Monday, May 30, 2005


Different people see this Rose Garden meeting in different ways. In my experience of life it is sometimes the tiny flourishes which tell the most.

Read this report
(By Nicholas M. Horrock and Kathy Gambrell
UPI White House Correspondents
Published 7/25/2003 6:24 PM)

The following is a small extract from the report.

‘The meeting on an almost perfect July day seemed to show growing warmth between the two leaders. Abbas told reporters that his visit with Bush was "fruitful" and they had discussed key problems Palestinians face.

Prior to entering the Rose Garden, Bush sat in the Oval Office with Abbas and Vice President Dick Cheney. As time neared for them to face the media, Bush and Abbas stood near the president's desk, with Bush smiling and appearing to talk passionately to Palestinian prime minister, at one point placing his hand on Abbas' shoulder -- something he does with foreign leaders with whom he's becoming friends.

Bush said the United States and the Palestinian Authority will establish a Joint Palestinian Economic Development Group, which will form plans for financial and business investment in Palestinian areas. The president said he has asked Treasury Secretary John Snow and Commerce Secretary Don Evans to travel to the Middle East and "report back to me on the steps we need to take to build a solid economic foundation for a sovereign Palestinian state."

Ah, that old hand on that old shoulder trick.

Yes this Bush really is a trickster, a liar, a very shallow character. Would you buy a used car from him? I wouldn’t!

But what this all means is that the US knows that it is in serious trouble with the Islamists in Iraq and Iran. No matter what they do those damned Jihadists keep sending the Americans back in body bags

Bush is really a kind of witch doctor.

He thinks, thinks, one way out is to offer up some kind of sacrifice to these demons and that is where the Jews and Israel come in. In this regard,lucky for him that according to Manny Winstone the Jews are led by a man who shows signs of being effected (really) by senile dementia who in meetings has to be prodded by an aide to keep him from dropping off. And Bush and Rice are acquainted with these medical details. The Americans do have an organization which does keep informed about such matters.

Hence the Palestinian Arab Holocaust Denier finds he is being pawed by one of the US Bush family.

More to that than meets the eye if you know anything of the history of Bush senior and his inlaws.

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