Monday, May 30, 2005


Irish anti-Semites and anti-Israelites are planning to spread their lies about Israel using the pretext of the Israeli-Ireland football game in Dublin on June 4. Who are the people who are doing this? What are they up to in Ireland? Why do they gain support from even a small section of Irish?

The important thing to understand about the Irish Palestine Solidarity Group is that they are anti-Semitic houndogs who hide their anti-Semitism behind a neo-Left opposition to Israel. An additional and important thing to understand about them is that they have many tentacles which go right into the Irish ruling capitalist establishment in the South and which is rife as well inside Irish republicanism, of the ballot in one hand and the armalite in the other variety.

About their support in the Irish establishment: A certain Mary O’Rourke has made a call for the boycott of Israel from the floor of the Irish Seanad. She is its President and that is the Second Chamber in Ireland.

The other thing that needs to be understood about this type of organization is why they have any support at all in Ireland. After all they are pushing what is a whole collection of lies: on what is Zionism, on how the Israeli state was born, on how the Palestinian Refugee issue came about, on all the wars launched by Arab countries against Israel, on the Palestinian Arab connection with the German Nazis, on what happened at Camp David, on the Intifadas, on suicide bombing, on the defensive wall constructed against those murderous Jihadists and now they are promoting a lie thrrough their silence on the Bush Blair Sharon Gaza phenomenon.

On all of these issues distortion is too weak a description - these people are born-again liars. It is amazing that they get any support at all.

So why do they? Well it is not the first time in history that lies take hold and this applies in spades as far as anti-Semitism is concerned. It is inconceivable to me that any Irish football supporter would even stop to take a leaflet, never mind a Palestian terrorist flag, from any of these Solidarity scumbags outside the football ground in Dublin. Yet some Irish people probably will and you can bet that the Solidarity crowd will manage to get their anti-Semitic members inside and will unfurl their anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic flags in the crowd.

This anti-Israelism is not an exclusively Irish thing, it certainly can be found in every country in Europe, and especially in Britain. (see the accompanying articles on London on this site)

There must be a deep fund of anti-Semitism that these people are tapping into. It is above all the teaching of Christianity in general and the Catholic Church in particular down through the centuries that counts here. “Crucify Him, Crucify Him” are the two most pregnant words in the English language. It was this lie propagated by the gospel writers which has endured. Please remember this conditioning is now at the level of subconscous.

There is also the sympathy for the Arab terrorists which is found in Irish catholic republican circles. In certain Irish circles stick a towel around your head, carry an armalite and then you are set. Throw in a refugee lie and blame the Jews and you begin to see how it all comes together.

Having websites like the anti-Semitic Blanket spouting off regularly about how the Israelis are the new Nazis keeps the anti-Semitic pot boiling.

It is not only the weedy little Blanket which spouts strange theories of the world. In another article I drew attention to the Irish Times writer who claimed that the Twin Towers atrocity was a very successful recruitment move by the Islamists. And so on. See the articles 1 to 10 introducing my website

In this regard I don’t think one should forget those Israeli traitors who come across under sponsorship of the Palestine Solidarity and push their hatred for Israel. Note how these traitors use the leniency of the Israeli government to launch treasonous attacks. Arabs would be killed on the spot by Hamas and others if they attacked any Arab regime.

Then there is the influence of the EU in Ireland. Similarly with the UN - Ireland has always made a big deal about supporting the anti-Semitic UN. And finally there is just general hostility to Israel in Ireland and always has been. Ireland was the last European government to recognise Israel. De Valera sent a telegram of condolence on hearing of Hitler’s death and he also refused to allow into Ireland a single Jewish Refugee from the Holocaust.

So what are these anti-Semites masquerading under the name of being anti-Israelites up to in Ireland at the moment?

The Irish Palestine Solidarity has on their website this statement:
‘The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, supported by the Movement against Israeli Apartheid, has called on all groups, organisations and movements worldwide to support their call, issued on the occasion of the Ireland vs. Israel soccer matches, to "Show Israeli Apartheid the Red Card!" - to use the match on 4 June to complain about Israeli denial of human rights to Palestinians.’

Their activities are ceaseless. All the public are welcomed 29 May 2005 10.00am in Belfast 26 Mile Sponsored Walk for Palestine

In Limerick where there WAS a pogrom of Irish Jews we see the following activity:
31 May 2005 8.00 PM in Halla يde, Thomas Street, Limerick. Talk by Maireلd Corrigan, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, and Justin Morahan, Peace Campaigner.
Mordechai Vanunu, Hero of World Peace, plus screening of recently recorderd exclusive interview by Seلn O'Carroll and Marيa Ecsribano with Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, who spent 18 years in prison.

But if you are feeling nauseous don’t read this:
1 Jun 2005 7.00 PM in Halla يde, Thomas Street, Limerick. Caoimhe Butterly Talk and screening of her new documentary Visit Palestine and The Apartheid Wall in Palestine
Caoimhe Butterly is one of a growing number of volunteers who risk their own safety to intervene in the long-running and bloody conflict between Israel and Palestine. Several internationals, including her, have now been injured. Some have died. She describes witnessing the aftermath of the attack on Jenin in April 2002. We follow her work, the main emphasis being the accompaniment of communities at risk. Despite being threatened, shot in the leg and deported, she is determined to go back. She brings her story back to her native Ireland at public meetings, receives a Time Magazine 'European Hero Award', and travels to post-war Iraq to visit Palestinian refugee camps. She arrives back in Jenin, shortly before a young woman from that community, Hanadi Jaradat, blows herself up in a suicide bombing in Haifa. Activists such as Butterly are often stereotyped as lunatics, meddlers or saints. The film offers an insight into a brave, honest, determined yet self critical woman who takes direct action to the limit, with no quest for glory. She also serves as a conduit into the everyday lives of Palestinians. The film gives us a rare chance to see what she calls 'the spaces of beauty and joy' created by a people under occupation. Following the screening Caoimhe will give a short talk and answer questions from the audience. The film originally planned for this evening about the Apartheid Wall snaking through the West Bank, encircling Palestinian villages may be postponed to a later date.

But even that is surpassed by this:
‘3 Jun 2005 6:30 PM in To be confirmed later The Alternative World Cup Qualifier Football Match - Ireland v Palestine
A selection of Irish soccer players, the cream of Limerick's sporting elite, will engage a crack Palestinian selection for the glory of the much coveted, Treaty Trophy. This will be followed by a Palestinian Food and Music Extravaganza by the river at the Locke Bar, from 8:30pm `til late, all for free.

However, the really sickening part happens at the football under the Dublin Branch:
4 Jun 2005 in End the Occupation -- demonstration and march, starting 3 PM outside Central Bank on Dame Street
On 4 June, the same day as the Ireland-Israel football match in Dublin, there will be a demonstration and march in Dublin. The demonstration starts at 3;00 PM outside the Central Bank on Dame Street.

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