Monday, May 30, 2005


This piece was carried on Jerusalem Post. I saw it on Israpundit. I add some comments at the end – Felix Quigley

The Holocaust denier/ terrorist meets the Judenrat
JPost, a most distressing piece of news:
Abbas, Jewish officials meet

At a meeting Thursday with US Jewish officials just before his White House visit, Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas stressed his successes stemming terrorist violence, pledged that the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza would not take place under fire, and said that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had rejected efforts to open back-channel communications about final-status issues.

The Palestinian leader met with the Jews at his Washington hotel on Thursday morning in a meeting organized by American Jewish billionaire S. Daniel Abraham, founder of the Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation...

At the meeting with Jewish officials, "It certainly was good to hear Abu Mazen reaffirm his support for nonviolence and say negotiations are the only way for the Palestinians to achieve their objectives," said the assistant executive director of Americans for Peace, Lewis Roth, using Abbas's nom de guerre. As for Abbas's plans to keep Hamas quiet after Israel's pullout, Lewis said, "He gave some good assurances but didn't go into a lot of detail."
The hour-long meeting with the Jews included representatives from groups both left and right of center, and it was more of an opportunity for Abbas to make a gesture toward the Jews than to have a real exchange of ideas, according to some of those who attended the meeting.
Like Joseph Alexander Norland of Israpundit I find this piece most disturbing.

(The JP article does not tell us exactly who these Jews and Jewish groups who met with Abbas in HIS hotel were, just that they were from ‘right and left of centre’. This is a pity, really, because these leaders and groups should be held up in shame, both now and especially in the future (as the consequences of this sellout over Gaza becomes clear to all)
Note that this petty criminal Abbas, who paid the killers of the Olympic massacre so long ago, did not even have to leave his hotel. They trooped around to his hotel on a visit to him. What a sellout! What a betrayal!”

Abraham, who organised the meeting with Abbas, is a big financial supporter of the Democratic Party and the organisation is very much connected with the Peace Movement. These organisations may be well meaning but they are used by the fascists to destroy Israel.)

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