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Professor Paul's Eidelberg's call for a United Front

I feel that this call by Professor Paul Eidelberg should be read along with a number of other articles especially An Appeal to all Feiglinites which deal with the lessons learned over recent weeks. All of them relate to the terrible blow which has been struck against the Jewish cause by the surrender of Gaza to the enemy fascists – that surrender enacted by the dictatorial Government of Israel

In this article Paul Eidelberg is calling for the setting up of a United Front of all those forces who opposed the Gaza suicidal surrender and also those who even at this late stage (after the event unfortunately) begin to question it as they see no signs of peace coming from the enemy. In fact they see the opposite.

What we are dealing with on the enemy side is a fascist Palestinian movement whose only aim is the destruction of Israel. This fascist movement is being backed now to the hilt by the utterly reactionary regime of George Bush.

First of all to deal with the true nature of the Palestinian Arab movement. Most people think that the PLO was set up to achieve a state for the “Palestinians” which was an on the spot manufactured name given to the Arabs who lived in Israel in the 1960s.

Recent research by the American website Emperors New Clothes (
has revealed that the aim of the PLO in its first national congress in 1964 was explicitely not to have a Palestinian State on the West Bank and on Gaza. It was to set up a Palestinian Arab state on Israel!

The Jews who lived in Israel, who had made Israel their Homeland were to be driven out and made the subject of another genocide. In the real world the Holocaust of the 40s in which the Arab Palestinian Haj Amin el Husseini played such a prominent part had never ended and in the eyes and minds of these Arab fascists this was their next big chance.

If anybody can show how they would set up their Arab state on top of Israel without the liquidation of Israel and the genocide of the Jews then I would be very interested in knowing how!

The infamous words of this infamous resolution 24 of that first PLO congress of 1964 is the following and deserves to be burned into the conscousness of every Jewish person living today.

Resolution 24 of 1964 states:

““Article 24: This Organization does not exercise any territorial sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, on the Gaza Strip or in the Himmah Area.”--The 1964 charter is backed up at

This will be new to most people for when we turn to the search engines to enquire about the PLO or Fatah constitutions or covenants it is to that of 1968 we are directed. But by 1968 that resolution had been dropped because by that time the Arabs had lost the West Bank and Gaza in the 6-days war.

So the PLO was specifically set up to destroy Israel, not create a state to live alongside “in peace”. There is thus no difference between the Palestine Asuthority and Hamas.

To affirm this please follow this line of contemporary events as desribed in the same article by Emperors New Clothes. It is self-explanatory and affirms the very close interconnection between all of these so-called “political” forces such as that of Abbas’s PA, Hamas and the Americans cum British.

In it, Jared Israel, the editor of Emperors New Clothes begins by having a dig at those neo-Leftists who call the Palestinians a national liberation movement. This is certainly absurd. How could a movement, such as that led by Hamas and the PLO which insists that its area is Judenrein, be remotely connected with national liberation. It has all the signs of a fascist movement, a Jew-hating fascist movement:

“No Arab leader invited Jews to stay; none promised to protect them from attack. Quite the contrary, prior to the implementation of ‘disengagement,’ every Palestinian Arab faction attacked the plan to evict Jews from Gaza as inadequate and insincere. Not only did no Arab faction ask Jewish residents to stay in Gaza, but none denounced the continuing attempts to murder them. Palestinian Authority leaders sometimes suggested that these terrorist attacks should temporarily be halted lest they interfere with the planned evictions. But why would any terrorist group take such suggestions seriously when the Palestinian Authority-controlled mass media continued to incite Arabs to murder Jews and laud those who did it?

In June and July we had the absurd spectacle of the United States praising the Palestinian Authority (and the PA praising itself) for supposed efforts to halt terrorist attacks even as the attacks continued, with the full blessing of the media controlled by...the Palestinian Authority.

It was pure doubletalk. Case in point: on Saturday, June 18th, CNN reported that Mahmoud Abbas, alias Abu Mazen, President of the Palestinian Authority, held a joint press conference with US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. For months, Arab terrorists had been shooting at and launching rockets at Gaza Jews. For example:

“Earlier Saturday (i.e., the day of the press conference - JI) two Palestinian militants opened fire at Israeli troops guarding an Israeli settlement in Gaza, Israeli and Palestinian officials said. One militant was killed and another was wounded when the soldiers opened fire, Palestinian officials said.” -- CNN, June 18, 2005

And after the press conference ended:
“Shortly after Rice spoke, a blast was heard in Gaza. Palestinian militants said they had launched two rockets toward an Israeli settlement in southern Gaza.” -- CNN, June 19, 2005

Notice that in one case, the attack was directed at settlements, meaning the homes of Jewish civilians. In the other case, the Arabs tried to kill the troops protecting those Jewish civilians from murder. So, both attacks told Jews that their presence in Gaza was an offense punishable by death. How did Secretary Rice and Mahmoud Abbas react? Ms. Rice told the assembled reporters about her meetings with Arab officials and spoke of the need for a “peaceful withdrawal,” not mentioning that rockets were targeting Jews and that Arab terrorists were trying to kill soldiers protecting the Jews. These were non-events.As for Abbas, he was Orwellian:

“We discussed with Dr Rice the issue of the calm in general and the Palestinian factions’ commitment to this calm. We will continue to maintain the calm to reach a favorable result, whereby everybody will be committed so as to move to other steps after the withdrawal.” -- Transcript of June 18th press conference.

Notice that Abbas spoke of “continu[ing] to maintain calm,” calling the assembled world media’s attention to “the Palestinian factions’ commitment to this calm.” So, War is Peace; Murdering Jews is Calm.The world writes this off on the grounds that the attacks are supposedly the work of Hamas, which is supposedly the fringe of Arab politics. The idea is that supposed moderates, like Abbas, don’t dare to oppose Hamas terror, lest they isolate themselves. If this bizarre defense were accurate, it would mean that the Arab population in Gaza was so thoroughly indoctrinated to hate Jews that even with Israel about to pull all security forces out - and evict all Jewish residents - no Arab politician dared to say killing Jews is wrong, let alone welcome Jews as citizens in a future Arab state. And this despite the international political gain from making such statements, even if they were lies. So if it had been Hamas trying to kill Jewish residents and the troops protecting them, the Abbas-can’t-do-anything-lest-he-be-isolated argument would be absurd. However, it was not Hamas:

“Two Palestinian militant groups, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Islamic Jihad, claimed joint responsibility for the failed attack.”

And what is Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades? A terrorist group controlled by Fatah, which leads the PLO, and whose candidate in the Arab election was Abu Mazen, alias Mahmoud Abbas, now president of the Palestinian Authority. That is, the guy who spoke alongside Secretary Rice at the June 18th press conference.”

(end of quote from Jared Israel)

(I removed footnotes from this extract. For full article go to

From all of this it is clear that what we face is the destruction of Israel.
1. we have the fascist enemy led by the PLO and Hamas
2. we have America, Britain and the reactionary Quartet backing and covering for the fascist attacks
3. we have a section of Israeli leaders and society, a minority but with control of the media and a large section of the police and army, prepared to sell out to these fascists in the “hope” of peace.
4. we have the leadership of the country in the hands of Sharon, a man who people are wondering aloud now if he withdrew from Gaza to divert attention from the criminal action against him and his sons.

There is no political party which is not tainted by this. This applies above all to the Likud. Without the corupt politicians of the Likud Sharon could not have carried out the Gaza betrayal. Without Likud Hamas would not now be roaming Gaza with the only intention on their minds to kill Jews.

There was one precious moment when Sharon could have been stopped. This was when Sharon was defeated in the Likud referendum on ths specific issue of Gaza. When the vote was taken Sharon then stated that it meant nothing and proceeded to form a coalition with Labour and Peres. Likud should have immediately expelled Sharon from their party and campaigned in the country for a new election pointing out that Sharon was now organising a dictatorship and against the wishes of the electorate was adopting the policy of Labour.

Likud kept Sharon in their party and this provided the base for the dictatorship.

This is why, in my thinking, Likud is now the enemy and all hopes of resurrecting that party must be ended.

In opposition to an Israpundit reader who commented that a deal with a certain Likud leader to resurrect Likud was preferable I wrote in reply:

“It really does seem to me that the period of Likud is over. Do you not think that if you continue to sow illusions in this party then that is destructive. I feel they had one chance and they blew it. That was when Sharon thumbed his nose at the result of the Likud referendum on disengagement and Likud DID NOT EXPEL HIM. Politics is a harsh business. Sometimes a party is put on trial, as it were, in a matter of hours. THAT WAS THEIR TIME. They could do one thing and one thing only and they did not. I think from that moment history will deem them irrelevant."

I do agree very much with Paul Eidelberg on this. After Gaza it is kind of a defence operation to halt this Jew hating "Left" in its tracks. Please note the parenthesis there.

Posted by: felix quigley on August 26, 2005 06:22 AM”

So I really do believe that the call of Paul Eidelberg for the creation of an extra-parliamentary grouping is absolutely essential and so correct.

In my own experience there was a classic precedent for this and it was called a United Front. It was put forward by Leon Trotsky in the months leading up to the seizure of power by Hitler and the Nazis in 1933.

(Leon Trotsky towards the end of his life in Mexico became if not an active Zionist at least sympathetic to the Zionist cause, something which is not at all well-known.) I have written something on this issue of Trotsky which can be found on (

It is worth looking at that fateful 1933 situation in Germany and in fact it disturbs me to think of the similarities to the present. The main movers in the situation were 3 organisations with a mass following in the masses.

On the fascist side was the Nazis, opposing were 2 parties both with mass following and with an extensive and expensive apparatus machine.

The Nazis as we know were hungry for power to carry out their evil but they were a declining entity in 1933 and were eminently stoppable.

The other 2 parties who people looked to were unable to put it together and that was how Hitler in a situation of declining influence won power. The Stalinist Communist Party of Germany and the Comintern had a policy of social fascism and this meant that they would not unite with the Social Democratic Party because they were “fascists”.

Comically and absurdly the stalinists of the German Communist Party could not distinguish between the actual Nazis and the reformist social democrats. So they would not join forces. On the other hand the German Labourists were complacent in the face of the Nazis, they said basically, allow Hitler to take power, then in a short time people will see how horrible they are and will get rid of the Nazis.

The dictatorship of Hitler of course meant the smashing of both these organisations within months, their leaders in jail and the atomisation of German society.

Something similar is needed in Israel right at this moment, I emphasise without delay. The people to be stopped in this case by such an extra-parliamentary grouping are in this order, 1. Sharon and the Judaic-haters 2. Bush Blair and the Quintet and all aspects of the notorious Road Map 3. The fascists of the PLO and Hamas.

Note that in Trotsky’s eyes a United Front is not a Popular Front. It is not a pally arrangement between leaders or groups. It is the organising of forces which can stop the dictator in his tracks especiaslly in relation to the Road Map, to allow a discussion about leadership to take place, to give a platform to the young forces who fought against Sharon’s Stasi in Gaza, to allow a discussion to take place as to how the best of the Judaic traditions can be employed to develop a principled leadership in Israel.

This is why I support Paul Eidelberg’s call for a ‘United Front’ so much. Rather than resurrect Likud it is necessary to build an alternative. Rather than look for friends or sympathy from the media it is necessary to expose them completely to the extent that their sales dry up and an alternative truthful media is created. All in the army and police who were connected with the expulsion of Jews in Gaza must be put under severe scrutiny and their leaders kicked out of the IDF without any delay at all. There must be a far more militant and a revolutionary uncompromising approach to this issue. Talk of Israeli soldiers and police being “understanding” as they went about their brutal work must be ended. To do otherwise is to disarm ourselves when the next “expulsion” comes along. Everybody does have a choice!

I would point out to readers that I am speaking here as an Irishman and a non-Jew but as somebody who is committed to the Jewish Homeland, so effected have I been by Jewish history. I believe there are millions more like me to be won but first we have to create a revolutionary and principled Jewish leadership in Israel and in the Jewish Diaspora. In that way the residues of Stalinism and Social Democratic reformism in Israel can be defeated. To my mind they have done enough damage, from the attacks on the revisionists before the formation of the state, through Oslo and to the present desparate situation.

An Appeal to All Feiglinites

by Prof. Paul Eidelberg


Friday, August 26, 2005

I do not doubt Moshe Feiglin’s good intentions. I only question his practical wisdom. Please suspend, if only for a few minutes, your preconceptions and consider the following:

By remaining in the Likud and luring people to register for that corrupt party, Moshe Feiglin is preventing the formation of the only political instrument that can possibly remove Israel’s present leadership and change the SYSTEM that entrenches this leadership in power—BEFORE Israel suffers more irreversible damage.

Urgently needed is the formation of a union of extra-parliamentary nationalist groups—but not merely to form another political party and compete in the next election. No! Since Feiglin errs by remaining in and thereby dignifying a corrupt party, so we must not dignify Israel’s corrupt SYSTEM of governance by merely running for a few seats in the Knesset.

Indeed, just as Feiglin admits he will not take over the Likud in the very near future, so “just another” political party in the Knesset will lack the power to save Israel from the destructive consequences of a Sharon-led government, or a Netanyahu-led government, or an Uzi Landau-led government. These men are all tainted. None of them will prevent—indeed, they are virtually committed to—the further territorial shrinkage of Israel, to say nothing of their secular bias.

I have in mind the development of an Alternative Force that competes for political power only after it delegitimizes the SYSTEM—a system that enables Knesset Members, Cabinet Ministers, and Supreme Court judges to ignore Jewish public opinion and convictions with impunity.

The Alternative Force must operate on two levels: It must show how the politicians and parties that boast of representing the “nationalist camp” betrayed their supporters and the country by joining the Sharon government. The public must be told that these politicians and their parties signed a coalition agreement in 2003 that points to nothing less than Israel’s withdrawal from Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.

But the public must also be shown how the existing party system facilitated this betrayal and actually undermines the Jewish character of the State. (My colleague, Professor Israel Hanukoglu, has written a superb paper on this issue which will soon be available to the public.)

The question remains: How is one to form this Alternative Force? We have very practical ideas for this purpose, but it would be premature to publicize these ideas at this time. However, it should be obvious that so long as Moshe Feiglin remains in the Likud and lures many young people and activists into that party, this will make the formation of an Alternative Force all the more difficult. Meanwhile, he will not prevent the further truncation and suffering of Israel.

We therefore urge Mr. Feiglin and his supporters to reexamine their position. Ask yourselves how many years will it take for you to gain control of the Likud—assuming that you have a realistic chance of doing so? Then ask: How much irreversible damage will be done to the State of Israel during this problematic period? After all, look how many Jews have been murdered and how many have now lost their homes while you have been in the Likud? And look how the very Judaism you extol has been undermined by this Likud-led or Peres-type government?

So, I urge you to quit that corrupt party. In the name of Manhigut Yehudit—Jewish Leadership—join or form an effective Jewish Leadership by working with other nationalist groups to develop an Alternative Force. Stop dignifying a crooked party and a crooked SYSTEM of government.

***** Prof. Eidelberg, special to, is a political scientist, author and lecturer; co-founder and president of The Foundation For Constitutional Democracy and is the President of the Yamin Israel movement.

Is Israel Being Sold out by its Prime Minister?

by Prof. Paul EidelbergFriday, August 26, 2005

(The article is published on isill with the kind permission of the

On December 23, 2003, Ha’aretz’s Baruch Kra published a summary of a video that links the entire Sharon family to a Greek island tourist resort project.

If this summary is accurate—and if it isn’t, Ha’aretz can expect a massive libel suit—mass demonstrations should be organized demanding Prime Minister Sharon’s immediate resignation. Here are the main points of the incriminating video.

“In October 1999, Omri Sharon said that if the Greek island project succeeded ‘there would be enough money to pay us all and get us out of here’ (emphasis added). The Prime Minister's son is heard saying this to security firm owner David Spector on a videotape obtained by Ha’aretz … It contradicts Sharon's statement to police, when they questioned him on this issue, that he was never involved in this so-called Greek island affair. (Are the police themselves involved in this corruption? Do they control Sharon and constitute a “government” within a government? Is Israel a POLICE state in the literal sense of the term?)

The incriminating video reveals that “Omri Sharon's meeting with Spector was several months before Spector was to meet Sharon's other son, Gilad, to help him collect money that real estate contractor David Appel owed him. Police suspect that payments made to Gilad Sharon were intended as indirect bribes to Ariel Sharon—then holding the foreign and national infrastructures portfolio—in exchange for his help to get permission from the Greek government for Appel to develop the Greek island tourist resort. The permission never came.

“In the [video] recording Omri mentions the real estate corruption Appel was allegedly involved in, including the Ginaton lands near Lod. Today it is known that the primary suspect in the Ginaton affair, apart from Appel, is Prime Minister Sharon, who is suspected of exerting pressure to expand Lod to include Ginaton. This would allow Appel, who had bought lands there, to avoid incurring financial losses.

“At a certain stage Omri asks Spector if he knew of ‘the megalomaniac project in Greece.’ Omri said the chances of carrying out the project were slim but if it succeeded, ‘there would be enough money to pay us all and get us out of here’(emphasis added).

“The police are expected to charge Appel in the Greek island affair soon—probably with bribing Sharon when he was Foreign Minister in Netanyahu's cabinet. Appel is suspected of transferring millions of dollars to Gilad Sharon by means of a fictitious contract. This was in exchange for obtaining various favors from Sharon, including the promotion of the Greek tourism venture and political help to Appel's real estate ventures. Police suspect that Sharon gave this help when he was already Prime Minister.”

Here the reader should focus on the key phrase linked to the Greek island tourist project: “if it succeeded, there would be enough money to pay us allthe Sharon family—‘and get us out of here,’”—meaning, to leave the sinking ship of Israel.

Apparently, Israel’s days are numbered. It cannot possibly overcome the fact that 50% of the babies born in the country are non-Jewish, that the Arabs in Israel are never going to be assimilated and become bourgeois democrats, that they will never give up their nationalist aims, and that their higher birthrate will allow them to gain control of the Knesset and the country given the democratic principle of one adult/one vote.

Therefore, if the above mentioned video is genuine, Prime Minister Sharon is selling Israel down the tubes, preparing for his and his family’s getaway like thieves in the night. But what about Shimon Peres? Notice that Sharon is playing the Peres “peace” charade, that both are friends of Austrian financier Martin Schlaff, that Schlaff is interested in a casino in the Gaza Strip, as is the Palestinian Authority whose legal representative is Sharon’s “adviser,” attorney Dov Weissglas.

Is Sharon really in control? Are Big Bucks behind his expulsion and retreat policy? Have the Jews of Gush Katif been sold out—literally?

***** Prof. Eidelberg, special to, is a political scientist, author and lecturer; co-founder and president of The Foundation For Constitutional Democracy and is the President of the Yamin Israel movement.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Israel's Official Position on Gaza

"In the light of this travesty, I have no choice but to reiterate briefly Israel's position on the subject. / The Jewish people and the State of Israel have the right in principle, as well as in law and in terms of national security, to a permanent presence in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District."

Statement in the Security Council by H.E. Ambassador Yehuda Z. Blum, Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations, 18 July 1979, page 12.
Quote provided by Israel White Paper.

Kfar Darom Says Media Lied on Alleged Acid Attack

From Israel National News:

21:56 Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765(

Kfar Darom leaders said Thursday night that media reports of youth throwing acid on policemen were totally incorrect. They said the expulsion opponents threw oil and paint at Kfar Darom and that no one was injured, despite media claims that policemen suffered burns.

Seventeen policemen and four civilians were injuries when security officials began to force people out of the Kfar Darom synagogue. They are being treated at Soroka Hospital in Be'er Sheva.

Only Eichmann is missing from the congratulations list

Thursday, August 18, 2005

The other day, Benedict Sharon Arnold was lauded by Bevin's twin-brother, Blair, and today, according to Reuters, another pathological Israel-hater joined the chorus:

U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan on Thursday commended Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for his courage and leadership in going through with his plan to pull out of Gaza.

I have little doubt that had Adolf Eichmann not been hanged, he too would have joined the "commended" list. He could have said something like this:

"From one expert on deporting Jews to another, I, Adolf Eichmann, commend Mr Sharon for exemplary efficiency in achieving our mutual goal of destroying the Jewish people. The white/blue storm troopers who burst into Gaza's synagogues must have learnt from our Brown Shirts and Black Shirts, for their performance in deporting Jews represents the paragon of efficiency."

Posted by Joseph Alexander Norland on Israpundit
at 10:36 PM

What Now, My Love? by Israel Zwick

(printed with kind permission of The Raphi website)

Friday, August 19, 2005

On Friday, August 19, thousands of Jews from the New York area will embark on the annual pilgrimage to the Sullivan County Catskills for the Shabbos Nachamu weekend.

They will be staying in locations that are eerily reminiscent of the Gush Katif communities. The bungalow colonies typically have 50 to 100 families in small cottages with surrounding manicured lawns. Each has a small synagogue on the premises. Some are located near small farms. The hotels are usually larger, hosting about 200 families, with more amenities.

Now imagine you are sitting in a lounge chair by the swimming pool, enjoying the company of your friends and relatives, when you are approached by a contingency of soldiers and police from the NY State National Guard and the NY State Troopers. Very politely, they tell you, “You are going to have to leave these premises, never to return.”

“But why?” you ask, “I’ve been coming here every year for the last 30 years. My whole family comes here every year.”

The State Trooper explains, “There’s a group of Arab Muslims living in UNRWA camps in Lebanon and Syria that claim this land as their own. So you’ll have to vacate the area so that they can move here.”

“But there’s plenty of empty land in the Sullivan County Catskills,” you retort, “Why can’t they live there? There’s plenty of room for both of us.”

The State Trooper insists, “They want this particular 100 sq. km and if they don’t get it they’ll get violent.”

So you ask naively, “Aren’t you here to protect us?”

“I’m sorry, replies the polite State Trooper, “the Governor cut our budget and we just don’t have the manpower to protect you. Besides that, the Governor and the President want you to leave also.”

“But I thought that the Governor and President were our friends.”

“Friendship doesn’t count when there are a billion Muslims which control the world’s oil supply and will get violent if they don’t get their way. I’m sorry, you’re just going to have to pack up and leave. We’ll find you another hotel in the Poconos, the topography and climate there is very similar.”

It’s all water under the bridge now. Gush Katif is no more and will soon be taken over by Arabs living in UNRWA camps. Where do we go from here? Will the Jewish people be able to rise up again from the depths of depravity, immorality, weakness, and divisiveness that we sunk to? Only time will tell.

Around the time of the 1967 Six-Day War, there was an internationally popular song titled, “What Now My Love?” It was translated into several languages from the original French and recorded by many artists. In Israel, it was called Uma Achshav, and recorded by Geula Gil. The lyrics are especially poignant to the current situation.

What Now My Love Music: Gilbert Becaud French Lyrics: Pierre Delanoe / English lyrics: Carl Sigman
Artist: Agnetha Faltskog

What now my love, now that you've left me
How can I live through another day
Watching my dreams turn to ashes
And my hopes turn to bits of clay
Once I could see, once I could feel
Now I am numb, I've become unreal
I walk the night, without a goal
Stripped of my heart and my soul

What now my love, now that it's over
I feel the world falling all around me
Here come the stars, tumbling around me
There's the sky, where that sea should be
What now my love, now that you're gone
I'd be a fool to go on and on
No one would care, no one would cry
If I should live if I should live or die
What now my love, now there is nothing
Only my last, my last good-bye

***** Israel Zwick, special to, holds advanced degrees in biology and psychology but often writes on topics of Jewish interest. Though he lives in New York, he has children and grandchildren in Israel.

Rice Assures PA: More to Come

From Israel National News:

21:46 Aug 18, '05 / 13 Av 5765

( American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Arab leaders on Thursday that the United States will pressure Israel to conduct further expulsions. She told the New York Times she "empathizes" with the pain of Israelis but "it cannot be Gaza only."
Palestinian Authority (PA) national security advisor Jibril Rajoub told a London-based Arab newspaper that Rice assured him Israel will make further concessions.

The Jews of Gaza: Demonization vs. Reality

(Isill will add the photos later, to see the full photo-essay go to the tenc site)

From Emperors New Clothes (

Photo-essay shows young people talking to soldiers about the planned eviction of all Jews from GazaComments by Jared Israel
[3 August 2005]
In coming days we will be posting articles dealing with the planned, so-called 'disengagement' from Gaza. In one of the articles, Samantha Criscione shows that, contrary to reports in the media, the 'disengagement' plan originated with the Bush administration, not with Israeli Prime Minister Sharon.

Ms. Criscione notes that the very term 'disengagement' is artful propaganda, suggesting:
a) a gentle process that will
b) remove Israeli Jews from a place where they do not belong (thus accepting, as a given, the claim that Arabs alone have a right to live in Gaza) and
c) disengage Israel from terrorist attack.

The term 'disengagement' is a soporific, meant to dull opposition to driving 8500 Jews from their homes in Gaza because they are Jews, razing their homes and turning over the communities they built to organizations dedicated to murdering Jews. Think about it. What does it mean that the creation of a Palestinian Arab state requires as a precondition the eviction of all Jews?

As for the pullout disengaging Israel from terrorist attack, does this idea make sense? Hamas and Fatah, the main terrorist organizations, have been launching rocket attacks against Israeli civilians inside and outside Gaza for years. Surely these attacks would only increase if the terrorists have free reign and most of the trappings of state power in Gaza.

For years Israelis debated the pros and cons of 'land for peace.' But in this case, the Arab side does not offer even the temporary appearance of peace. If Arab leaders have not suppressed terror during the past three months, when an Israeli pullout was imminent and violence might prevent it, why would they halt terror attacks after a pullout? Especially when the pullout can be - and is being - portrayed as a victory for terror?

In Israel, a growing grass roots movement is opposing the pullout. To isolate this movement, the world media has launched a propaganda campaign, depicting opponents of the pullout as fanatical, die-hard right-wingers and settlers.

Since Right and Left mean very different things in different countries, it is worth noting that in Israel the political spectrum is largely defined by attitude towards the Palestinian Arab leadership and Israeli security. (Thus our posting of the exposé of Britain's sponsorship of Arab fascism, originally published by The Nation, a magazine on the Left, is welcomed by the Israeli Right.) Also, in Israel the political and judicial establishments tend to be on what is called the Left. And finally, the Mizrahim, the so-called Arab Jews and black Jews, tend to support the Right.

As for Israeli settlers, they've been vilified for years; for many people, the term is synonymous with intolerance and violence.

In fact most of the tens of thousands of people protesting and going door to door nationwide to persuade people to oppose the disengagement plan aren't settlers. And as for the settlers themselves, take a look at the pictures below. These young people are from Gush Katif, the group of Jewish communities in southern Gaza. They are trying to persuade Israeli soldiers to refuse orders to evict them and to stop preventing opponents of the planned pullout from coming to their communities to protest the evictions. Do these young people look and act as if they were raised in what the London Times, the Guardian, the New York Times, and the rest of the media portray as a fanatical, racist culture - which the media even compares to Hamas?
Or have we been sold a lie?

-- Jared IsraelEditor, Emperor's Clothes

Kisufim Crossing: The Eye of the Storm 15:53 Jul 28, '05 / 21 Tammuz 5765By Ezra HaLeviReprinted from Arutz Sheva

The young people of Gush Katif have been making their way to the Kisufim Crossing nightly to encourage the soldiers stationed there to refuse to take part in expelling them from their homes.
Sixteen-year-olds Hadas and Tirtza from Netzer Hazani were at the crossing Tuesday night. “We came to speak with the soldiers and policemen to tell them what we feel,” the girls told Israel National Radio’s Malka Fleisher.
“They closed our homes now - friends cannot come visit us - so we came here, to tell them what we think and to hopefully convince them to refuse these orders.” The girls say that most soldiers do not have strong feelings either way when they first arrive at Kisufim. “They say they do not understand what the pullout is about, but that their officers told them they must take part.”

The girls come to Kisufim every night and line up along the road. Soldiers are stationed opposite them in a long line to ensure they do not step out too far into the road. There the conversations begin. Some soldiers talk with the youth, many put their heads down, unable to meet their gazes, and other look straight ahead.

Whereas Kisufim used to be a three-lane entry point, where residents and visitors would cruise by the soldiers stationed there with a smile and a wave, it has now been turned into a bona fide border crossing. Long lanes lined with large concrete blocks and marked "regular permits" and "without regular permits," along with scores of soldiers and police officers, greet residents and visitors upon arrival.

Soldiers are relieved of their duties as often as every fifteen minutes, a move the Kisufim youth say is aimed at preventing them from engaging in deep conversation with their brothers and sisters in uniform. “Many of them have told us that they will not obey the orders [to expel the Jews of Gush Katif from their homes] – that they simply can’t,” the girls said. Gush Katif residents, on leave from serving in the IDF, or recently released from service try to engage the more senior officers posted at the crossing. Many are familiar faces from their own service. "I served in the army just like you. I risked my life protecting you and your family. Now you are checking my parents’ IDs as you get ready to march in a drag them out like they are wanted terrorists,” said a soft-spoken recently discharged N’vei Dekalim resident, speaking with a commander.

The officer looked at first uncomfortable, then began to explain that the defense establishment believes the best defense of the country is the withdrawal from Gaza and northern Samaria. “Get off it,” the young Gush Katif resident scowls, “I see in your eyes you don’t believe one word of what you are saying – you heard Boogie [recently retired Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Moshe Ya’alon], your heard [outgoing General Security Service Chief] Avi Dichter, you get the intelligence briefings - you know nobody thinks this will bring anything but more terrorism in the streets and on the buses.”“Correct,” said the officer, “but what good does refusal do?”
“I believe the soldiers are being moved,” said Gush Katif spokesman Eran Sternberg. “We hear it from them and we can hear the officers talking on the other side of fences. We can hear how much they are scared of our message. The soldiers have a pure Jewish heart and they know what they have been commanded to do is immoral and they agree with us.” “A segment of the IDF is already willing to refuse and pay the price,” Sternberg added. “Part is using gray refusal – not obeying the command as it should be and even working against it. We believe that the routine conversations at night are exhausting – exhausting them from expelling Jews.”

Meanwhile, night after night, the teenagers of Gush Katif take Kisufum Crossing by a storm. Three teenage girls plead with an officer to think of his sisters and mother. "Would you drag them out of their home or allow your fellow soldiers to do so? We are no different than you are," they cry. broadcasting the words of refusal icons and even Prime Minister Ariel Sharon play constantly. “Yes I am refusing orders!” IDF Corporal Avi Bieber is heard declaring. “They are beating Jews here, that’s what is going on. This is not right, this is not justice.” A decades-old recording of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon lauding the right of soldiers to tell their commanders that they cannot fulfill orders to destroy settlements was also broadcast repeatedly.Meanwhile, a large tent has been set up at the side of the crossing, serving as a Torah study center for those on both sides of the barricades. Aaron, a Yeshiva student from Rechovot, sits in the tent studying Talmud. “This tent is not only for me and my friends. Many soldiers and cops come and learn with us as well,” he said. “Because it is such a tough situation, we must learn together and realize that love of fellow Jews is the main thing right now. We must remember we are brothers while not compromising on our core values.” Aaron is certain that even senior officers in the IDF are being won over. “I had an argument with a big officer, and after two hours he said to me, ‘I agree with every word you said.’ ” “I was speaking to a female officer and fifty people crowded around and listened to our conversation,” he said. “She asked me if she could speak to me alone for a moment. I said ‘sure’ and she came to this tent and said to me, ‘What the heck do you want me to do?! You convinced me, but what do you want me to do?’ I told her, I don’t want you to do anything. I want you to just think what you are going to say to your child and grandchildren – and do what you would want to be able to tell them.”Elisheva Fuchs, a young lady doing her national service in Gush Katif was also at Kisufim. She runs summer camp for second graders during the day and comes to the crossing to talk with her fellow servicemen in the IDF in the evenings. “We speak to the soldiers and try to convince them that what they are doing is not human,” she said. “You can’t just stop people from getting to their homes which they have lived in for 30 years.”“It is very difficult for soldiers, but they must know how to do the right thing. If you believe that something is not right, then you just can’t do it,” she added. Fuchs said that her parents decision to leave America and make Aliyah (immigrate to Israel) is comparable to the decision faced by the soldiers. “My parents came on Aliyah in order to do something important. People in America – they live – but basically, life is the same thing all the time. I was in Canada last week for ten days and I couldn’t believe the people there. All they do all day is speak about clothing and work and the millions of dollars they spend on cars - and it's crazy. Nothing meaningful.

“To stand up for what is right and to come on Aliyah – these actions change things. If people refuse to fulfill an unjust order, if people come on Aliyah - it will change everything.”Hadas and Tirtza end their conversations each evening with a blessing. “We bless them that no matter what they do, they do it with a whole heart, so that they will not carry feelings of guilt with them for the rest of their lives.”Click here to listen to the full Israel National Radio coverage

(Photos: Yishai Fleisher and Ezra HaLevi)
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Daily commentary by Gary Bauer
How The Enemy Sees Gaza

While debate rages on in Israel and the U.S. about the wrenching forced evacuation in Gaza of 8,500 Jews there is no such ambivalence among the enemies of Israel and the U.S. Al Qaeda has already said it will enter Gaza as Israel withdraws. And read these chilling words of Mahmoud Zahar, the leader of Hamas in Gaza:

"We [Hamas] are part of the great world plan whose name is the world Islamic movement. We do not recognize the State of Israel nor its right to control any of the land of Palestine. Palestine is holy Islamic land that belongs to Muslims the world over."

Translation: The war isn't over until there is no Israel! Zahar went on to express his conviction that the scenes we are seeing in Gaza right now will lift the morale of the Islamofascists and affect the battle for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sadly, I believe he is right. The thugs killing U.S. troops in Baghdad and Kabul have every reason to believe that terrorism works. It worked in Gaza. It may still prevail in Iraq. In the interconnected world we live in, the Gaza Jew without a home tonight is directly linked to the U.S. soldier riding patrol in Mosul. Both are now less safe because of the perception that terrorism pays.

Check out my editorial in today's Jerusalem Post by going to the American Values website at . Select the link under "Recent Op-eds."

Baghdad Bombings
The triple car bombs that exploded within minutes of each other in Baghdad yesterday provide us with yet another glimpse of the evil we are confronting. One of the car bombs targeted an open-air bus terminal. Police and bystanders rushed to gather up the wounded and get them to a hospital just a few hundred yards away - where another car bomber waited for them. He then exploded his device to kill those who had survived the first blast.

These are the same murderers who claim the protection of the Geneva Convention and various international treaties when they are apprehended. Yet, they routinely target civilians, hospitals and children. And why shouldn't they? The same groups that condemn the U.S. for a stray bomb are silent about the intentional murder of non-combatants every day.

These thugs will control Iraq if we leave. Indeed, they will likely control all of the Middle East and its oil that the economies of the U.S. and Europe depend on. But, public support for the war will wane unless the president does more to demonstrate that we intend to win.