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The following article was published yesterday by Israpundit. I include the comments to date.

I believe that the Hague Court run by the UN and by NATO is an abomination. In fact the treatment of the Serbs by the whole of the International Community is the most shameful thing that has happened since the Nazi genocide of the Jews. I do not wish to compare the two directly, because really there is no true comparision, but there are worrying parallels, especially in regards to the ability of the Media to vilify a whole nation. Jewish people should be vitally interested in all the events which have led up to the death of Slobodan Milosevic as well as the Serb General who died in the Hague last week.

I have never seen Milosevic as a great opponent of NATO or of the UN (He was really an appeaser of NATO, a man trained in the Stalinist bureaucratic school of peaceful coexistence between the Soviet Union and the Capitalist Powers) but I do think that the Serbs were not guilty of genocide and that the Court in the Hague is an abomination. Also Tito and later Milosevic and that Serbian elite were part of the stalinist inspired non-aligned movement which were supportive of the Palestinian anti-Semitic movement and bought the lies of the Palestinian fascists. That must be said but that is not really the issue here because THAT is not why Milosevic and the Serbian leadership were crucified by the UN and NATO

In discussing issues you really have to produce facts and proof. This is very much the case in all discussion to do with Yugoslavia and what happened there. The anti-Serb bias of the press has been intense and non-stop for two decades now.

I actually read in an article this morning in the Spanish paper El Mundo the following reference to the dead Milosevic. The article is called “What to do with the body of “Slobo”. It is written by a Ruben Amon who is billed as Enviado especial (special reporter)

Down in paragraph 3 of this article Amon refers to the remains of Milosevic as “el cadaver de genocida” which I translate as the body of the genocidist. You see what I mean, the trial is not over, and anyway has proved nothing, yet the victim has already been sentenced by Amon.

The reason I am talking about this is that El Mundo is not a cheap rag of a newpaper. As far as I can make out it is the most powerful in Spain and is certainly well known world wide.

In paragraph 6 of this major article Amon makes another attack. He is talking about the conflicting wishes of the family of Milosevic as to where he will be buried. One of these is his daughter Marjia. Amon makes this cutting remark “La hija extravagante del pertinaz carnicero” which I translate as the extravagant daughter of the butcher. (Carnicero is the Spanish word for butcher). It is not only the butcher word that is doing the damage there, but also “extravagant” in describing the dead man’s daughter.

Why paint this picture? What is the need for it? How does Amon know this about the lady? Does he know her life intimately or is it hearsay! But every word is working here, we have a picture being sketched in, socialist leader, socialism!, corrupt socialist leader, mafia, lots of money, powerful, dangerous, all a little seedy!

In any case this reporter makes his bias clear. Even the title, What to do with the body of “Slobo” is distasteful to me. Slobo is a word I have often seen used in a derogatory fashion.

This to me is really serious stuff. I have found in studying the press following the Jewish issue of Israel it is not just the direct lie that does the damage, it is also the passing reference, the illusion that is created by language. And these people like this Amon are skilled. Amon is probably attuned to a certain professional type who buys the El Mundo and he is taking, I sense, a certain sneering, I am above all this, but you know after all we are talking about the Serbs, and you know what they are like…ie subhuman, approach.

Jewish readers of Israpundit will find little difficulty in understanding this.
It may be the journalism of very intelligent and well read people. Very cultured people. But it is filth journalism!

The Hague court worked somewhat on these lines. Indict the man…then search for the evidence. The propaganda against the Serbs at the time of the NATO war on Yugoslavia was incessant. During this war I was working as a teacher in London and going to and from work I talked to and joined a non-stop picket of Serbs opposed to the bombing who were picketing the Ministry of Defence which is located just across from 10 Downing Street. They were in the main a very quiet and reserved people. My impression also was that they appeared to be very divided among each other so I could never find out much about their politics, just that their country was being attacked and their people were being vilified daily in the British Press.
I also learned that justice as we know it was being turned on its head and a big role in condemning a people was being played out by the Media. In many ways the Media IS the story of the breakup of Yugoslavia. This is the case in particular in relation to the SO-CALLED MASSACRE in Srebrinica.

The comments of Jared Israel of Emperors New Clothes (www.tenc.net) explain better than I can the situation Milosevic faced:

“Milosevic’s death while incarcerated at The Hague - like the deaths of other Serbs before him - is at minimum an outrage. He asked for, and Russia agreed to provide, first rate care for his serious heart condition. The Hague Tribunal demanded special guarantees; the Russian government provided them. Nevertheless, the request was denied, apparently without explanation. Even apart from the statement made by Milosevic’s lawyer, Mr. Tomanovic, that Milosevic thought he was being poisoned, this denial was itself foul play. And The Hague has also denied his family’s demand that an autopsy be conducted in Russia. Why?”

Note in the above that Jared Israel is not talking about “conspiracy”, he is only stating certain facts.

Milosevic had a serious heart condition. He wanted treatment in Russia. He naturally did not trust the UN Court which was trying him on trumped up charges. The Russian state, a sovereign state offered full guarantees. Those are the facts as Jared Israel produces them. (I will not deal with the Dutch report which suggests serious interference by the Hague doctors at this point until more verification and detail comes forward)

It seems to me that the method of NATO and the UN is to use the Media to stir up hatred against a person or country. Then the UN and Amnesty International moves in and takes statements from a partisan group, in Bosnia it was the Islamofascists led by Izetbegovic and in Jenin it was the Palestinians. Remember there was also supposed to be genocide there carried out by the Israeli Army.

To sum up - This is really a story about the demonization of a people. In relation to Milosevic and also to the whole Serb leadership they have been demonized by NATO, the UN and by a compliant Media. The example of this which stays in my mind is the “Concentration Camp” photo which was shot by the ITN team and beamed around the world. The picture was proved to be a total hoax.

The International Community through these forces moved in on Yugoslavia and allied themselves with the open fascists of Croatia, with the Albanian fascist KLA of Kosova and with the Islamofascists of the Izetbegovic Government in Bosnia.

And anybody who is any part of that should hang their head in shame.

I appeal especially to people in Ireland to find out more about these issues (like Srebrenica) before condemning any Serb for genocide, just because the UN or the Media say so. And of course I appeal to Jewish people to remember that out of all the nations in the world at the time of the Holocaust that they should not forget that in the Balkans the people who went into the Concentration Camp and did not come out were Homosexuals, Romany people, Jews AND Serbs in great numbers. These peoples are brothers and should always remain so.
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Posted by Felix Quigley @ 7:43 am


The latest “news” from the Hague (the Duch toxichologist Donald Uges who examined him) is that Milosevich himself administered the “medicines” that finally killed him. Someone appears to unaware that he was locked up in a cell, surrounded by “suicide guards”.
I think time has come to look for people who might have a strong motif for seing him dead. Among them are first of all Carla Del Ponte, but I guess also US, EU and NATO leaders made a sigh of relief when he died.
Comment by Per — March 13, 2006 @ 8:20 am Edit This

Even though the issue of Serbia falls outside of the scope of IsraPundit, I endorse the views expressed by Felix and Per. The Clintonian assault on Serbia, even with the fig-leaf of NATO, is a shameful page in Western history.
Comment by Joseph Alexander Norland — March 13, 2006 @ 11:01 am Edit This

Thank you for this excellent piece.
Comment by Ted Belman — March 13, 2006 @ 1:02 pm Edit This

Thank you Felix! I have been searching the web for some objective information on Milosevic and the Serbian reaction to his death. The fact that it is so difficult to find this information in english indicates how thoroughly the propaganda has been spread and the concerted effort that has been made by NATO, the UN and especially the United States to control the supposed ‘free press’ around the world.
Another interesting article can be found here:http://www.asiantribune.com/show_article.php?id=3062
Comment by mutex — March 13, 2006 @ 2:23 pm Edit This

Another informative point of view:http://fray.slate.com/?id=3936&m=17128520for intelligent people who don’t feel the media should think for them!
Comment by mutex — March 13, 2006 @ 2:57 pm Edit This

I have no doubt that Milosevic was not the villain he was made out to be. I didn’t know any better at the time of the NATO attack on Serbia. From the information I have gathered since, it is the ethnic albanians of Kosovar that were the true villains.
Comment by Laura — March 13, 2006 @ 4:34 pm Edit This

> The example of this which stays in my mind is the “Concentration Camp” photo> which was shot by the ITN team and beamed around the world. The picture was> proved to be a total hoax.
This piece of revisionism first appeared in Living Marxism magazine, the journal of the British Revolutionary Communist Party. The magazine subsequently folded after being successfully sued for libel by ITN.
Comment by Joeboy — March 13, 2006 @ 6:15 pm Edit This

The wars in the former Yugoslavia show how flawed our entertainment driven media is. They need to have a villian, a victim and a hero. In the case of Bosnia, Kosovo and so on the villians where the Serbs, the victims where the Bosnians/Albanians et al and NATO/UN was the hero. No one came out of these conflicts clean not Muslims, not Serbs, not Croats. The media and the West however have chosen their search for “war criminals” to be concentrated almost entirly on the Serbs. If they where to dig into the actions of the other participants such as the KLA, they would find just as many war criminals. As it is these war crimes tribunals are a perversion of justice. Condem the Serbs give everyone else a free pass.
Comment by Jim McCaskill — March 13, 2006 @ 8:01 pm Edit This

Not criminals until convicted.
Comment by Ted Belman — March 14, 2006 @ 5:06 am Edit This

These issues are not over, they are only beginning:
1. How did Milosevic die? Was he poisoned by an interfering antibiotic
2. As Per suggests this must have been administered by somebody connected with the Court
3 The Srebrenica massacre was not a massacre at all and everything about it has the closest possible connection to the “massacre” in Jenin and earlier in Deir Yassin. Jewes cannmot sit this one out as the parallels are too clear.
4 What exactly is the nature of this Hague court?
My reading is that it was set up directly by NATO and that NATO paid the bills.
This leaves NATO the UN and EU working together in order to stitch up the Serb leadership for “massacres” which never happened.
5 We are facing global enemies and a global struggle. My Irish struggle is your Jewish struggle and all is inseparable from the experiences in Yugoslavia.
I want to partially correct something I said above where I was critical of Milosevic as a Stalinist type bureaucrat. This is correct to a point. But I have also written elsewhere that Yugoslavia was dangerous to NATO and to the US, the EU and UN because it had always kept a certain distance from the Soviet Stalinist bureacrascy.
I still am critical of Milosevic in certain respects but the real enemy was the US State Department, the EU and the UN. Also in the Hague Milosevic has conducted a valiant struggle against this iniquitous Hague regime of lies.
All the above enemies, the US, EU and the UN are also the enemies of the Jews and Israel.
That is why this issue is NOT over!
Comment by Felix Quigley — March 14, 2006 @ 5:36 am Edit This

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