Friday, December 02, 2011


What will happen if the Iranian Government is able to produce Nuclear Bombs?
Will Iran armed with Nuclear Bombs be a threat to Israel and Jews?
Is there a parallel to draw from Iran with a Nuclear Bomb to Hitler using state power to murder 6 millions of Jews?
In relation to Iran and its production  of Nuclear Bombs many people are closing their eyes and are shutting out mentally the repercussions of Iran with a Nuclear Bomb (remember most likely plural) . Is there a parallel to the refusals of both Chamberlain and Stalin to face up to the true intent of Hitler and His Nazis as the 1930s wore on and advanced towards War and The Holocaust of the Jews?
Jeremy Clarkson has “threatened” British workers with being taken out and shot in front of their families. While Clarkson was more or less letting his mouth run away with himself yet he is truer to the future than he may himself realize. British workers will be shot by the British ruling class in the not too distant future as the crisis of capitalism envelops all.
British workers need to waken up to what the British ruling class (the cruellest ruling class in the world) has in store for them. But British workers remain trapped behind trade union leaders that are racist and anti-Semitic. In fact the Unite Trade Union leaders who are out for the scalp of Clarkson are the most anti-Semitic of all, appearing on platforms with certain anti-Semites.
The main lesson of history as far as The Holocaust is concerned is that very few Jewish people understood the terrible dangers that the Nazis were to them, before the event, which is the only time that mattered.
The reasons why Judaism, which is a wonderful and fulfilling religion, is not equipped to lead the Jewish people in the face of the threat of Fascism, which always has within it the component of anti-Semitism. This is the contradiction which keeps repeating itself. Judaism is a great religion, which is not only a religion but is also the national liberationist movement of the Jewish people, but this Judaism cannot lead by itself to providing the safe Homeland and place of spiritual security. Only the Socialist Revolution by defeating Fascism and all forms of Anti-Semitism can secure that Jewish Homeland. But Judaism leads workers and Jewish people against the socialist revolution. A contradiction which in order to solve must be first of all accepted and stated.
The huge significance of the Protest Movement in US, London, Ireland and Spain. These are mainly youth who are badly affected by the world capitalist crisis. The leadership of these Protest Movements may sometimes be anti-Semitic, having imbibed the Arab Palestinian narrative, yet the content is the capitalist crisis, and it is also the capitalist crisis which will cause a grave threats to the Jews just as it did in the 1930s, and following the Wall Street Crash of 1929.
Objectively speaking Jews, and these youth who are propelled into political activity, no matter how inadequate that political activity may be seen to be, are indeed allies. But subjectively this is not the case. There are examples of Jewish leaders who are very prominent in the Jewish blogosphere who are attacking these youth. Nothing could be more destructive to the Jewish cause than such attacks on anti-          capitalist youth.
To return to the issue of the Nuclear Bomb which Iran prepares Jews are in great danger from the Iranian Nuclear Bomb, an immediate danger, which the Jewish people using its hard fought for state must try to defend itself by means of destroying physically that bomb making capability. But that is not the only thing.  Fascism was the creature of a lumpen proletariat allied with a frenzied middle class. The middle class was made frenzied by the capitalist economic crisis. These patterns are repeating today. This is the fundamental danger to Jews and they come from a capitalist system in terminal crisis.
The issue for all socialists, and for all well-meaning people who think of themselves as socialists, ia without any question the issues of the Jews, the defence of the Jews against modern anti-Semitism, which is taking a different form today, but is more deadly still. So to be a true socialist today the starting point is defence of Israel against world anti-Semitism. If they do not defend Israel they are not even at the starting gate.  
The struggle for the theory of knowledge which is dialectical materialism is fundamental in all human revolutionary activity. Man is both a creature of his environment but also is an active agent on that environment. Man must be understood historically and not from the stunted and stultifying position of religion, with its static outlook on man and his possibilities. Consequently and following this theme on the shoulders of revolutionary man today rests the future of the whole of nature, and indeed of the planet. There can be no happiness of a real and lasting nature for man outside of acting from that perspective.
4international, also printing isill.blogspot, is alone on the left in unconditional defence of Israel. That is fact. We are first of all in unity with Israeli leaders and with all Jewish people. Inside that unity there is a necessary conflict because we are dialectical materialists. That is OUR philosophy. Anti-Semitism is like a giant and very nasty bully. The Jews are the victim. Every step back that the victim takes from the bully the bully feels deep down in his psyche vindicated. But the appetite of the bully for cruelty is never sated by this step back by the victim. The bully becomes worse.
Why do Jews keep stepping back from the bully? This is because Jews have learned from bitter experience over an awful long time that resistance to the bully can make things worse. It became a mechanism for survival.
This stepping back also brings into some focus the historical corruption of Judaism as a philosophy by the Greeks and Romans, cultures which are heavily promoted by capitalism, and which led to historical Christianity, which became such a scourge on the Jewish people.
The problem for modern Jews is that going back to ancient bible teachings is only a part solution for Jews because this has the ingrained problem that these ancient scriptures cannot address the modern state of mankind in an historical manner, it can only address the modern state of mankind in a scriptural manner. To recognize fully, and to understand fully, the modern nature and state of mankind needs rather the science of dialectical materialism. This is the contradiction. In order for Jews to have a resting place, to have a place free from anti-Semitism where they can practice their ancient religion and culture, requires a leadership based on the science of dialectical materialism.

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