia to restore order. The army was met by armed resistance and retired to barracks in Croatia to avoid further bloodshed. The Croatian security and paramilitary forces then surrounded the federal barracks and fighting broke out in Croatia. At this time, Milosevic, as president of Serbia, had no control over the federal army. (Incidentally, the federal minister of defence at the time was also a Croatian, as was the foreign minister.)"

Yet Croatia had over 40,000 of its REGULAR army troops (not counting paramilitaries) in Bosnia Herzegovina but was NEVER condemned or punished by UN sanctions - another weapon of choice for NATO's deliberate genocide against countries which refuse to be dictated to by the Globalist elite in Washington and Brussels.


As far as the recent early release by the NATO-owned Hague ICTY of Bosnian SDA Islamist Nazi warlord, Mr. Naser Oric is concerned, sentenced to only 2 years(!) here is what I wrote recently to a British newspaper:


After 11 years the NATO owned ICTY at The Hague has failed to produce a shred of evidence to support the charge that Mladic and/or Karadzic ordered the execution of 8,000 of the late Alija Izetbegovic's troops. For example, the overwhelming majority of bodies examined have NOT been identified as Bosnian muslims (see and

Even the Izetbegovic SDA Bosnian Islamists admit that 5,000 of their troops made it safely to the town of Tuzla through Izetbegovic's SDA held "Bosniak" Islamist lines - troops who were later on re-incorporated into Izetbegovic's "Bosniak" army. Add to this the approximately 3,000 of Izetbegovic's troops who according to the Red Cross also left the area WITHOUT their families being informed, and you discover how they came up with the figure of 8,000 supposedly executed.


This alleged moral equivalence between Mladic and Oric is WRONG. Mladic's guilt for the alleged execution of 8,000 of Izetbegovic's troops has not been PROVEN with any documented evidence by NATO - all we have is ASSERTIONS made by the NATO-owned ICTY. Simultaneously we have the documented massacres of 3,870 Serbian civilians by Oric from 1992 to 1995 - which has been confirmed by UN officials and blue helmet "peacekeepers" on the ground at the time -such as French UN general Phillipe Morillon in testimony under oath at the late Milosevic's "trial" by NATO's ICTY.

Oric's massacres of 3,800+ Serbian civilians have NOT been specifically denied by NATO, NATO's ICTY or the UN itself, but have simply been whitewashed and COVERED UP.

Oric was a cold blooded killer who BOASTED to reporters of the Washington Post and Toronto Star about how he murdered Serbian CIVILIANS - elderly men, women and children - mostly by cracking skulls with iron bars & sledgehammers, as well as beheading & dismemberment with axes,knives, daggers and machetes. See

All of this has been rigorously documented in official United Nations documents A/48/177, S/25835 and A/47/813, S/24991 describing the hideous murders and rapes of Serbian civilians in and around Srebrenica and other nearby Bosnian towns and villages - available at:

The UN document A/47/813, S/24991 on rape by Bosnian Muslim & Croat forces in Bosnia in 1992 can be read at:


Peter Robert North.

PS: The Srebrenica Hoax was a Cover Up for Clinton's support of Alija Izetbegovic: a fanatical Al Qaeda Islamist Jihad supporter and close friend of Osama bin Laden and KNOWN WAR CRIMINAL Naser Oric [to top it all off, the terrorist KLA leader was Agim Ceku - also a KNOWN WAR CRIMINAL -who worked with the brother of Osama bin Laden's #2 man, Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri - also another Al Qaeda fanatic supported by Clinton and NATO]

"...Holbrooke, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and the Clinton White House all played key rĂ´les in supporting the Islamists who, as it transpired, were consistently working with al-Qaida and the Iranian Government, among others, in planning major terrorist attacks on the US. Amb. Hays worked closely with Mr Holbrooke in the UN during this period. As a result, it was now seen as important that this pattern of support for people who were later seen to be involved in terrorist actions against the US should not be allowed to emerge, particularly in the build-up to the elections, which were regarded as being critical to Sen. Hillary Clinton and former NATO Supreme Allied Commander-Europe (SACEUR) Gen. Clark."

International Strategic Studies Association, Washington DC: GIS Special Topical Reports - Balkan Strategic Studies: October 20, 2003.


International Strategic Studies Association, Washington DC: GIS Special Topical Reports - Balkan Strategic Studies: The New Rome & The New Religious Wars, March 1999.

"Little wonder that numerous US policy analysts, even
those who are hostile to Yugoslavia as a basic stance,
are extremely uncomfortable with the Clinton
Administration's close ties with the KLA.

"There is no doubt that the involvement of the two
brothers al-Zawahiri in the two movements is not
coincidental. Ben Works, director of the Strategic
Research Institute of the US, noted: "There's no doubt
that bin Laden's people have been in Kosovo helping to
arm, equip and train the KLA. . . . The [US]
Administration's policy in Kosovo is to help bin
Laden. It almost seems as if the Clinton
Administration's policy is to guarantee more

"Noted strategic analyst and columnist, former US Army
Colonel Harry Summers, said on August 12, 1998, that
in Kosovo, the US found itself "championing the very
Islamic fundamentalist terrorist groups who are our
mortal enemies elsewhere".


For more evidence of the above concerning the true character of the late Alija Izetbegovic - that of a pro-Islamist Jihad/al Qaeda radical Islamist fundamentalist Nazi - as well as further details on what really happened in Kosovo and Srebrenica, see:


ex-Clinton 'peace envoy' Richard Holbrooke- beneficiary of KLA Narco Terrorist Child Sex Slavery Mafia - gets president of Hague ICTY to free ex-Kosovo PM and KLA war criminal, Ramush Haradinaj, IN ADVANCE of his "surrender" to The Hague ICTY: "a deal would be struck to ensure that he did not serve prison time for the charges he faced."


US Policy in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean: Time to Stop Choosing Sides, and to Start Choosing Strategic Interests

By Gregory R. Copley,

President, the International Strategic Studies Association.[1]

Presented at the Capitol Hill Conference on

FYROM: The Need for Reassessment of US Policy in the Balkans.

Longworth House of Representatives Office Building,

Washington, DC: April 14, 2005

"The fact that the KLA leader and, until March 8, 2005, Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush (Hilmi) Haradinaj, was indicted for war crimes and taken to The Hague for trial still has not penetrated the consciousness of what is transpiring. Moreover, in order to somewhat ease the embarrassment of having backed the wrong side — the side of al-Qaida, the narco-traffickers, the true genocidal xenophobists, and the criminal gangs — in Kosovo, the US is in some ways actively working to let Mr Haradinaj out of prison, so that he can “fight his legal battle from a position of freedom”.

"This is a man charged with having directly and personally killed many innocent people, not a politician who allegedly allowed things to happen by default. The scandal of this particular case has yet to break, but suffice it to say that Albanian mafia linked to the KLA have worked through former US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke — a close associate of the KLA and a beneficiary of its support — to approach the US President of the International Criminal Tribunal on the former Yugoslavia (ICTY), Theodore Meron, to see Haradinaj released.[4] There are reports from within the ICTY that the State Department would approve the release of Haradinaj, and had, in fact, agreed with Haradinaj in advance of his surrender to the ICTY, that a deal would be struck to ensure that he did not serve prison time for the charges he faced."

4] Meron, a professor of law at New York University, was a member of the US official delegation to the Rome talks in 1998, at which the establishment of the International Criminal Court (ICC) was discussed. At that conference, he reflected the US line, which was in complete opposition to the foundation of the ICC, but subsequently accepted to be President of the ICC’s subsidiary court, the ICTY.


"In 1999, the KLA unit under Ramush Haradinaj's command killed 40 civilians from the Kosovo village of Glodjani and threw the bodies into the Radonjic Lake canal."


Now the United Nations is investigating him after a shooting incident, an investigation which the US has tried to interfere with. Here are the facts:
In June, 1999, Ramush ordered the killing of four members of FARK (Armed Forces of the Republic of Kosovo), a rival group to the KLA. As is Albanian custom, the brothers of one dead man went to the father of Ramush to ask for their brother’s bones. Ramush later that night went to the brothers, of the Musaj family, where a shooting incident took place.

Ramush was helicoptered to the US base in Kosovo, Camp Bondsteel and then to a United States military hospital in Germany to receive treatment. He is at present in Washington, the guest of congressman Benjamin Gillman, raising funds for his political party before next October’s elections in Kosovo.

United Nations investigators into this incident claim that while Ramush was away, United States officials left Bondsteel, went to the village of Strellic, where the incident took place, and removed forensic evidence that Ramush had been present, including the act of taking bullets from walls.

United Nations police reports link Ramush to two well-known Albanian Mafia men, Naser Kelmendi and Ekrem Lluka. Lluka is suspected by UN police of being involved actively in the trafficking of drugs in Kosovo, Greece, Italy and Albania.

British military sources, who asked to remain unnamed, classified Ramush as “a psychopath”.

“Someone would pass him information and he would disappear for two hours. The result would be several bodies in a ditch”. (Photographs and excerpts from article on details of atrocities against Kosovo Serbs perpetrated by US/UK ally KLA commander & ex-Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj)

" At the end of 1999 the chief prosecutor of the Hague tribunal, Carla del Ponte, announced that an investigation had been started regarding war crimes against the non-Albanian population in Kosovo. The investigation was almost completely blocked until recently because information was not forthcoming from either side, the spokeswoman of the prosecutor's office of the Hague tribunal, Florence Hartmann (Florence Hartmann-Domankusic), told "Reporter".

The new government in Serbia, according to Hartmann, has submitted all documentation to The Hague. "Indictments will be issued only against those persons against whom we have evidence," she explained. Zoran Zivkovic, the Yugoslav minister of internal affairs, told "Reporter" that "more than 30 kilograms of various documents were turned over to the head of the office of the Hague tribunal in Belgrade." In the meanwhile, the investigators of this tribunal have collected about 80 testimonials from family members of the missing and witnesses.

Despite increasingly frequent public discussion (in Serbia) that Agim Cheku, Hashim Thaci and Ramush Haradinaj are under investigation by the Hague tribunal, Hartmann said that "the investigation is in progress", however, she added that she "never confirmed that these three men are under investigation."