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Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East analyst & commentator

Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, an inveterate liar (even surpassing Shimon Peres) tells AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) members and Congress members at his keynote speech in Washington D.C. on May 24, 2005 that "population centers in Judea and Samaria will remain an integral part of Israel and be contiguous to the State of Israel in any final status agreement." (1)

Reports said that he was cheered by the audience. (As a former member of the National Executive Board of AIPAC, I feel that it is proper to receive a Head of State with respect, but not to cheer statements from him known to be false. AIPAC was established to protect the Jewish State and the Jewish people and NOT to accept steps taken to dismember her.)

Regrettably, this gathering of 5,000 enthusiastic (but uninformed) Jews cheered what they did not and could not understand.

Deputy PM Ehud Olmert has already stated - quite clearly at the behest of Sharon, that YESHA (Yehuda, Shomron and Gaza) would indeed be evacuated - just as is planned to be done starting August 15th with the 9,000 men, women and children living and working in Gush Katif and the four Northern Samaria settlements.
Moreover, that statement is directly wired to President Bush’s position which was clearly stated by Sec. Of State Condoleezza Rice. The 1967 Armistice Lines are to be the first or rather the next lines of demarcation - after the Gaza/Samaria withdrawal. Reports said that he was cheered by the audience, who should have known better.

Sharon acted as the corrupt buffoon he is by simultaneously telling the AIPAC crowd that there would be NO Palestinian State - as long as there is no security for Israel. While at the same time, saying that "Disengagement" would continue regardless of Arab Muslim Palestinian Terror attacks on Jewish civilians.(1)
Worse yet, despite the catastrophic results from prior prisoner releases, to appease both Bush and elevate Mahmoud Abbas (aka Abu Mazen), head of the Palestinian Authority, Sharon announces to AIPAC that, in addition to the 500 convicts he has already released, he plans to release another 400 convicted and jailed Arab Muslim Palestinian Terrorists immediately upon his return to Israel in order (1) to comply with the Bush mandate.

Keep in mind that Israel has intelligence generated statistics that more that 50% of the released Terrorists resume their Terror attacks immediately upon release. Nothing they sign to the contrary has any enforcement teeth.

Sharon admits that weapons smuggling (through Egypt - with their assistance) and manufacturing of Kassam Rockets and bomb belts continues - which has been projected into an ‘Intifada’ 3 after Sharon’s retreat from Gaza and Northern Samaria.

Sharon has again been prodded by Bush to further elevate Abbas, despite the incontrovertible fact that Abbas has done nothing, neither to disarm Terrorists nor to dismantle their organizations. Instead, he continues to support them or he loses his ‘democratic’ basis for his power. Abbas has extended the time for his June elections, knowing that Hamas will win and the false front of contrived democracy will fall, thus showing its full Terrorist face.

Sharon shows every sign of advanced dementia, even to the point of having a staff person at his side whose job it is to nudge him awake during meetings of his Cabinet where he frequently dozes off. Sharon is a clear and present danger to the Jewish nation and he must be deposed.

Sharon is already building that Wall of Separation, denying with some frequency that this is to be what he thinks of as Israel’s permanent borders.

Bush, however, seems to have further thoughts which include the gerrymandered line established in November 1947 by the United Nations (see link below for 1947 UN Partition Plan) (2)
After all, this is what George Herbert Walker Bush, the first Bush President, promised to the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah.

Sharon, except for his military talent, has always been a country bumpkin when it came to understanding the political imperatives of Europe and America. He really believes the off-the-record promises which were made by an American President who has other agendas which do NOT include the longevity and sovereignty of a Jewish State hated by America’s Muslim oil suppliers.

Bush says he is acting America’s national interests while he is betraying a staunch ally. But, Israel has provided America with more strategic and political assistance than any other country declared an American ally A strong Israel is in America's best national interests.

Regrettably, Sharon is NOT doing the same, in terms of serving Israel’s national interests. Therefore, this tangled web of lies grows more complex.

Bush implies a certain support to Sharon for Israel - which Sharon believes to be solid.

Sharon tells his people (including the Jews at AIPAC) some convoluted version of the Bush implied promise.
Bush starts to change his mind and policies based upon failures in Iraq, the growing nuclear threat from Iran and his desire to win favor with the Arab Muslim Governments and Monarchies who sit on the oil.
Sharon starts to see the change in American commitments and expands his lies to the Israeli people in order to hold onto his Government. Sharon tries to win further support from Bush through a "Disengagement Plan" which, in itself is beginning to fail as the people see that this grand gesture has elevated Terror and threats to unleash an ‘Intifada’ 3.

Not only has Sharon’s gesture to Bush and the Arab Muslim Palestinians failed but, he has ignited what may become a major Civil War of Jew against Jew in Israel and around the world.

Bush increased the pressure because of the so-called ‘Insurgents’ (Mujahadeen), foreign fighters pouring into Iraq who are killing more Americans and even more Iraqi civilians. Bush needs a showy sacrifice to give momentum to his PR campaign to "win the hearts and minds" of the Muslim world. Since this is impossible, given that Muslim Arabs have started their march toward fulfilling what they believe to be their destiny as preached by their imams - that of making the entire planet Earth a great Caliphate, subservient to Islam’s strict ‘Sha’ariah’ laws. All efforts to appease them will fail, to include shrinking Israel on her way to oblivion.
That truth in the words coming from their own mosques and media, does not stop Bush from making the effort - because a great deal of crude oil comes from Arab and Muslim countries.

So, Bush shoves Sharon and Sharon makes suicidal gestures - which place Israel on the altar as the selected sacrifice.

It’s even more complicated than that, but this brief explanation will suffice to demonstrate what and/or who they were cheering for at the AIPAC Annual Policy Conference when Sharon breaks wind with his statements of "protecting Judea and Samaria".

The best thing that can happen for Israel right now is for Sharon to remove himself from office and to break his chain of dangerous promises, few to none of which will be kept. Sharon is a weak link, enslaved to promises he cannot keep - except those which will weaken Israel.

Sharon must be removed from the office of Prime Minister by all legal means possible before he causes Israel to fall.

Posted by Ted Belman at May 25, 2005 07:46 PM
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1. BobW said:
Soon, AIPAC will join Yiddish theater in the Jewish history books.
Manny Winston is so accurate ! The 1967 armistice lines are only a first step.
I'm expecting 2 "bombshell" press releases; Israel is moving its capital to TLV and the US announcement of discontinuing Israel economic aid.
AIPAC has changed complexion and is now part of the problem.
Kol tuv,BobW
Posted by: BobW on May 26, 2005 06:08 AM

(Comment by Felix Quigley)

I consider this article by Emanuel A. Winstone to be one of the most important I have ever read. Sometimes it is the simple things in politics that teach more about what is happening. And here Manny Winstone describes one of the most bizarre things of all and I believe him; The idea of Sharon being prodded by an aide at meetings to keep him awake is just too much! The idea that he is suffering from senile dementia is a knock-out!

Is it possible, is it feasible? And I answer, of course it is. Where have you been living for the past 15 years, on another planet?

Not all Jewish people will see this, but then not many Jews have followed the events which took place in Yugoslavia through the 90s. Those of us who did follow those events will know that in this epoch nothing should surprise us. The idea that sitting on Bush and Rice’s table are CIA reports detailing the senile dementia of Sharon to me is very real. You think not? Then take it up with Emanuel B. Winstone!

I draw back once more to the Racak massacre in Yugoslavia, portrayed to the world as a horrible Serb massacre, actually proved beyond a shadow of a doubt to be an elaborate hoax to enable America to start bombing Yugoslavia.

I will not detail this because the material is on the web. (There is much material on Emperors New Clothes site and it has a search facility as well.

Suffice to say here that part of the CIA/KLA planning involved collected bodies of Albanian terrorist fighters killed in a gun battle, transporting these bodies to a gorge, arranging them ‘artistically’ which involved slitting their throats etc, then their discovery next morning, all the detailing of the world media, then the action switching to the US Presidential announcement of War etc etc. Consider that all of that had to be choreographed and then please do not accuse us ever again of being ‘conspiracy nuts’.

A civilisation that is capable of doing all that is surely capable of bamboozling a silly old man like Sharon and also knowing exactly what stage his senile dementia has reached.

The purpose. Ah, the purpose. That is where the Jewish organisations begin to come unstuck. They see only the destruction of Israel. And indeed it is so but it is only part of it.

I see not just the eventual destruction of Israel but even more the conscous promotion of anti-Semitism as a method of rule in the world today. Please look at the articles I have posted on London and British anti-Semitism adjacent to this article.

But at least let us get to know that part and so Winstone’s article above is so valuable. I am grateful to him for having the courage to write it, in such contrast to those American Jews who met Abbas in that Washington hotel.

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