Thursday, March 30, 2006

The political situation facing Israel is indeed critical!

As I noted in the last article Israel is very isolated in the world situation such is the hatred which has been generated over decades by Palestinian lies allied to a Western need for Arab oil.

The Election of Hamas is Central at Limerick University This Weekend

A very central issue has been the election by a majority of Palestinian Arabs of Hamas.

This is an openly Islamofascist organization whose main aim is to create an Islamist Palestinian state.

In the past the Palestinians have been supported by the neoleft. But what is now posed is the fact that with Hamas in power the Left is supporting Islamofascism with all that that means.

And it is in this critical situation that the Israel hating Conference is being called in Limerick University, promoted by a PLO terror supporting group which is lodged in the University of Cork.

Jews obsessed with their hatred of Israel are Present in Limerick

One of the worst aspects of this Conference is that it has brought across into Ireland some of the most Israel hating people on this earth. These people who are obsessed with their hatred for this tiny country, Israel, also happen to call themselves Jews.

There is also speaking at this conference a man who has been the PLO best friend for many years, a man called Michael D. Higgins.

This man, Higgins, has been President of the Irish Labour Party. This is indeed an issue for all Irish people with a decent spark of Irish national pride, because that was the party which was founded in Ireland by the great Irish Labour leaders and internationalists, James Connolly and Jim Larkin.

The Irish should not allow Higgins drag THEIR names into the mud with him. A little more on Higgins later!

Penny Rosenwasser

One of the guest speakers at this conference in Limerick is an American Jewish woman.
Her name is Penny Rosenwasser.

This woman is obviously obsessed with hatred of Israel. I consider this person to be a number one enemy of Israel in Ireland this weekend. She is joined on the platform by another man called Pappe, also billed as a Jew, well known also as a hater of Israel.

The full list of speakers as appears on the Palestine Solidarity poster advertising the conference is as follows:

"Speakers include: Mustafa Barghouti, Daniel Machover, Dawood Hammoudeh, John Gormley, Conor Lenihan, Martin McGuinness, Penny Rossenwasser, Lidon Soriano, Josh Ruebner, Elizabeth Corrie, Carmela Armanious Omary, Ilan Pappe and Michael D Higgins ".

In researching Rosenwasser for this article I have seen her linked to Women in Black, which American readers may have heard of.

Rosenwasser and the Jenin Big Lie

I will focus on her activity as part of the organisation Jewish Voice for Peace as they staged a takeover of an Israeli embassy at the time when the Israeli Army was conducting its famous and valiant operation against the nest of terrorist suicide bombers who infested the Palerstinian camp in the City of Jenin.

The months and years before this necessary operation by the young Israeli soldiers on this Islamofascist scum who belted on explosives, WANTING TO DIE AND MEET THEIR 72 VIRGINS, so long as ordinary Jews could be murdered.

That is what the operation on Jenin in April 2002 by the Israeli Army was all about.

And that is also how you can figure out the anti-Semites who populate the Irish and other landscapes. In the eyes of the anti-Semites it was acceptable for the Islamofascist scum to carry out their suicide murders but NOT all right for the Jews to do anything about it.

I know for a fact that at that very weekend Mr Anthony McIntyre and his Belfast PLO supporters were marching up and down the Belfast Falls and Springfield Road junction. They were certainly not attacking the suicide murderers, but the young Jewish boys in the Israeli army in the Jenin operation against the Islamofascist terrorists and Jew haters.

That was exactly the same weekend that Rosenwasser and her American Jewish friends in the Jewish Peace Group were occupying the Jewish Embassy. She described what this Jewish Jew-hating group as

working together cooperatively, powerfully, emphatically, as both outraged and heartsick, of taking action very visibly as Jews against the brutal policies of the Israeli government and army.”

The other context of the above thoughts of Rosenwasser were this:

As she paraded with her reactiobnary Jewish friends outside that embassy Jewish soldiers were fighting house to house because a decision was taken that bombing from the air was not possible because of the danger to Palestinian Civilians. As she pranced around shouting anti-Israel hatred 13 young Jewish lads of the IDF were blown up and murdered by the Islamofascists. The area was booby trapped at every turn.

And why should Rosenwasser make Jewish people really angry. Because not once does she mention the preceding suicide bombers and their murders of Jewish people.

I think there is only one name for this and I think the name is Anti-Semitic.

There is no other word which can describe this pattern. To have a lapse of memory on the Islamofascist suicide murderers, then to mobilise on the American streets to oppose the operation to root out of Jenin those very suicide bombers. No. I am sorry to say it but I think anti-semitic is a fair description.

That is who the Irish Palestine Group have roped in as a special guest speaker at the meeting in Limerick University, along with the noted Irish political figure, Michael D. Higgins.

Michael D. Higgins and the Irish Labour Party

Micheal D. Higgins is a very big name in Ireland and is closely associated with the Irish labour Party which has been in Government. Higgins has therefore been in positions of high power in Ireland.

He is also closely connected with the world of the arts, the Media and coming from the West of Ireland with the Irish language movement.

What on earth is this man doing mixing it with the Irish Palestinian Group in Limerick this weekend. It would appear that Higgins hates Israel and that is his motivation.

But then Higgins is also a great "promoter" of womens rights, and gay rights. What then is his present position on the Palestinians who have just elected into power Islamofascist Hamas.

Surely Higgins is not going to blame the Jews of Israel for THAT!

All in all it is going to be a very sordid affair. Protests should be sent to the University of Limerick and also of University of Cork for associating with this and for allowing their premises to be used for an Israeli hate-fest.

All Irish people, nationalist and Unionist, Catholic and Protestant, must raise their voices against this abomination taking place in Limerick this weekend.

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