Monday, May 30, 2005


Irish anti-Semites and anti-Israelites are planning to spread their lies about Israel using the pretext of the Israeli-Ireland football game in Dublin on June 4. Who are the people who are doing this? What are they up to in Ireland? Why do they gain support from even a small section of Irish?

The important thing to understand about the Irish Palestine Solidarity Group is that they are anti-Semitic houndogs who hide their anti-Semitism behind a neo-Left opposition to Israel. An additional and important thing to understand about them is that they have many tentacles which go right into the Irish ruling capitalist establishment in the South and which is rife as well inside Irish republicanism, of the ballot in one hand and the armalite in the other variety.

About their support in the Irish establishment: A certain Mary O’Rourke has made a call for the boycott of Israel from the floor of the Irish Seanad. She is its President and that is the Second Chamber in Ireland.

The other thing that needs to be understood about this type of organization is why they have any support at all in Ireland. After all they are pushing what is a whole collection of lies: on what is Zionism, on how the Israeli state was born, on how the Palestinian Refugee issue came about, on all the wars launched by Arab countries against Israel, on the Palestinian Arab connection with the German Nazis, on what happened at Camp David, on the Intifadas, on suicide bombing, on the defensive wall constructed against those murderous Jihadists and now they are promoting a lie thrrough their silence on the Bush Blair Sharon Gaza phenomenon.

On all of these issues distortion is too weak a description - these people are born-again liars. It is amazing that they get any support at all.

So why do they? Well it is not the first time in history that lies take hold and this applies in spades as far as anti-Semitism is concerned. It is inconceivable to me that any Irish football supporter would even stop to take a leaflet, never mind a Palestian terrorist flag, from any of these Solidarity scumbags outside the football ground in Dublin. Yet some Irish people probably will and you can bet that the Solidarity crowd will manage to get their anti-Semitic members inside and will unfurl their anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic flags in the crowd.

This anti-Israelism is not an exclusively Irish thing, it certainly can be found in every country in Europe, and especially in Britain. (see the accompanying articles on London on this site)

There must be a deep fund of anti-Semitism that these people are tapping into. It is above all the teaching of Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular down through the centuries that counts here. “Crucify Him, Crucify Him” are the two most pregnant words in the English language. It was this lie propagated by the gospel writers which has endured. Please remember this conditioning is now at the level of subconscous.

There is also the sympathy for the Arab terrorists which is found in Irish catholic republican circles. In certain Irish circles stick a towel around your head, carry an armalite and then you are set. Throw in a refugee lie and blame the Jews and you begin to see how it all comes together.

Having websites like the anti-Semitic Blanket spouting off regularly about how the Israelis are the new Nazis keeps the anti-Semitic pot boiling.

It is not only the weedy little Blanket which spouts strange theories of the world. In another article I drew attention to the Irish Times writer who claimed that the Twin Towers atrocity was a very successful recruitment move by the Islamists. And so on. See the articles 1 to 10 introducing my website

In this regard I don’t think one should forget those Israeli traitors who come across under sponsorship of the Palestine Solidarity and push their hatred for Israel. Note how these traitors use the leniency of the Israeli government to launch treasonous attacks. Arabs would be killed on the spot by Hamas and others if they attacked any Arab regime.

Then there is the influence of the EU in Ireland. Similarly with the UN - Ireland has always made a big deal about supporting the anti-Semitic UN. And finally there is just general hostility to Israel in Ireland and always has been. Ireland was the last European government to recognise Israel. De Valera sent a telegram of condolence on hearing of Hitler’s death and he also refused to allow into Ireland a single Jewish Refugee from the Holocaust.

So what are these anti-Semites masquerading under the name of being anti-Israelites up to in Ireland at the moment?

The Irish Palestine Solidarity has on their website this statement:
‘The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, supported by the Movement against Israeli Apartheid, has called on all groups, organisations and movements worldwide to support their call, issued on the occasion of the Ireland vs. Israel soccer matches, to "Show Israeli Apartheid the Red Card!" - to use the match on 4 June to complain about Israeli denial of human rights to Palestinians.’

Their activities are ceaseless. All the public are welcomed 29 May 2005 10.00am in Belfast 26 Mile Sponsored Walk for Palestine

In Limerick where there WAS a pogrom of Irish Jews we see the following activity:
31 May 2005 8.00 PM in Halla يde, Thomas Street, Limerick. Talk by Maireلd Corrigan, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and Justin Morahan, Peace Campaigner.
Mordechai Vanunu, Hero of World Peace, plus screening of recently recorderd exclusive interview by Seلn O'Carroll and Marيa Ecsribano with Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, who spent 18 years in prison.

But if you are feeling nauseous don’t read this:
1 Jun 2005 7.00 PM in Halla يde, Thomas Street, Limerick. Caoimhe Butterly Talk and screening of her new documentary Visit Palestine and The Apartheid Wall in Palestine
Caoimhe Butterly is one of a growing number of volunteers who risk their own safety to intervene in the long-running and bloody conflict between Israel and Palestine. Several internationals, including her, have now been injured. Some have died. She describes witnessing the aftermath of the attack on Jenin in April 2002. We follow her work, the main emphasis being the accompaniment of communities at risk. Despite being threatened, shot in the leg and deported, she is determined to go back. She brings her story back to her native Ireland at public meetings, receives a Time Magazine 'European Hero Award', and travels to post-war Iraq to visit Palestinian refugee camps. She arrives back in Jenin, shortly before a young woman from that community, Hanadi Jaradat, blows herself up in a suicide bombing in Haifa. Activists such as Butterly are often stereotyped as lunatics, meddlers or saints. The film offers an insight into a brave, honest, determined yet self critical woman who takes direct action to the limit, with no quest for glory. She also serves as a conduit into the everyday lives of Palestinians. The film gives us a rare chance to see what she calls 'the spaces of beauty and joy' created by a people under occupation. Following the screening Caoimhe will give a short talk and answer questions from the audience. The film originally planned for this evening about the Apartheid Wall snaking through the West Bank, encircling Palestinian villages may be postponed to a later date.

But even that is surpassed by this:
‘3 Jun 2005 6:30 PM in To be confirmed later The Alternative World Cup Qualifier Football Match - Ireland v Palestine
A selection of Irish soccer players, the cream of Limerick's sporting elite, will engage a crack Palestinian selection for the glory of the much coveted, Treaty Trophy. This will be followed by a Palestinian Food and Music Extravaganza by the river at the Locke Bar, from 8:30pm `til late, all for free.

However, the really sickening part happens at the football under the Dublin Branch:
4 Jun 2005 in End the Occupation -- demonstration and march, starting 3 PM outside Central Bank on Dame Street
On 4 June, the same day as the Ireland-Israel football match in Dublin, there will be a demonstration and march in Dublin. The demonstration starts at 3;00 PM outside the Central Bank on Dame Street.


I will take one full report on the Rose Garden Meeting to see what is the state of play. Read this. I will add comments in italics. The report was written by Jennifer Loven, AP writer and was carried on (Felix Quigley)

WASHINGTON -- President Bush embraced Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday as a courageous democratic reformer and bolstered his standing at home with $50 million in assistance to improve the quality of life in Gaza.
(No mention of holocaust denier doctorate)

Abbas, the first top Palestinian leader to visit the White House during Bush's presidency, said Palestinians were "in dire need to have freedom" from Israeli control and that the need for U.S. help was urgent. He spoke just weeks before scheduled parliamentary elections in which his supporters are vying against the militant group Hamas.
(Freedom from Israel’s control, what a lie this is, and note no word of Kurds, no word of Armenians, no word of Darfur, no word of freedom from Morocco in Sahara, no word of Israeli’s freedom, and just how many Jews do have their homes in Jordan?)

"Time is becoming our greatest enemy," Abbas said toward the end of a three-day visit during which he projected himself as the peaceful successor to Yasser Arafat and depicted the Palestinians as long suffering at the hands of Israel. Arafat, who died last November, was never invited to the White House by Bush.
Laying claim to all the land the Arabs lost to Israel in the 1967 Mideast war, including east Jerusalem, Abbas said, "It is time for our people, after many decades of suffering and dispossessions, to enjoy living in freedom on their own land."
(Too many lies here to handle! Their own land, really, since when. This so-called own land was owned in the sense that it was captured by Mohammed’s hordes at the point of a sword and if you were Jew, Christian or animist (like the Celts) then tough)

The boundaries of a future Palestinian state should be those that existed before the 1967 war, he said, meaning before Israel captured east Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.
(Abbas going for Israel’s jugular. The lines before 1967 were the Armistice Lines of 1949. Why was there an Armistice in 49? Because, silly, there was a war. Why was there a war? Ah, that IS the question, because 6 Arab armies attacked the newly set up state of Israel. One day later! But 1967 - surely that was Israeli expansion? Well it was in any case a war and it was sparked by the Nasser inspired Arab attack again on Israel)

At a joint news conference in the sunlit Rose Garden, Bush lent a measure of support to the Palestinians' territorial demands. He said Israel needed Palestinian consent to retain land the Arabs lost 38 years ago.
(No, Bush, never Palestinian land. No Palestinians in 1947. Moreover they rejected the UN 1947 Resolution of the United Nations and went to war)

Any changes Israel made in expanding its boundaries since the end of the 1948 war for independence "must be mutually agreed to," Bush said. And he said Israel must remove illegal makeshift outposts from the West Bank and stop expanding Jewish settlements.
(All right Bush. Remove YOUR settlement from Texas and before you stick up that prefab you were planning in Crawford make sure you call in Kofi and the Mexicans to get THEIR consent)

Notably, the president did not repeat the support he voiced last year during a visit by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for Israel retaining large settlements on the West Bank near Jerusalem
(In other words Bush lies).

Later, a senior administration official who refused to be identified said Bush stood by past statements supporting Israel's claims to the settlements. And while Abbas called for prompt negotiations with Israel on an overall peace accord, the official said the administration believes the parties were not ready and could risk a breakdown if they moved too quickly.
Despite the display of comity, Bush and Abbas differed on the barrier Israel is constructing to screen out terrorists.
Abbas said, "There is no justification for the wall and it is illegitimate."
Bush said the barrier was part of an Israeli security effort and it "must be a security rather than a political barrier."
(Bush talks out of both sides of his mouth...again)

Israeli officials attribute a sharp decline in terror attacks to the barrier.
Overall, the atmosphere at the White House was warm and in sharp contrast to the Bush administration's appraisal of Arafat as corrupt and a supporter of attacks on Israel.
Asked whether Abbas had moved aggressively to dismantle terror groups in Palestinian-held areas, Bush said he knew he leader was committed to democracy and was elected on a peace platform.
"You cannot have a democracy based upon rule of law if you have armed bands of people who will use their weapons to try to achieve a political outcome," Bush said.
Still, he did not directly call on Abbas to dismantle Palestinian terror groups,
(Why not, it’s the first thing on his Road Map? Note that these Americans speak not from both corners of their mouth but from many corners of many mouths, what liars they are. And Israel looks on that crowd as a friend and ally!)

Bush said he would send Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to the Middle East to talk to Israeli and Palestinian leaders before the planned Israeli withdrawal from Gaza this summer. State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said she probably would go in mid-June.
In a show of support, Bush said he would provide $50 million to the Palestinian Authority, which Abbas heads. The money is to be used for new housing in Gaza, which Sharon plans to evacuate this summer.
To get around Arafat, all but $20 million in U.S. aid for the Palestinians over the past decade has been channeled to third parties, not the Palestinian Authority.
"These funds will be used to improve the quality of life of the Palestinians living in Gaza," the president said.
Boucher said the $50 million would come out of $200 million in U.S. aid already approved by Congress for the current year.
Rep. Nita M. Lowey, D-N.Y., a senior member of the House Appropriations committee, said Abbas was engaged in a struggle with Hamas for the hearts and minds of the Palestinian people and needed "to bring real results to his people."
(Lowey, who are YOU and why are YOU sticking your big nose into the Middle East. I always thought bribery was a sin!)

Hanan Ashrawi, a Palestinian legislator, said in Ramallah the $50 million was a "modest beginning" and she was "sure the United States is capable of giving greater support not only to Gaza but also for the West Bank."
(Not backward at coming forward, is she, even after all those reports into PA corruption, and where is Arafat’s wife living now anyway and on what?)


Minister’s prevarication on Hamas is a breach of Canada’s anti-terrorism policy, says B’nai Brith Canada

Minister’s prevarication on Hamas is a breach of Canada’s anti-terrorism policy, says B’nai Brith CanadaToronto, May 27, 2005 – B’nai Brith Canada characterized Foreign Affairs Minister Pierre Pettigrew’s “wait and see” attitude on Hamas as a “breach of Canada’s anti-terrorism policy”

.“Canada appears to have done an about face by retreating to its earlier approach of distinguishing between the so-called political and military arms of terrorist organizations,” said Frank Dimant, B’nai Brith Canada’s Executive Vice-President. “It is pure fiction to believe that such a dichotomy exists.“

Canada rightly banned Hamas as a terrorist organization. It should not be resurrected now as a legitimate stakeholder in upcoming Palestinian elections. The Government’s prevarication on this issue sends the dangerous message that the terrorist group has embarked on a process of reforming itself.

To the contrary, Hamas continues to build its terrorist networks and weapons infrastructure, and remains a lethal threat to the peoples of the Middle East and to all those that oppose terrorism.“Peace in the Middle East can only be achieved through an uncompromising rejection of terrorism. Canada, as an honest broker to this process, must therefore remain firm in combating terrorism and strictly adhering to its policy of outlawing Hamas in its entirety.”

B’nai Brith has been active in Canada since 1875 as the Jewish community’s foremost human rights organization.

Note by editor: Note the longevity of B’nai Brith. This report is very important because it shows the next step of these anti-Semites. It chimes in with all the moves being made by the EU, and the US is capable of talking out of both sides of its mouth on every issue. Bush and the Americans are already working with Hamas. (Felix Quigley)


This piece was carried on Jerusalem Post. I saw it on Israpundit. I add some comments at the end – Felix Quigley

The Holocaust denier/ terrorist meets the Judenrat
JPost, a most distressing piece of news:
Abbas, Jewish officials meet

At a meeting Thursday with US Jewish officials just before his White House visit, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas stressed his successes stemming terrorist violence, pledged that the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza would not take place under fire, and said that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had rejected efforts to open back-channel communications about final-status issues.

The Palestinian leader met with the Jews at his Washington hotel on Thursday morning in a meeting organized by American Jewish billionaire S. Daniel Abraham, founder of the Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation...

At the meeting with Jewish officials, "It certainly was good to hear Abu Mazen reaffirm his support for nonviolence and say negotiations are the only way for the Palestinians to achieve their objectives," said the assistant executive director of Americans for Peace, Lewis Roth, using Abbas's nom de guerre. As for Abbas's plans to keep Hamas quiet after Israel's pullout, Lewis said, "He gave some good assurances but didn't go into a lot of detail."
The hour-long meeting with the Jews included representatives from groups both left and right of center, and it was more of an opportunity for Abbas to make a gesture toward the Jews than to have a real exchange of ideas, according to some of those who attended the meeting.
Like Joseph Alexander Norland of Israpundit I find this piece most disturbing.

(The JP article does not tell us exactly who these Jews and Jewish groups who met with Abbas in HIS hotel were, just that they were from ‘right and left of centre’. This is a pity, really, because these leaders and groups should be held up in shame, both now and especially in the future (as the consequences of this sellout over Gaza becomes clear to all)
Note that this petty criminal Abbas, who paid the killers of the Olympic massacre so long ago, did not even have to leave his hotel. They trooped around to his hotel on a visit to him. What a sellout! What a betrayal!”

Abraham, who organised the meeting with Abbas, is a big financial supporter of the Democratic Party and the organisation is very much connected with the Peace Movement. These organisations may be well meaning but they are used by the fascists to destroy Israel.)


A London hysteria
By Amnon Rubinstein, The Jerusalem Post

"Zionism, not the occupation, is the enemy"
The British Association of University Teachers (AUT) is scheduled to hold a special session today to reconsider its Pessah decision to boycott Haifa and Bar-Ilan universities.
Whatever decision AUT takes, the issue is a larger one.

The week the academic boycott was declared, London's famous Barbican arts center hosted a Palestinian Film Festival which featured Road 181, directed by an Israeli, Eyal Sivan, and a Palestinian, Michel Khleifi. The film compares Israel to Nazi Germany. It ignores the fact that the UN Partition Plan incorporated in United Nations Resolution 181 – which inspired the title of the film – was rejected by the Arab world's invasion of Palestine in order to crush the fledgling Jewish state.

At the Royal Court Theatre, My name is Rachel Corrie plays to full houses and rave reviews. The play tells the story of the International Solidarity Movement activist who was accidentally killed by an IDF bulldozer in the Gaza Strip.

Time Out's reviewer says Corrie was "riveted by the horrors she witnessed" against the Palestinians. No mention, of course, is made of the horrors suffered by Israelis. As Tom Gross wrote in these pages, several British reviewers compared Corrie with Anne Frank and Primo Levi.

Recently, the National Theatre put on David Hare's hare-brained Stuff Happens in which legendary Hebrew poet Chaim Nachman Bialik, who died in 1934, is given dialogue which has him claim that only a murderous Israel would be normal.

And Luciana Berger, a Jewish activist in the National Union of Students, also writing in these pages, explained why she resigned from being its coordinator against racism because of the union's indifference towards anti-Semitism.

In British bookstores, one finds it hard to find a pro-Israel work – with the exception of Alan Dershowitz's The Case for Israel. The shelves are laden with books written by Israeli and other academics vilifying the Jewish state.

THAT IS not to say that Britain is anti-Semitic or even anti-Israel. British Jews are to be found at the very top of society and there is a commitment to Israel's existence in a substantial part of the media. Though a public debate, initiated by the Evening Standard on the thesis that "Zionism is the worst enemy of the Jewish People" shows what we are up against.Yet it is in the cultural-arts arena and among the fashionable Left that Israel is most made a perpetual object of hysterical hatred.

A Martian landing in today's London would assume that the earth is a haven of peace and human understanding – except for a country called Israel, which clings to a fascist-Nazi philosophy, infringes on human rights and endangers world peace.

In this make-believe world, only Palestinians are victims. Even British casualties of Islamic terror are ignored. Last year, Muslims in Saudi Arabia murdered Simon Cumbers and badly wounded Frank Gardner who was left to bleed ignored by passersby.

One cannot imagine a London play telling their story or depicting a wheelchaired Gardner's brave fight to remain alive.

How does one explain this hysteria from the so-called Left?

There is no doubt that it is fanned by the harsh realities of the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories. But how does one explain its exacerbation when there is a growing Israeli consensus for a substantial withdrawal from these territories, when disengagement from Gaza is imminent and the establishment of a viable Palestinian state is accepted by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon?
The answer lies in the fact that we are dealing not merely with opposition to the occupation of areas Israel captured in the 1967 Six Day War, but with a rejection of the basic tenet of Zionism – the right of the Jewish people to a national homeland and self-determination.
In that debate organized by the Evening Standard Zionism – not occupation – was seen as the enemy.

Haaretz's Amira Hass came especially to defend this thesis. Her opponent was Shlomo Ben-Ami, the former Labor minister. But Hass won the debate.

A recent book, The Question of Zion by Jacqueline Rose, a British Jewish academic, describes Zionism as "collective insanity" and the creation of Israel as an aggressive offense against international law and morality.

The book, which is dedicated to Edward Said, of stone-throwing fame, attacks not Gush Emunim but Herzl, Weizmann, A.D. Gordon, Moses Hess and other founders of Zionism. Its hatred is matched only by its ignorance of everything Israeli.

Even our making the desert bloom is seen as an act of Zionist aggression. And such unmitigated rubbish is published by prestige publishers such as Princeton and Oxford, endorsed by Ilan Pappe and Amos Elon.

Indeed, without the support of Israelis, such hysteria on the "Left" would not have acquired the force it has. This, and the weakness of the small Jewish community in Britain, explains why, despite legends to the contrary, Paris is less hostile to Israel than London.

There is no boycott by French lecturers and Eyal Sivan's film was banned by the Centre Pompidou at the urging of Jewish bodies. Unbelievably, Jerusalem's Bezalel School of the Arts screened the film, invited its director as a guest speaker, and thus sabotaged French Jewish efforts to stymie such anti-Semitism.


Welcome to 'Londonistan'
By Melanie Phillips, Israel Insider

So now the pretence is stripped away. In London on Saturday, an unappetizing collection of leftists and Islamists -- including 'Gorgeous' George Galloway, the Mosley of Mesopotamia whose career has been given such a welcome fillip by the US Senate -- called for the destruction of Israel.

As The Jerusalem Post reported, there was no more pretence that the issue is the 'occupation' of the territories, or the security barrier, or the 'oppression' of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. They just want Israel utterly destroyed.

So Andrew Birgin of the Stop the War Coalition called for 'no more Israel' which was inflicting worse repression on the Palestinians than the South Africans under apartheid. Can people really be so stupid and ignorant, about both Israel and South Africa, as to believe this? (Yes they can).

The Palestinian representative to the UK, Husam Zomlot, said: "The right of return is non-negotiable! Apartheid no more!". We look forward to this principled opponent of apartheid denouncing the ethnic cleansing of the Jews from Palestine, advocated by the Palestine National Covenant.

Galloway declared:"It's about time that the British government made some reparations for the Balfour declaration," thus pointing his verbal knife straight at Israel's jugular, while Tony Benn called George Bush and Ariel Sharon the "two most dangerous men in the world" and said "if this process continues, there will be possibly some sort of a world war" -- which considering that we in the west are currently defending ourselves from a world war being waged by a series of genocidal fanatics backed by genocidal tyrants, leaves one not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

And to complete this galere of enemies of civilisation and useful idiots, were those pillars of truth, justice and academic integrity, Sue Blackwell of AUT boycott infamy and Paul Mackney, the general secretary of NATFHE, which is about to swallow the AUT so that the entire cohort of unionised higher scholarship can feel warm inside to be represented by someone who voices sentiments like these: "Palestinian refugee camps are like open air prisons. The Israeli army frequently invades them. There will be no peace in the Middle East until there is justice for the Palestinian people."

What an advertisement for this once great country. Londonistan, capital of hatred, ignorance and prejudice in the free world.

Comment by Felix Quigley.. I am paying a lot of attention to the writings of Melanie Phillips. As in this article she is plotting carefully the growing anti-Semitism in Britain. In many ways there is a close interconnection between Ireland and Britain in this. I intend to follow it.


Different people see this Rose Garden meeting in different ways. In my experience of life it is sometimes the tiny flourishes which tell the most.

Read this report
(By Nicholas M. Horrock and Kathy Gambrell
UPI White House Correspondents
Published 7/25/2003 6:24 PM)

The following is a small extract from the report.

‘The meeting on an almost perfect July day seemed to show growing warmth between the two leaders. Abbas told reporters that his visit with Bush was "fruitful" and they had discussed key problems Palestinians face.

Prior to entering the Rose Garden, Bush sat in the Oval Office with Abbas and Vice President Dick Cheney. As time neared for them to face the media, Bush and Abbas stood near the president's desk, with Bush smiling and appearing to talk passionately to Palestinian prime minister, at one point placing his hand on Abbas' shoulder -- something he does with foreign leaders with whom he's becoming friends.

Bush said the United States and the Palestinian Authority will establish a Joint Palestinian Economic Development Group, which will form plans for financial and business investment in Palestinian areas. The president said he has asked Treasury Secretary John Snow and Commerce Secretary Don Evans to travel to the Middle East and "report back to me on the steps we need to take to build a solid economic foundation for a sovereign Palestinian state."

Ah, that old hand on that old shoulder trick.

Yes this Bush really is a trickster, a liar, a very shallow character. Would you buy a used car from him? I wouldn’t!

But what this all means is that the US knows that it is in serious trouble with the Islamists in Iraq and Iran. No matter what they do those damned Jihadists keep sending the Americans back in body bags

Bush is really a kind of witch doctor.

He thinks, thinks, one way out is to offer up some kind of sacrifice to these demons and that is where the Jews and Israel come in. In this regard,lucky for him that according to Manny Winstone the Jews are led by a man who shows signs of being effected (really) by senile dementia who in meetings has to be prodded by an aide to keep him from dropping off. And Bush and Rice are acquainted with these medical details. The Americans do have an organization which does keep informed about such matters.

Hence the Palestinian Arab Holocaust Denier finds he is being pawed by one of the US Bush family.

More to that than meets the eye if you know anything of the history of Bush senior and his inlaws.



Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East analyst & commentator

Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, an inveterate liar (even surpassing Shimon Peres) tells AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) members and Congress members at his keynote speech in Washington D.C. on May 24, 2005 that "population centers in Judea and Samaria will remain an integral part of Israel and be contiguous to the State of Israel in any final status agreement." (1)

Reports said that he was cheered by the audience. (As a former member of the National Executive Board of AIPAC, I feel that it is proper to receive a Head of State with respect, but not to cheer statements from him known to be false. AIPAC was established to protect the Jewish State and the Jewish people and NOT to accept steps taken to dismember her.)

Regrettably, this gathering of 5,000 enthusiastic (but uninformed) Jews cheered what they did not and could not understand.

Deputy PM Ehud Olmert has already stated - quite clearly at the behest of Sharon, that YESHA (Yehuda, Shomron and Gaza) would indeed be evacuated - just as is planned to be done starting August 15th with the 9,000 men, women and children living and working in Gush Katif and the four Northern Samaria settlements.
Moreover, that statement is directly wired to President Bush’s position which was clearly stated by Sec. Of State Condoleezza Rice. The 1967 Armistice Lines are to be the first or rather the next lines of demarcation - after the Gaza/Samaria withdrawal. Reports said that he was cheered by the audience, who should have known better.

Sharon acted as the corrupt buffoon he is by simultaneously telling the AIPAC crowd that there would be NO Palestinian State - as long as there is no security for Israel. While at the same time, saying that "Disengagement" would continue regardless of Arab Muslim Palestinian Terror attacks on Jewish civilians.(1)
Worse yet, despite the catastrophic results from prior prisoner releases, to appease both Bush and elevate Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen), head of the Palestinian Authority, Sharon announces to AIPAC that, in addition to the 500 convicts he has already released, he plans to release another 400 convicted and jailed Arab Muslim Palestinian Terrorists immediately upon his return to Israel in order (1) to comply with the Bush mandate.

Keep in mind that Israel has intelligence generated statistics that more that 50% of the released Terrorists resume their Terror attacks immediately upon release. Nothing they sign to the contrary has any enforcement teeth.

Sharon admits that weapons smuggling (through Egypt - with their assistance) and manufacturing of Kassam Rockets and bomb belts continues - which has been projected into an ‘Intifada’ 3 after Sharon’s retreat from Gaza and Northern Samaria.

Sharon has again been prodded by Bush to further elevate Abbas, despite the incontrovertible fact that Abbas has done nothing, neither to disarm Terrorists nor to dismantle their organizations. Instead, he continues to support them or he loses his ‘democratic’ basis for his power. Abbas has extended the time for his June elections, knowing that Hamas will win and the false front of contrived democracy will fall, thus showing its full Terrorist face.

Sharon shows every sign of advanced dementia, even to the point of having a staff person at his side whose job it is to nudge him awake during meetings of his Cabinet where he frequently dozes off. Sharon is a clear and present danger to the Jewish nation and he must be deposed.

Sharon is already building that Wall of Separation, denying with some frequency that this is to be what he thinks of as Israel’s permanent borders.

Bush, however, seems to have further thoughts which include the gerrymandered line established in November 1947 by the United Nations (see link below for 1947 UN Partition Plan) (2)
After all, this is what George Herbert Walker Bush, the first Bush President, promised to the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah.

Sharon, except for his military talent, has always been a country bumpkin when it came to understanding the political imperatives of Europe and America. He really believes the off-the-record promises which were made by an American President who has other agendas which do NOT include the longevity and sovereignty of a Jewish State hated by America’s Muslim oil suppliers.

Bush says he is acting America’s national interests while he is betraying a staunch ally. But, Israel has provided America with more strategic and political assistance than any other country declared an American ally A strong Israel is in America's best national interests.

Regrettably, Sharon is NOT doing the same, in terms of serving Israel’s national interests. Therefore, this tangled web of lies grows more complex.

Bush implies a certain support to Sharon for Israel - which Sharon believes to be solid.

Sharon tells his people (including the Jews at AIPAC) some convoluted version of the Bush implied promise.
Bush starts to change his mind and policies based upon failures in Iraq, the growing nuclear threat from Iran and his desire to win favor with the Arab Muslim Governments and Monarchies who sit on the oil.
Sharon starts to see the change in American commitments and expands his lies to the Israeli people in order to hold onto his Government. Sharon tries to win further support from Bush through a "Disengagement Plan" which, in itself is beginning to fail as the people see that this grand gesture has elevated Terror and threats to unleash an ‘Intifada’ 3.

Not only has Sharon’s gesture to Bush and the Arab Muslim Palestinians failed but, he has ignited what may become a major Civil War of Jew against Jew in Israel and around the world.

Bush increased the pressure because of the so-called ‘Insurgents’ (Mujahadeen), foreign fighters pouring into Iraq who are killing more Americans and even more Iraqi civilians. Bush needs a showy sacrifice to give momentum to his PR campaign to "win the hearts and minds" of the Muslim world. Since this is impossible, given that Muslim Arabs have started their march toward fulfilling what they believe to be their destiny as preached by their imams - that of making the entire planet Earth a great Caliphate, subservient to Islam’s strict ‘Sha’ariah’ laws. All efforts to appease them will fail, to include shrinking Israel on her way to oblivion.
That truth in the words coming from their own mosques and media, does not stop Bush from making the effort - because a great deal of crude oil comes from Arab and Muslim countries.

So, Bush shoves Sharon and Sharon makes suicidal gestures - which place Israel on the altar as the selected sacrifice.

It’s even more complicated than that, but this brief explanation will suffice to demonstrate what and/or who they were cheering for at the AIPAC Annual Policy Conference when Sharon breaks wind with his statements of "protecting Judea and Samaria".

The best thing that can happen for Israel right now is for Sharon to remove himself from office and to break his chain of dangerous promises, few to none of which will be kept. Sharon is a weak link, enslaved to promises he cannot keep - except those which will weaken Israel.

Sharon must be removed from the office of Prime Minister by all legal means possible before he causes Israel to fall.

Posted by Ted Belman at May 25, 2005 07:46 PM
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1. BobW said:
Soon, AIPAC will join Yiddish theater in the Jewish history books.
Manny Winston is so accurate ! The 1967 armistice lines are only a first step.
I'm expecting 2 "bombshell" press releases; Israel is moving its capital to TLV and the US announcement of discontinuing Israel economic aid.
AIPAC has changed complexion and is now part of the problem.
Kol tuv,BobW
Posted by: BobW on May 26, 2005 06:08 AM

(Comment by Felix Quigley)

I consider this article by Emanuel A. Winstone to be one of the most important I have ever read. Sometimes it is the simple things in politics that teach more about what is happening. And here Manny Winstone describes one of the most bizarre things of all and I believe him; The idea of Sharon being prodded by an aide at meetings to keep him awake is just too much! The idea that he is suffering from senile dementia is a knock-out!

Is it possible, is it feasible? And I answer, of course it is. Where have you been living for the past 15 years, on another planet?

Not all Jewish people will see this, but then not many Jews have followed the events which took place in Yugoslavia through the 90s. Those of us who did follow those events will know that in this epoch nothing should surprise us. The idea that sitting on Bush and Rice’s table are CIA reports detailing the senile dementia of Sharon to me is very real. You think not? Then take it up with Emanuel B. Winstone!

I draw back once more to the Racak massacre in Yugoslavia, portrayed to the world as a horrible Serb massacre, actually proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to be an elaborate hoax to enable America to start bombing Yugoslavia.

I will not detail this because the material is on the web. (There is much material on Emperors New Clothes site and it has a search facility as well.

Suffice to say here that part of the CIA/KLA planning involved collected bodies of Albanian terrorist fighters killed in a gun battle, transporting these bodies to a gorge, arranging them ‘artistically’ which involved slitting their throats etc, then their discovery next morning, all the detailing of the world media, then the action switching to the US Presidential announcement of War etc etc. Consider that all of that had to be choreographed and then please do not accuse us ever again of being ‘conspiracy nuts’.

A civilisation that is capable of doing all that is surely capable of bamboozling a silly old man like Sharon and also knowing exactly what stage his senile dementia has reached.

The purpose. Ah, the purpose. That is where the Jewish organisations begin to come unstuck. They see only the destruction of Israel. And indeed it is so but it is only part of it.

I see not just the eventual destruction of Israel but even more the conscous promotion of anti-Semitism as a method of rule in the world today. Please look at the articles I have posted on London and British anti-Semitism adjacent to this article.

But at least let us get to know that part and so Winstone’s article above is so valuable. I am grateful to him for having the courage to write it, in such contrast to those American Jews who met Abbas in that Washington hotel.


This visit which Abbas made to Washington had long been talked about and anticipated. Thus it seems to me that what emerged was a calculated provocation by the American side towards the Israelis:

The Americans are basically saying to Jews, we do not need you any more. We need the following

1. We need Britain and the EU. We need to mend fences after Iraq. We need to repay Blair over Iraq. We need to satisfy the bloodlust of the British anti-Semitic establishment hounds. See other articles on Britain and on the Anglicans adjacent to this one on this site.

2. We need you Islamists and we need you Arabs, Bush and Rice are telling the world. Bush and Rice are saying WE WILL SACRIFICE ONCE MORE the jews. There is a replay going on here and the replay is of the 1930s and in place of the nazis we really have the US, the EU and the Islamists.

3. The US is saying to Israel, we certainly do not need you, never did, and we will rule that gigantic part of the world along with the Islamists. They say “hit Israel with all you have, only the deal is, leave us in Europe and in the US alone”. Jews are the scapegoat of the world.

That is what the rose garden was all about…or at least that is how it seems to me. I reprint the following excerpts from Israpundit (Felix Quigley)


Following are excerpts from Bush's Rose Garden speech, 2005_05_26. The first excerpt concerns the demands made on Israel - essentially, an order to commit suicide. Next are the paragraphs that spell out the demands made on Arafat II.

1. Bush's demands on Israel

Israel must continue to take steps toward a peaceful future, and work with the Palestinian leadership to improve the daily lives of Palestinians, especially their humanitarian situation. Israel should not undertake any activity that contravenes road map obligations or prejudice final status negotiations with regard to Gaza, the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Therefore, Israel must remove unauthorized outposts and stop settlement expansion. The barrier being erected by Israel as a part of its security effort must be a security, rather than political, barrier. And its route should take into account, consistent with security needs, its impact on Palestinians not engaged in terrorist activities. As we make progress toward security, and in accordance with the road map, Israeli forces should withdraw to their positions on September the 28th, 2000.

Any final status agreement must be reached between the two parties, and changes to the 1949 Armistice lines must be mutually agreed to. A viable two-state solution must ensure contiguity of the West Bank, and a state of scattered territories will not work. There must also be meaningful linkages between the West Bank and Gaza.

This is the position of the United States today, it will be the position of the United States at the time of final status negotiations.

2. Bush's demands on Arafat II
There is a good reason why no quotation follows this heading: Bush made no such demands. No demand to bring to justice the murderers of the two US officials [Oct 15, 2003], no demands to dismantle the terrorist infrastructure. In fact the only implicit demand is that Arafat II accept a $50 million cheque.
Shame on Bush, shame.

Reference: The quoted paragraphs are taken from the official White House site.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


A series of articles is presently underway at . The author is MK Prof. Arieh Eldad. They are so interesting, so relevant to the moment that I hope (if I can get the permission of the author) to publish them in full here in Ireland in the future. But today I will dip in to the latest article by Professor Eldad to highlight a few issues

Every site, every writer tends to have one or two ideas that they can call their own. And that is if they are lucky! Except that they never really are entirely their own.

With the launching of to try to gain badly needed background information I bought Paul Johnson’s History of the Jews. It is a wonderful book, with certain political weaknesses due to Paul’s own politics.

However, no matter what anybody says, British historians are the masters of the empirical. The empirical is important. On the other hand, in contrast, if you want real historical falsity visit the Israeli New Historians, Tom Segev’s “One Palestine Complete” is a case in point.

Anyway, with my background in the Left, I was drawn to certain parts of Johnson’s story.

One of these was the type of political leadership which held power in the early Israeli state, and the treacherous campaign which they had conducted AGAINST the leaders of the Revisionist Movement, against leaders like Ze’ev Jabotinsky, Menachem Begin and Avraham Stern. In the Atalena Affair who was that commander on the shore who was conducting the bombing of the ship and who would not negotiate with Begin? Was it Yitzhak Rabin? Rabin or no the question for me was: Who were these people? What was their political lineage?

In many ways Johnson’s empirical research held the key or at least the beginnings of an understanding. So I wrote, quoting him in a key paragraph towards the end of this extract:

‘Most hostility by Luxemburg was directed against the idea that the Jews had a special culture. But we have seen that they had, and it was this culture, centred on Judaism and the Return to Zion, that held the Jews together as a nation.

Luxemburg passed (more accurate to say shared) on this hostility to Lenin, then Trotsky, and this hostility to national conscousness gave the Bolsheviks their rigidity on the issue of nationalism.

Lenin wrote in 1903:
‘The idea of a Jewish nationality runs counter to the interests of the Jewish proletariat, for it fosters among them, directly or indirectly, a spirit hostile to assimilation, the spirit of the “ghetto” ’

The key word in the above is probably ‘assimilation’. It shows that Lenin had not taken on board the essential experiences of the Jewish masses, such as the Dreyfus case, as had Herzl.
This is important. It is possible to miss living reality because of dogma.

I feel that the summary of Johnson is probably the last word on this issue, probably the issue with the most far-reaching consequences of all:

‘Hence the whole philosophy of the proletarian revolution was based on the assumption that the Jew, as such, did not exist except as a fantasy promoted by a distorted socio-economic system. Destroy that system and the caricature Jew of history would vanish, like an ugly nightmare, and the Jew would become an ex-Jew, an ordinary man. It is hard now for us to get back into the minds of highly intelligent, well-educated Jews who believed this theory. But many thousands of them did. They hated their Jewishness, and to fight for the revolution was the most morally acceptable means to escape from it. It gave to their revolutionary struggle a peculiar emotional vehemence, because they believed its success would involve a personal liberation from their Jewish burden, as well as a general liberation of humanity from autocracy’. (History of the Jews, Paul Johnson page450)

Johnson goes on to examine how this type of self-hating Jew became very prominent leaders in every revolutionary party in almost every European country and how this would be used by the right wing to foster anti-Semitism (It was also to be at the very centre of Mein Kamph)

(From Rosa Luxemburg to our Contemporary Neo-Left

It is interesting to me that Professor Eldad has come to the consideration of the same problem from HIS background.

We are all striving for an answer to the topical problem which is: How can in August 2005 one section of Jews drag another section of Jews from their homes, ethnically cleanse the area and hand this area over to fascist Hamas?

With my understanding that that Jewish early leadership was really a continuation of that self-hating earlier socialist leadership of Luxemburg the present actions of the Sharon tendency has come as no surprise at all. (By the way Paul Johnson definitely does NOT draw such a conclusion)

It is not just that they are pawns in the hands of the US and EU anti-Semites, it is that they are willing pawns – a big difference.

The great strength of Professor Arieh Eldad’s articles is that they are focussing also on the thinking of that early Zioniost leadership and especially in that they saw themselves as ‘occupiers’, which was really a continuation of the Jewish self-hating which Johnson had described so well and which I found so rivetting.

I will return to Eldad’s articles in future, for the moment allow me to quote a few paragraphs:

‘In the wake of the Feast of Lights, Hanukkah, and mindful of the confusion and the darkness that appear to have descended upon so many of us, we would do well to take a good look at the words of Simon – the last of the Hasmonean Princes to rule Israel during the Second Temple era. In the Book of the Maccabees, Simon is quoted as saying: “It is not a foreign land that we have taken, nor have we set our rule over the property of strangers. This is the inheritance of our Forefathers, which at one time was illicitly conquered, and we, when the opportunity arose, recovered the inheritance of our Fathers.”

No doubt the Arabs’ greatest victory in recent generations has been the adoption of the concept of “occupation.” If it were only at the UN General Assembly that the automatic majority was mobilized in support of this lie; if it gained currency only among the open and the latent antisemites in Europe, or only on the college campuses of North America – that would not be so bad. We are accustomed to holding our own, and fighting back, against the greatest of odds. But from the moment that many among our own people have begun to repeat the occupation mantra – and refuse to listen to the Arabs, who regard us as occupiers throughout the Land of Israel – from that moment on, we really and truly face an existential danger. And from the moment that Ariel Sharon made use of that term to define our situation, he forfeited the right to be considered a Zionist leader in Israel.’

This is terribly important for us in Ireland. The enemies of Israel have made the Jews in the Middle East out to be ‘occupiers’, playing of course quite conscously (McIntyre) on the Irish experience with Britain. That is compounded by a lying history on the issue of the Palestinian Arab refugees, which was entirely self-created in that they attacked newly-born Israel with 6 Arab armies and told the Arabs to get out while they mopped up the Jews.

Professor Eldad finished with a comparision of the present to another pregnant moment in Jewish history.

Of the situation facing Simon who was the last of the Hasmonean brothers to rule Israel he wrote:

‘When, 2,147 years ago, Jonathan the Maccabee was captured and executed by the Greek commander Tryphon, Jonathan’s brother, Simon, became the last of the Hasmonean brothers to rule Israel. Like his brothers before him, Simon faced a formidable array of enemies, from the Syrian Greeks, and the large Greek minority that had settled in Israel, to the pro-Greeks among Israel’s Jewish population – the Hellenists. Fighting for Israel’s freedom and independence, and maneuvering among all those arrayed against him, Simon was crystal-clear in formulating the nature of this war over his people’s patrimony.

Our situation today is very similar to that one. What is missing is a leader who has not forgotten this simple truth.’ (End of quote from Professor Eldad)

I will finish by asserting that Israel is now being hung, drawn and quartered. Pushed back to indefensible lines, being attacked by Bush and Blair, the US and the EU, having the terrorism and anti-Semitism of Hamas rewarded!

Soon those Hamas fascist killers of Jews will be stepping into those Jewish homes in Gaza.

But there is a positive, a very big positive indeed. If we construct a leadership which can for the first time understand this Israeli Sharon tendency which is doing the dirty work of those outside anti-Semites from within then that is a reward which is richer than all the riches in the world.

More on Professor Eldad’s work later.


Saturday May 28, 2005

As I write this the news from Israel and from the disputed territories is all about the forced evacuation by the Sharon dictatorship from Gaza and from the other area known as Northern Shamron. I am Irish, born and bred as they say, and being Irish I do struggle with the names which many of my Jewish and Israeli friends throw about on the internet. But there are other issues in which I think I am ahead of the game.

The internet is so huge I tend to get my information from selected sources. Every week I tend to watch carefully what is happening on these sites: is the great site which focusses on everything being written on the issue of Israel. It has got certain very serious weaknesses which I will sometimes focus on and which will become sharper as the issues become sharper. But Israpundit is democratic, it listens to debate and its wide range means that I can keep in contact with hundreds of other sites through it. Israpundit is great because it focusses on Israel and gathers in an incredible amount of valuable information. Paradoxically, that is its weakness as well because it does not have a world perspective on the world EU-US strategy.

I watch carefully what is happening on two sites in Ireland is not my favourite site at all, it is a site which is filled with the trivia of Northern Ireland politics, so it is not even a national Irish site. The site which Mick Fealty has created serves the purpose of keeping Irish stuck in the backwardness and parochial politics of Northern Ireland. Its contributors are a lot of smart-ass types who have read little and consequently know little. I doubt if Mick knew the type of people his site would attract he would have started it.

The site run by David Vance is different. The Tangled Web (I USE A SEARCH ENGINE)is centred on the integrity of Northern Ireland as a Nation State. David is an Irish Protestant, or a British Protestant, or a Northern Ireland Protestant (you decide!!!), but unlike Fealty he has a site which has a world view. In no way can you say that David Vance is stuck in the mire of Northern Ireland politics like Fealty is. David is pro-Israel but also pro-American and this is a living contradiction which I often tend to point out to him. The contributors to David’s site are a sorry bunch who if it were possible can claim the title of being even worse than the sorry bunch that Fealty has gathered around him. They will reduce an issue to trivia at the drop of the proverbial hat. This is the only site I contribute to and I try to address my comments only to David, seeking to avoid the ‘sorry bunch’ like the plague.

Then there is the Irish Palestine Solidarity Committee and the Blanket. Ah, that old Blanket! It obviously takes its name from the republican Hunger Strike but in reality it takes its politics from two sources. Firstly from a weird concoction of armed struggle republicanism and neo-Marxism. Secondly from the afore-mentioned Palestine Solidarity Group and its hatred of Israel. This Blanket is a real Israeli-hating site. It is run by Anthony McIntyre and his wife. McIntyre is a member of the Irish Palestine Solidarity Group. He wants therefore to see Israel destroyed. He wants to see Jews living in a unitary Palestinian state, dominated by the islamists of Hamas and the PLO, Jews once more reduced to dhimmi status. McIntyre, like the anti-Semite Tom Paulin, sees Israeli Jews as being Nazis.

That is what there is in Ireland, this proud nation, once the land of scholars. It is pitiful! To escape it has been my wont to visit Emperors New Clothes, the site run by Jared Israel from the New York area of the US. The scholarship which Jared’s site displayed to me was in the form of much needed therapy as I retreated from the above. The contribution made by this site to our understanding of this cruel world is enormous. Unlike Israpundit Emperors New Clothes ( begins with the world perspective following closely the events of Yugoslavia in the late 90s. Having done so what the US and EU are up to now in dismantling Israel comes as no surprise. This is a very big difference indeed to Israpundit. Many of these sites on the Internet are staffed by one or two people and this is obviously the problem here. So far it has written not a word about the most burning question of the hour, the Gaza evacuation. But to understand what is happening there, I still have to turn to Emperors New Clothes and the whole of the Yugoslavian experience of the 90s.

This brings me to my own web presence, rather neatly in fact, in that the staff behind the scenes on my site is indeed the huge total of one. I have placed two sites on the Internet, both are interconnected. On this site even I can master the intricacies of the Internet. I will use it to place a weekly (or so) letter of issues relevant to Israel. The other site is really where I will store what I hope will be serious theoretical articles. It is hosted by Yahoo, costs a little but not overly much. As yet these sites are pretty spartan affairs but then again I like that. Really they are collections of words, little jangles of ideas, some of them mine, some of them other people’s. One theme above all runs through: this is the incredible historical wrong that has been done to the issue of the Jewish Homeland from the time of the Balfour Declaration and the League of Nations Mandate of 1921 until today. It is the story of anti-Semitism which has its role as destroying the Jewish Homeland and this is what poltiics today on the world stage is all about. It is central to us as humans. The Holocaust is the thing which made and makes it central. It is the issue which more than any other centralises all of our human political history and experience.

Thursday, May 19, 2005



Editor's note: The following piece by Yoram Ettinger was e-mailed to Joseph Alexander Norland of Israpundit by the author. The article will be posted on the Jerusalem Cloakroom site as issue 177; at this point, however, it has not been posted and, therefore, it is reproduced below in full.

Will the White House welcome Abu Mazen in view of the following achievements? Will Congress tolerate foreign aid which would reward the following achievements (the PA controls all Palestinian NGOs)? Would the US welcome and assist an Iraqi/Afghani leader, who would demonstrate such achievements?

1. TERROR INFRASTRUCTURE UPGRADED. Abu Mazen has utilized the "ceasefire" (which chopped Israel's counter-terrorism operations by 90%!), in order to upgrade the infrastructure of Palestinian terrorism, to accelerate the smuggling of missiles and explosives, to regroup Palestinian terror organizations, to extend the range - and improve the precision - of PA missiles (illegally manufactured and smuggled into Gaza, and shortly into Judea & Samaria). Abu Mazen has not dismantled terror organizations, led by the PA's "security organizations" and by Abu-Mazen's Fatah Brigades. Abu Mazen has not apprehended the weaponry and ammunition of PA and Hamas terrorists, let alone the terrorists themselves. Abu Mazen has not fought Hamas terrorists; he has integrated them into the PA terror/"security" organizations, thus protecting them from Israel's security forces.

2. ANTI-US PRO-SADDAM EDUCATION PERSISTS via PA-controlled mosques, media and schools. Abu-Mazen-subsidized daily, Al Quds, rejoiced (May 13, 2005) US losses in Iraq and mocked US fear of terrorism. The Abu-Mazen-controlled daily, Al-Khayat Al-Jadida, published on May 1, 2005 birthday greetings to Saddam Hussein: "Blessing to Saddam Hussein the faithful, the legal President of the Iraqi Republic, on the occasion of his 68th Birthday... We wish him... to free the Arab nation from enslavement by [U.S.] foreign imperialism." Ibrahim Mudayris, the prominent PA clergy from Gaza: "Allah will get rid of the USA... He caused Russia to disappear, and He can remove the USA and bring it down...We used to rule the world and we shall rule it again" (May 13, 2005 sermon, broadcast live on Abu Mazen-controlled PA TV and radio). Just like all PA-paid clergies, Mudayris is pro-Bin Laden, pro-Saddam. Abu-Mazen does not apprehend the terrorists, who murdered 3 American officials in October 2003 in Gaza.

3. CHILD ABUSE. Abu Mazen, the architect of PA hate-education, has brainwashed the minds of K-12 children, as evidenced by PA school textbooks. He has featured children on TV programs, in order to draft more youth to the ranks of suicide bombers.

4. ANTI-SEMITISM EDUCATION SUSTAINED. "The Jews are the ones who provoked the Nazis and incited the world to fight Germany...Thousands of prophets were murdered by the Jews...The Jews are a virus similar to AIDS..."(Ibrahim Mudayris, PA TV and radio, May 13, 2005).

5. SETBACK TO PEACE (IT'S NOT THE SIZE - BUT THE EXISTENCE - OF ISRAEL). Surrounded by maps, flags, insignia and emblems, depicting the whole of Israel as part of Palestine, Abu Mazen inaugurated the 57th anniversary of the Naqbah ("Catastrophe") - the 1948 establishment of the Jewish State. He urged his People in Gaza and in the West Bank never to forget their right to return to the "Palestinian homeland" (pre-1967 Israel). Abu Mazen's innovation: A siren sounded in the PA territory at noontime on May 15, mourning Israel's 1948 establishment on "Palestinian soil". Re-enforcing Abu Mazen's message, Ibrahim Mudayris declared on PA TV and radio that "The establishment of false state of Israel was the loss of the Muslim nation...Israel is a cancer... (May 13, 2005). Abu-Mazen's Bureau of Statistics published a special report for the "Naqbah": "[In 1948, Israel] occupied more than 3/4 of Palestine..."

6. HERALDING HOMICIDE BOMBERS. Abu-Mazen provides monthly allowances to parents of homicide bombers and holds them in high esteem.7. Welcoming Abu Mazen to the White House would be in sharp contrast to the values and principles guiding US moral war on terrorism. It would constitute tailwind to terrorism, a reward to hate-education, a blow to Palestinian moderation and to peace, a setback to vital US values and interests.


The following are excerpts from a Friday sermon on Palestinian Authority TV. The preacher is Sheik Ibrahim Mudeiris. PA TV aired this sermon on May 13, 2005. This is under PA Chairman Abbas who is supported by the EU and US and it came from Gaza which Sharon is vacating. Read this and make up your own mind about the Palestinian Arab intentions towards Israel after the Sharon forced disengagement.

Ibrahim Mudeiris: Allah has tormented us with "the people most hostile to the believers" – the Jews. "Thou shalt find that the people most hostile to the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists." Allah warned His beloved Prophet Muhammad about the Jews, who had killed their prophets, forged their Torah, and sowed corruption throughout their history.
With the establishment of the state of Israel, the entire Islamic nation was lost, because Israel is a cancer spreading through the body of the Islamic nation, and because the Jews are a virus resembling AIDS, from which the entire world suffers.

You will find that the Jews were behind all the civil strife in this world. The Jews are behind the suffering of the nations.

Ask Britain what it did to the Jews in the early sixth century. What did they do to the Jews? They expelled them, tortured them, and prevented them from entering Britain for more than 300 years. All this was because of what the Jews did in Britain. Ask France what it did to the Jews. They tortured them, expelled them, and burned their Talmud, because of the civil strife the Jews wanted to spark in France, in the days of Louis XIX. Ask Portugal what it did to the Jews. Ask Czarists Russia, which welcomed the Jews, who plotted to kill the Czar - so he massacred them. But don't ask Germany what it did to the Jews. It was the Jews who provoked Nazism to wage war against the entire world, when the Jews, using the Zionist movement, got other countries to wage an economic war on Germany and to boycott German merchandise. They provoked Russia, Britain, France, and Italy. This enraged the Germans toward the Jews, leading to the events of those days, which the Jews commemorating today.

But they are committing worse deeds than those done to them in the Nazi war. Yes, perhaps some of them were killed and some burned, but they are inflating this in order to win over the of the media and gain the world's sympathy. The worst crimes in history were committed against the Jews, yet these crimes are no worse than what the Jews are doing in Palestine. What was done to the Jews was a crime, but isn't what the Jews are doing today in the land of Palestine not a crime?!

Look at modern history. Where has Great Britain gone? Where has Czarist Russia gone? Where has France gone - France, which almost ruled the entire world? Where is Nazi Germany, which massacred millions and ruled the world? Where did all these superpowers go? He who made them disappear will make America disappear too, God willing. He who made Russia disappear overnight is capable of making America disappear and fall, Allah willing.

We have ruled the world before, and by Allah, the day will come when we will rule the entire world again. The day will come when we will rule America. The day will come when we will rule Britain and the entire world – except for the Jews. The Jews will not enjoy a life of tranquility under our rule, because they are treacherous by nature, as they have been throughout history. The day will come when everything will be relieved of the Jews - even the stones and trees which were harmed by them. Listen to the Prophet Muhammad, who tells you about the evil end that awaits Jews. The stones and trees will want the Muslims to finish off every Jew.

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Every day Israpundit ( carries reports on what is happening on the ground in Gaza. I think Irish readers should know something of this

1. Yesha's pioneers steadfastly refuse to co-operate
AP, 2005_05_11, reports:
Israel Official Says No Gaza Pullout Delay
few of the 9,000 settlers slated for evacuation have cooperated with government efforts to find them new homes and jobs or compensate them for their losses.
The Defense Ministry has been heavily involved in pullout preparations, dealing with scenarios ranging from Palestinian militant attacks to violence by Jewish extremists against troops carrying out the evacuation.
2. So why is he still in the GOI???
From JPost, 2005_05_11:
Netanyahu escalates attack on PM
Escalating his criticism of the prime minister he aims to replace, Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has delivered a stinging assault on Ariel Sharon's disengagement plan, asserting that it helps fuel a Palestinian perception that Israel can ultimately be destroyed altogether under unrelenting terrorist assault.
"Anything that persuades the Palestinians that we are being pushed by their superior will and their acts of terror to vacate one position after another emboldens terror and pushes peace away," he told The Jerusalem Post in an interview. "This poses a great danger to us."
3. Supporters of Sharon's Deportation Plot turning uglier
From JPost:
4 J'lem teens held for erecting provoking posters
Jerusalem police on Wednesday arrested four Jewish teens after they were caught putting up provoking posters in the city, police said.
Signs reading "The IDF murders children" and "Liquidate the opponents of the disengagement" were found in the vehicle they were traveling in around the city's Katamon neighborhood during the pre-dawn hours, Jerusalem Police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said.
The four have refused to cooperate with the police investigation, and have maintained their right to remain silent.
4. Parliament's speaker against Sharon's Deportation Plot
From Arutz 7:
Rivlin Fears Disengagement Will Destroy Israel
Knesset Speaker Reuven (Rubie) Rivlin this evening stated that he fears the government's plan to dismantle Jewish communities, withdraw soldiers and evacuate residents "is liable to destroy all of us."
Rivlin spoke at the government ceremony ending Memorial Day. "I stand here and tremble," he added. The Knesset speaker told the gathering that the disengagement plan has caused confusion and is leading the country to a boiling point.
5. Solidarity celebration in Gush Katif
From Arutz 7:
Gush Katif Rally Without Politicians
Organizers of tomorrow's mammoth Independence Day rally in Gush Katif said politicians would not make speeches during the festivities. More than 80,000 supporters of Jewish life in Gaza rallied during the recent Passover holiday, and even more are expected to celebrate Israeli Independence day in Gush Katif. Buses will transport visitors from the Kissufim parking area, the rest of the way to the Jewish Gazan communities.
One of the highlights of the happening will be the dedication of the Kfar Darom synagogue, 10 years after current Prime Minister Ariel Sharon laid its cornerstone.
6. Franz Kafka, meet Israel's legal system
From Arutz 7:
Remand of Three Expulsion Opponents Extended
An Ashdod court on Tuesday afternoon extended the remand of three Shomron residents for seven days. The three are being held over in compliance with a Shin Bet security-service request based on “undisclosed classified evidence” against them.
They stand accused of planning to block Tel Aviv roads in opposition to the expulsion plan by setting vehicles ablaze.
Attorney Uri Keinan stated the actions of his clients are legitimate and within the confines of the law, adding he has not seen any evidence linking them to any illegal activities.


By Felix Quigley May 12 , 2005

The situation facing Jews in Israel is extremely serious.

First of all threats from the Arab and Islamist world: Since the PLO was founded by Arafat, and based on the pro-Nazi Arab Higher Committee, the aim of ‘Palestinianism’ has been to end the state of Israel totally. In this regard, and despite what is being promoted by the major powers such as the USA and Russia, nothing has changed.

Holocaust denier (he gained his doctorate doing so) Abbas simply thinks that things like suicide bombing is bad publicity and he reckons he can end Israel by means of outside pressure and armed attacks.

Then there are the continual attacks on Israel from these major powers who set up the Road Map.

The Arabs have continually said that they will take anything in the shape of land offered to them but they see this only as a stage. The final stage is to smash Israel completely and replace it with one ‘Palestinian’ state.

Once Sharon saw this and argued against this. Now he has caved in to American and EU pressure.

Arguing just a couple of years ago against a Palestinian terrorist state Sharon won the election from Labour who argued the opposite. Having won the election on that programme Sharon very quickly turned 180 degrees, adopted the programme of Labour and proceeded to announce the forced withdrawal from Gaza.

In making this about turn he fired Cabinet Ministers who did not toe the line.

Then began an underhand campaign against the Jewish ‘settlers’ in Gaza and the West Bank. Sharon has turned to secular Jew-haters in the army to prepare the forced evacuation. Special jails have been prepared. It is estimated that they have 4 army personnel to every Jew being evacuated.

Meanwhile as Jewish opinion changes as it sees what is going on and because of the brave, peaceful and democratic door to door campaigning of the Yesha Jews time is running out for Sharon and Peres. The latter is desparate to drive forward with the forced evacuation as soon as possible.

As and if Jews leave the areas where Jews have lived from eternity they will be replaced by members of Hamas and the other terror groups who have sent suicide murderers into Israel and murdered countless Jews.

It will be a completely Judenfrei area. It will also be Islamist.

At this website and also at we will plot these developments very carefully.

I believe firmly in the rights of Jews to live anywhere in the world, to have their homes and to raise their children in peace, and generally like the rest of us try to enjoy life. This right to live applies especially to Israel and to Jerusalem where they have lived for 4000 years.

It is in the course of these struggles and in experiences such as this forced evacuation in Gaza that a new type of leadership will emerge in Israel and in the Diaspora. In other words the experiences can bring enlightenment if we have got discussion and draw lessons.

Please see articles 1 to 10 which launched for material and for an explanation as to why this leadership inside Israel, with its connections in the Diaspora, betrays its own people and the aspirations of Jews. In particular read Article 10, especially towards the end when I note a few very important things about the leadership of Mapam:

(What is the Israeli Communist Party? Some notes on reading a recent document) is the name of the article.

The present political tendency around Sharon has its roots in the Stalinist Communist Party and in the reformist Social Democratic Parties who were in the leadership of Israel in 1948-9 and before.

Betrayal was not new to these types of leaders.

Just 15 years before there had taken place the greatest berayal ever in the history of mankind: Hitler was allowed to assume power, along with his Nazi apparatus, without a shot being fired to stop him.

That type of political leadership was brought into Israeli politics and has remained.

Sharon was brought up in a family who were specifically attached to that dead-end type of Stalinist and labourist politics. Their secularism was the secularism of the Marxists, a crude hatred of Judaism. In other words it was not true secularism at all, more a self-hating persecutory mechanism. That was their politics. I am sure they were brave and intelligent people and devoted to the cause as they saw it. But that was their politics.

I have seriously studied this history and these issues and thus I have not been surprised by the treachery of Sharon’s tendency. For one thing anybody with even a cursory knowledge of Israeli history will know that it is not the first time. This is a continuation of the great struggles in the 40s when the Revisionist Movement was also persecuted by the Jewish Establishment. What became known as ‘The Hunting Season’ springs to mind.

Finally, this battle against the Sharon leadership, literally for the survival of Israel as a state, cannot possibly be won simply by an activist agenda. The struggle is throwing up vital issues from the past which have been hidden by a type of anti-intellectualism inside the Israeli leadership over many years. These issues must be once more examined and conclusions drawn.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


The following text was e-mailed to the Editor of Israpundit by Dror Vanunu, a resident of Neveh Dekalim, Gush Katif. It is important reading for Irish readers who are not given the truth about what is happening:
(posted by Felix Quigley, May 11, 2005.

Last week's Maariv, one of Israel's biggest daily newspapers, published the result of a poll among the public in Israel. The newspaper has been following for the past months the fluctuation of public opinion as to the dismantlement/expulsion plan.

This week the polls show a decline from 65% to 54% in support of Sharon's plan (among Jews and Arabs).

We, in Gush Katif strongly believe that it is due to our endless efforts of information throughout the country; the many demonstrations, the students activities in campuses all over Israel, our information tents scattered in the center of all major cities, the visit of thousands who came during the past months and especially during the Pesach Holiday and got the feel of Gush Katif: its vibrant life, its advanced agriculture, the overwhelming landscapes and the warmth of its residents.

But most of all, we managed to touch the hearts of the people during the 'face to face' project where, everyday, residents of Gush Katif and volunteers countrywide go from door to door and bring the message of Gush Katif: a message of faith and hope, saying that we are strong and determined. This direct meeting allows for informing the public and explaining the dangers and the truth about the expulsion plan.

The public is getting convinced that the expulsion of the Jews from their homes is a disaster for the future of the Jewish nation and its security; it is a betrayal of the nation's values.

We have no doubt that this momentum will continue and are ready to go on with this project, forwarding our message to everyone in Israel and winning this battle over the Land of Israel.

So far we visited 200,000 homes.. our goal is 750,000!!!!

Additional note by Felix Quigley.

This survey is most important and explains why Sharon and his Stalinist political tendency were so insistent on NOT holding a referendum on the issue.

Note also that the poll by this newspaper was conducted among all the citizens of Israel including the million odd Arabs who live there with full Israeli citizen rights, including the right to vote and to elect MPs to the Knesset (Parliament)

So by my calculations it appears that a clear majority of Jews must now be opposed to this horror, which I refer to as the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Gaza.

Note also the tone of this E-Mail to the Israpundit editor from Neveh Dekalim. One way to describe it is correct and respectful, quiet almost.

I have always noticed how the Jews who choose to live in Gaza, Judea and Samaria have been depicted wrongly by a lying media, which is influenced by the Arab and Islamist hatred for Jews living anywhere in the Middle East. The ideas and methods being used by the friends of Neveh could not be more democratic, even as Sharon and his political tendency are putting in operation jails to throw them into if they resist in any way.

What I maintain is why should any area on this earth be made Judenfrei?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


By Felix Quigley May 10, 2005

The propaganda which has been spread in Ireland about the Jewish ‘settlers’ is all lies. These are people who are above all peaceful and who want to live in peace. They have a right to live anywhere which they want and especially they have a right to live anywhere in Israel, (in Judea, Samaria or Gaza). They face an Islamist Arab enemy who want the whole Middle East to be Judenfrei.

They also face a neo-Left in Ireland who are bitterly anti-Israel and who are in total support of this ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

This Arab Islamist enemy of the Jewish people works deliberately to a stages strategy. At every ‘stage’ they are committed to taking whatever land is offered them by Israel, consolidating and then moving on to the rest.

This process has been likened to a giant boa constrictor which having been offered one meal, swallows it happily and then is prepared to lie in wait for the next.

This is the situation in which all the Jews of Israel are placed. But there are deep divisions inside Israeli society.

Why is Israeli society so bitterly divided? In my mind there are two chief reasons for this. Israeli is a very small country. Geographically it is tiny. Looking at an A4 sized map of the world Israel can scarcely be seen, it is a tiny little dot about the size of an exclamation mark. Not the size of Ireland, closer to one of the provinces of Ireland, Connaught for example.

Historically it is a country which has been and is buffeted by the forces of world anti-Semitism. Any reading of history affirms this. The articles which I wrote to introduce are full of instances of this world anti-Semitism. Against the forces of this anti-Semitism it is something of a fluke that the country managed to launch itself at all in 1948.

In the present moment the Arab world has got great power, which is bought because of its oil resources. Israel on the contrary has no oil; it only has the ingenuity of its people.

Because of this Israel finds itself totally isolated in the world. It faces first of all the deep anti-Semitism of the Arab and Muslim worlds, some billion living beings ranged against these 5 millions of Jews. That is some imbalance! The figures are impossible to comprehend but it is even worse because these enemies totally surround Israel.

But the problems do not end there for this tiny country. Israel also faces the hostility of these others, the EU, the UN, Russia, and as recent events have shown, the US. Israel has been urged by Bush and Rice to give more and more to the Palestinian Arabs at the risk of compromising its own security. This is what the Gaza sell-out by Sharon is all about. He has caved in to this pressure.

So the first aspect to the problems of Israel is this geographical and political isolation. But the second is the kind of political leadership which has developed inside Israel itself.

This has emerged as the most intriguing question of all. Of course there is much speculation and many theories on this. (Jews are adept at theorising about their own history).

A common view by religious Jews is that it is the fault of secularism in Jewish society and if there is a return to the ways of the faith all will be well. But not all Jews are religious and never will be. Just like the Irish, who are not all catholic, and especially after the escapades of Bishop Casey of Galway they never will be either.

Yet the religious Jews are partially correct. What they have identified is the great and continuing betrayals of this secularist Left in Israeli sociaty. Actually, once again, neo-Left would be more accurate to describe this political tendency, rather than Left.

In the articles to launch our website I spent some time investigating this problem. What I found I think provides the solution to this problem.

The state of Israel was set up and led from the beginning by European Leftists, but they were of a particular type. They were of the same political persuasion as those 'socialists' in the German Stalinist Communist Party as well as the reformist Social Democratic Party. These socialist leaders had betrayed the German working class and trade unions to the Nazis. Yet despite that betrayal these types brought that type of politics into the leadership of young Israel. Note that I am not saying they were not courageous and loyal but that is a different matter. It explains the hounding of patriotic Jews in the Revisionist Movement (The Huntimng Season)

The smallness of Israel surrounded by enemies, the international pressure on Israel, a leadership in Israel of this nature (stalinist, social democratic and opportunist) - these are vital factors. To this we add a further phenomenon. It has produced politicians like Sharon who care only about world opinion. Not accepting that they are the leadership of a small persecuted race and country they have developed airs about their own importance.

Self-importance, the great enemy of clear thinking! Every time a person like Sharon goes across to Bush’s ranch he feels a VERY important person indeed. But he is not. He is a very TINY person and is leading a very TINY country.

Such a man wants to sup with the giants. His role is to pick up the crumbs which fall from the tables of the great. He loses his self-respect as a Jew. He becomes angry against those Jews who refuse to pat him on the back, like Bush does. That’s it in a nutshell. It is not a Sharon or exclusively a Jewish thing. But given the vulnerability of the Jewish state it may have fatal consequences for the Jews of Israel.

According to Marlene Young who we quoted in Article 1 this is what this Sharon leadership is now doing in its sell out of Israel and of Jews right to live in peace in Gaza, Judea and Samaria.

Facts put forward by Marlene:

No more apprehending Palestinian terrorists

No jail for Palestinian terrorists, criminals, weapons smugglers.

No more demolitions of PA terrorists' homes [announced Feb 15].

No more operations to search and seize illegal PA weapons and weapons factories.

No more stopping weapons tunnels and smuggling.

Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah members will be permitted to move into Gush Katif and Shomron.

The EU, the UN, Arab states, Russia and the USA will not compensate Jewish settlers for land given to Palestinian Arabs. They are legitimizing the first forced transfer of Jews since the Holocaust.

The World Bank will not pay Jewish settlers who are the property owners; the World Bank will instead pay the Sharon Government (Sharon, Mofaz, Mazuz, Peres, Sarid) for Jewish farms and homes, and "sell" - give - the Jewish property to the PA, thereby enriching the Left, the Peres Foundation, the PA and PA business monopolies, and Leftist-owned investment funds, but not the Jewish owners. This also makes the Gush Katif and Shomron Jewish-owned land legally Palestinian Arab-owned for the first time in history. Property rights of Jew in the Jewish homeland, in Biblical Israel, are being abrogated by Jewish leaders.

The Sharon government will confiscate the Jewish-owned property from the Jewish owners and transfer the Jews to holding areas, and "compensate" them 10% of the value of the confiscated property, homes, farms, businesses, lost income, relocation costs.

The P.A., EU, UN, Russia, Arab States, World Bank, IMF and USA will not (and have not been asked to by the Sharon, Mofaz government) compensate the thousands of victims of Palestinian Terror, nor their families, for those who were murdered, maimed, paralyzed and burned in the past 5 years of PA-sanctioned Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Fatah terrorism.

The New Orders

Arrests of Jewish Demonstrators

Beatings of Jewish protesters

Jail for Jewish Demonstrators

Jail for Jews who refuse to be transferred

Jail without trial for vocal opponents of Sharon, Mofaz and Mazuz

Confiscation without compensation of Jewish homes of those Jews who refuse transfer, or will not voluntarily sign over their homes to the Sharon government, or will not quietly walk out the door the day of transfer.

Demolition of Jewish homes, communities, hothouses, graveyards, synagogues in Jewish Settlements. [Sharon and Mofaz are now considering not demolishing them but giving the property as is to the PA because wealthy Arabs from Bahrain wish to pay billions to the PA for it].

Gush Katif will be a closed Military Zone sometime after February 20 and before July, preventing supporters from entering and making "Settlers" subject to search and arrest for violation of curfew.

A Special Military Force made up of exclusively secular, non-Jewish IDF and Police is being trained to act solely against their fellow citizens to forcefully transfer them. There will be four Special Forces to every Jewish "Settler" citizen.

Special caravans, remote holding areas and jails previously used for Palestinian Arab terrorists are being set up to incarcerate Jewish demonstrators, and Jewish citizen "Settlers" who refuse transfer.

The Quartet, the UN, Russia, the EU (European Union), and the USA support the "withdrawal from Gaza and part of the West Bank", but have insisted that it must happen "in a manner consistent with the Road Map."

"The Quartet reiterates its view that no party should undertake unilateral actions that could prejudge the resolution of final status issues such as the borders of a future Palestinian state, the right of Palestinian refugees to return home, West Bank settlements and the status of Jerusalem." (Statement made at the London Summit, March 1, 2005.)

In other words, Sharon's violation of the rights of ordinary Jewish citizens and his bringing Israel to the brink of internal civil strife gains nothing, certainly not peace. This deportation of Jews and the enlarging of the power of the PA does not mean secure borders for Israel. THE DISENGAGEMENT IS NOT A FINAL STEP BUT JUST A FIRST IN A SERIES OF JEWISH EXPULSIONS UNDER FIRE.

Sharon is aware that the rest of the West Bank and a part of Jerusalem is the next step, and the return of Palestinian refugees is in the works.

Marlene Young is vice-president of TODA - Torah Organization for Disability Access, as well as an advocate for Israel. She and her husband, Mark Young, run Washington Media Watch, which monitors TV network and cable news broadcasts for anti-Israel and anti-Jewish biased reporting.


by Felix Quigley May 10, 2005

Suddenly in recent months the neo-Left and the various branches of the Republiocan Movement have stopped their attacks on General Ariel Sharon and there has been relative silence on the issues in the Middle East. If one were to trace articles about Israel and the Arab Palestines over say the past 6 months in a neo-Left republican fringe magazine such as the Blanket one will see up to about 6 months ago the frequency of articles at a very high level, usually every week. Then suddenly nothing! Why the silence?

The reason is rather basic and rather obvious and is a terrible indictment of Ariel Sharon and what he and the Stalinist Leftists in Israeli society are engaged in.

I rate Ireland among the most anti-Semitic countries in the world. As an Irishman who is rather proud to be so this causes me great anxiety. This anti-Semitism is disguised somewhat in that its proponents claim they are campaigning against Zionism.

This is the Big Lie. In a series of articles which launched our website,, I have shown that Zionism is an absolutely authentic nationalism.

Of all the racial groups in the world I rate the Jewish people most deserving of all to have a nation and to have a place in the world which they can call their own. This is Israel.

Why the hatred exhibited by the neo-Left and the republican groups towards Israel? This is a question which we simply can never let rest because it has such deep undertones given the historic implications of anti-Semitism.

So there is a deep silence on the part of these political groups and tendencies towards what Sharon calls the Gaza pullout or evacuation.

These words are in fact euphenism.The ethnic cleansing of Jews, the first forced movement of Jews from their homes and property since the time of the Holocaust is a far more accurate description of what is happening.

You see what I mean about the neo-Left and Irish republicans being silent on this. They are silent (all of a sudden) because they support the ethnic cleansing of Jews and wish it full speed.

It is very important to be clear about all of these events. These articles will attempt to bring to light exactly what is happening because there is absolutely no other forum in Ireland which will do so.

It is not just the neo-Left and Republican groups who are hostile to Jews living in Israel. The same applies to all of the press in Ireland. They all refer to those Jewish people who choose to live in Judea and Samaria, or Gaza, as being people who have no right to be there.

This is biassed reporting of an extraordinary nature. But given the historical background to the issue it is also deeply anti-Semitic.

They will be unable to do it but to avoid this they would need to make a thorough analysis of just where THEY are coming from. They would find that THEIR anti-Semitism is descended from the story told in the New Testament every Christmas, Crucify Him, Crucify Him.

On the other hand the hostility of the neo-Left has descended from the deep anti-Semitism which emerged in Russia, first under the Bolsheviks and then later post 1948 against Israel under Stalin and those who succeeded him.

So let it not be said that and stood idly by while Jews were ethnically cleansed from historic Israel. We at least will speak out against another piece of this earth to be made and to become Judenfrei. It will not happen without our opposition. So at least history can say that at least there was one Irish website which opposed this evil. (On this I also salute David Vance on The Tangled Web blog and I hope sincerely there are others)

I get enormous support and knowledge from Israpundit, a pro-Jewish website set up by a few Canadians some short years ago.The Jewish race is talented and Israpundit has carried some very gifted writers. Their belief in intelligent debate and in the Word is impressive. I too work on the same lines wanting to establish as many true facts as possible.

In trying to figure out what is going on behind this Sharon led ethnic cleansing of Jews one article which has proved helpful is by Marlene Young called
"The Truth about the Sharon Expulsion-of-Jews Plan".

Sharon does not act alone. We can look at Sharon as a small boy in the hands of great forces, in fact the EU, the UN, the Arab states, the Muslim world and the USA.

All of these tremedous forces are bringing terrible pressure to bear on the tiny state of Israel. It is a tiny country made up of some 6 millions, out of which are a million Arabs, all fully paid-up citizens of Israel with full rights as citizens and who have elected their own MPs into the Israeli Parliament. They also are like a dagger pointing at the heart of Israel.

The first point which Marlene Young stresses is that there is obfuscation of language taking place:

‘”Evacuation", "Pullout", and "Disengagement" are terms that refer to military personnel, not to the forced transfer of thousands of civilians and their homes and farms.

The terms "disengagement" and "contiguous" Palestinian State mean in effect the confiscation of Jewish property, forceful transfer of Jews, and the refusal to allow Jews property ownership in the territories even as Arabs sprawl all over Israel.

The new use of the word "contiguous" by Condoleeza Rice and President Bush to refer to the components of this projected Palestinian "democratic" state was first promoted by the Arab states and the European Union (EU) and is synonymous with the forced transfer of Jews and confiscation of Jewish owned property. ‘

This is a very perceptive point by Marlene. A big experience for many of us of my particular political persuasion was what happened in Yugoslavia, and particularly in Bosnia and in Kosova, during the 90s.

There the Serb nation was depicted as Nazis by a pro-EU and pro-USA media, and this lying was to prepare the ground for literally the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO.

Exactly this kind of lying has been used to deny Jews the right to live in areas of Judea and Samaria. There has been an unending media and neo-Left campaign to depict these Jews as first of all ‘settlers’. This in itself I find a loaded term, especially when it is always added to by adjectives such as right-wing or ultra-orthodox.

This again is a big lie. Why should these Jews be right-wing in any way and in this case what does right-wing and left-wing mean anyway? Nobody who calls Jewish people these names has given an ounce of evidence to prove it. This name-calling amounts to nothing more than prejudice.

What about the other term I mentioned?(and I have not exhausted the derogatory sounding terminology by any means)

What about ultra-orthodox? Jews like any other people have a right to be ultra-orthodox, just middling orthodox, or not orthodox at all. It is a glaring infringement of a basic human right. I was born into a catholic family in Ireland and indeed I am very proud of it. I am now a confirmed atheist and ditto: I am enormously proud of that also. But it is my belief and my business. Why should it be different for Jews living in Judea and Samaria.

You reach your own conclusions about this. To me it is all part of the softening up process. There is always a political aspect to language. Just as the labelling of Serbs as Nazis led somewhere, so this also is leading somewhere. We have to be attuned to language, especially that used by the enemy.

Marlene Young makes these further points:
(a) this situation is unique: The pullout and disengagement of troops in conflicts around the globe today do not include the forced transfer of thousands of civilians of one religion or nationality, the demolition of all communities of one religion or nationality, and confiscation of all property of one religion or nationality’.
(b) Its true awfulness lies in the details, but the details are not being reported by the "mainstream" media or disclosed by the Sharon government
(c) There is no moral, historical, or legal basis to carry out the forced transfer of this or any Jewish population from their property. So the Government invents its own rules as it begins to carry out the expulsion and meets resistance. Attorney General Mazuz and the Justice Minister call for increased suppression of the opposition's right to protest and employ escalating tactics of police brutality, detainment, arrests and administrative detention, where civilians are jailed without trial and without evidence of committing any crime.
(d) Actually, for all the haste with which it is being put into motion, the Disengagement Plan is a "work-in-progress." Sharon sculpts it as he goes along. He, Mofaz, Mazuz and Peres make deals, coerce, manipulate and are manipulated and bribe members of the Knesset, Israeli and PA officials and foreign leaders. The Plan morphs accordingly.
(e) All the enemies of Israel are trying to speed up the plan
(f) They do so because they understand the morally and political bankruptcy of their position
(g) One of the strongest strategic tools they've used is to convince the people that this is unavoidable, a "done deal". We are also told, as we have been since the 1993 Oslo Accords, that peace with the Palestinians hinges on giving them billions of aid dollars (still unaccounted for), building up their security forces (used to commit thousands of terror attacks), giving them more territory (Israel has given them more land and autonomy than Palestinian Arabs have had in their history), releasing hundreds of Palestinian terrorists from jail, and now confiscating Jewish-owned property and moving Jewish neighborhoods away from Arab ones.
(h) Finally just what sort of country are these people creating? By ‘these people’ I mean the US, the EU, Russia, the UN, the Arab and Muslim states. In other words no less than all of huimanity. As a citizen of one of these entities, the EU, and a tax-payer to the EU, what sort of country I demand to know?

The answer is brief and brutal! One which a Jew cannot set foot on! One which is Junenfrei! In 2005 that is what the combined wit of humanity can achieve!

These points spell out that the Jewish nation is once more in peril. The forces against it are there and this is what has bought the silence of those enemies of Israel I mentioned at the beginning.

In the next article I will enumerate some of the aspects of this situation in order to clarify the issue further for Irish readers.