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As I write this the image of Sharon and Peres thugs bounding like a band of hyenas up the steps of the Jewish hotel is still fresh on my mind! These thugs are mindless. They are the ideological product of lies and lies about the Judaic tradition which has been conducted by the Social Democratic and Stalinist “Left” really since 1948 and even before.. But Sharon and Peres and the Likud Party who did not act against Sharon are the traitors and they are finished in Israeli society.

The backdrop to this action, we must never forget, are those polls which showed that the Israeli Public had moved decisively against this action of uprooting Jews from Yesha. This is the action of desparate people who are opposed to democracy!

Ariel “Abu” Sharon is being transformed into a hated figure and his police and army special forces are being transformed into the Stasi. Now Sharon is really using extreme violent tactics against his own fellow Jews.

This is not even a Jewish thing in that sence. History of every country (and I mean evetry country) is full of examples of traitors turning against their own progressive and revolutionary forces.

In this situation I reject with derision all those Israeli-haters in the media who refer to the valiant Jews who man the barricades against this Jewish special “Stasi” as being “right-wing”. What a senseless phrase? What is it supposed to connote? It certainly doesn’t refer to socio-economic factors. What then? What is “right-wing” when these stupid and illiterate (really) scribblers of this bourgeois media refer as such to the wonderful young Jews who are dragged down, six at least Stasi to a slightly–built kid. Not right-wing in any way, just the most progressive forces in the world today!

What if some of these kids are reading the Torah? I am an atheist and a dialectical materialist and I say with all my heart “Well, good for them”. I hope they will go on and continue the Judaic religion and culture for as long as they live. They have seen the empty phoney-secularism of the Stalinist Mapai and social democracy and they do not like it. And they are right in my opinion because this Stalinist mapai-politics (Sharon) and social democracy (Peres) are of the same ilk as that which betrayed the German working class movement and German people in general to the German Nazis of 1933. In their case secularism does not equal Spinoza but cynical hatred of the Jewish tradition. But remember they are Jews in the final analysis and they will pay the price as well if the nazi stormtroopers of Abbas have their way.

Well we will see! This is only the first battle. Gaza may fall, it may not, but whatever - the Israeli fighting public have finished with Sharon and Peres for good and all they represent for evermore. All who are responsible directly and all who refused to fight Sharon in the Knesset will be called to account by the Israeli Jewish public and they will ALL be labelled by history as the biggest traitors to the Jews in History. They should take no satisfaction! Their particular purgatory will be long and bitter!

For a new leadership, in Israel and in the world!

Monday, June 20, 2005


People are drawn to support of the Jewish people from many backgrounds and one such was Col. Richard Meinertzhagen and the following piece is by Barbara and Mordechai Goldman.

It was sent to Joseph Alexander Norland and Joseph posted it on Israpundit. Irish readers should learn about this important man. It begins with an introduction by Joseph. I am as yet unable to master the software moves to publish the map referred to. I will include it later.

Meinertzhagen Square, Jerusalem
On June 17, I posted on IsraPundit a tribute to Richard Meinertzhagen. Barbara and Mordechai Goldman, who e-mail historical material associated with Jewish/Israeli anniversaries, informed me that they, too, intend to e-mail a piece on Col Meinertzhagen; their piece is given below.
In the course of our correspondence I asked the Goldmans whether they could locate Jerusalem's Meinertzhagen Square, which was inaugurated in 1997 in the presence of Richard's son. In response, I receivd a section of a Jerusalem map showing the square at the center of the map

Col. Richard MeinertzhagenBy Barbara and Mordechai Goldman
Today, it is our privilege to honor one of the lesser-known righteous Gentiles, who was pro-Jewish, pro-Zionist, and vigorously acted upon his beliefs all his life.

Colonel Richard Meinertzhagen was a world-renowned ornithologist and an officer in the British army. His exploits on behalf of the Jewish people are too numerous for us to do them justice, but we will bring a few examples of his words and deeds.

Meinertzhagen's efforts on behalf of Jews began in 1910 in Odessa, which he was visiting, partly on holiday and partly on an espionage assignment from the War Office. He was dining with the British consul-general when they heard a commotion outside.

From the front doorway, they saw people running and shouting. A pogrom was in progress, said the consul, and they had best keep off the street. "Now you will see one of the vilest facets of the Russian character," he said. The consul had difficulty restraining the 32-year-old officer as they watched people being axed and stabbed.

At one point, a Russian dragged a girl of about 12 past the consulate by her hair. "She was screaming and the man was shouting," Meinertzhagen recorded in his diary. "I have no doubt that she would have been [raped] and then murdered. I could not help it, I heard old Hales' [his school headmaster's] voice shouting: 'Do something!' So I dashed out, kicked the Russian violently in the stomach with my heavy Russian boot and landed him a good blow on the jaw. He went down like a log and I carried the child into the consulate.... "I am deeply moved by these terrible deeds, and have resolved that whenever and wherever I can help the Jews, I shall do so to the best of my ability."

Meinertzhagen was motivated not just by a sense that the Jews had had a raw deal, as he put it, but by Christian sentiment. "I was much influenced by the Divine Promise that the Holy Land will forever remain Israel's inheritance," wrote Meinertzhagen.

Apropos the “Uganda Plan”, he wrote in 1904, "The Jews' home is in Palestine, not in Africa. G-d knows, there will be enough trouble here [Africa] in 50 years when the natives get educated. Why not persuade the Turks to give the [Jews] Palestine? The Arabs are doing nothing with it, and the Jews with their brains and dynamic force would be a great asset to Turkey."

He rejoiced in the creation of the Jewish State, and lived to see his confidence in the Jews' martial abilities - a view scoffed at by many - dramatically vindicated in the War of Independence. He visited Israel in 1953 as a guest of the state and was exhilarated by the country's vitality. He died at the age of 89, on June 17, 1967, a week after the Six-Day War. Meinertzhagen was honored in 1997 by Israel: a square was named for him in Jerusalem, and a conference held at Tel Aviv University.

Posted by Joseph Alexander Norland at June 21, 2004 07:00 AM


I am running a regular feature “The Resistance Builds to Sharon’s Treachery’ and I will publish the heading with an orange background, the chosen colour of the Resistance to the Bush/Blair/Sharon betrayal of Jews.

I stand completely behind the young and not so young people in Gaza and Northern Shamron who are defying Sharon. It is an almost incredible situation that Jew should be doing this to Jew in 2005. But it is not completely incomprehensible to me either. In preparation for launching I studied the early stages of the Israeli state and I saw the horrible hatred which the Left (really stalinist left) Founders of Israel had for anybody of an orthodox Judaic predisposition. Those socialist/stalinists really did hate Vladimir Jabonitsky, Abraham Stern and Menachim Begin and used incredible treachery to put them down. In many ways this is being replayed in the present.

These are some of the events connected with the Resistance to Sharon that have happened recently:

1. Today's exploits by the white/blue Stasi

From Ynet:

Protester: cops broke my hand
16-year-old activist arrested for blocking traffic, says she was beaten by police, prevented from seeing doctor

She says that after she was arrested and detained for questioning, the officers started to beat her, and one twisted her left arm behind her back, breaking it.

"I will be pressing civil charges against the police in the coming days," she says.

'You are not human beings' The incident stemmed from a right-wing protest in late May in which several teenagers were arrested The girl, who will remain anonymous, was arrested near the Ranana junction and taken to the police station in nearby Kfar Saba. "They put about 30 of us in one room, guys and girls together. There was no air to breath. We asked to open a window or door, but they yelled at us, saying, 'you are not human beings, you are nothing.' "We started making noise to protest, and the cops thought I was the ringleader. They took me out of the room, brought me into the hallway, and two officers started to beat me. One of them twisted my arm behind my back," she told Ynet.

No doctors in jail

The girl says her arm started to swell, and she asked to see a doctor about 11:00 PM. She was told the station had no doctor, but she would see one when she was transferred to Maasiyahu Prison the next day."In the meanwhile, my arm was in terrible pain, and swelled up even more. They wouldn't even give me ice for it, "she says.At Maasiyahu the next day, she refused to identify herself to the doctor, who in turn refused to treat her.Several days later, when the girl's remand was extended, a judge ordered the police provide medical attention even if the girl refused to cooperate.

"After three days they took an x-ray and put some sort of bandage on it," she recalls. That Thursday, after four days in detention, she was released from detention but forbidden from leaving the settlement where she lives.

"I went straight to the doctor," she says, "and he took more x-rays and told me the arm was broken."

2. If true, this is bad news

200 Nissanit families reach agreement to move

With only two months left until disengagement takes place, the government had made only three small group agreements with settlers totaling 86 families out of 1,800. It has also received 220 individual compensation claims.

On Friday legal representatives of some 200 Nissanit families and Disengagement Authority head Yonathan Bassi met with Ashkelon Mayor Roni Mehatzri over cake and soda in his office. They hammered out the details of an agreement, which would give the families half-dunam plots with a sea view similar to the village they now live in...

To make the deal, settlers gave up their request for self-governance, which had been a deal breaker for them in the past. While they will be able to build many communal institutions within Golf Village, they will remain within the Ashkelon municipality.

Settlers also agreed not to live together while they await construction of their homes. They will instead either rent apartments in the city or move to mobile homes set up elsewhere by the state.

In exchange for relenting on these two points, they will receive an area that had been slated for a vacation village with a golf course some 800 meters away from the shore. The developer went broke and gave up on the project; hence the name "Golf Village" explained a city spokeswoman.
She said the village could hold up to 400 families. Nissanit has some 300 families of which some 43 families have already been part of smaller group deals.

If this report is true, then the Resistance seems to be weakening.

3. JPost on the steadfastness of Yesha pioneers
JPost reports:

On Thursday Ginzburg, a 60-year-old grandmother, tended the geraniums she planted at her new home in Maoz Yam, the Gush Katif compound that the community's radical leaders have dubbed "The Stalingrad of Disengagement."...

Two of Ginzburg's children, along with nine of her 19 grandchildren, are to move into the grandmother's three-room apartment next week to help with the cause.

Designated the compound's unofficial gardener, the matronly Ginzburg has coaxed her geraniums to bloom, and nursed the oleander bushes back to health. "All of this was a trash heap," she said, pointing to the entrance of Maoz Yam, which served as Gush Katif's Palm Hotel until the intifada's violence drove customers away.The IDF and Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) keep close watch on Maoz Yam, the 114-room former hotel which some 30 families, including hard-core right-wing activists, have made their base of operations to stop the evacuation, or at least make the process unbearably painful.

While Ginzburg, who moved to Maoz Yam two weeks ago with her husband, is content to cram her family and belongings into a small bungalow, Adasha struggles through Nitzanim's deep sand looking miserable...

Nadia Matar, one of the Maoz Yam founders, says that over the past year she has managed to bring 150 new families to Gush Katif and refurbish 471 abandoned structures to house activists who come to thwart the evacuation. She believes tens of thousands will swarm Gush Katif on "D-Day," as she calls it...

Ginzburg's was one of the last families to leave Yamit in 1982. She and her husband moved there in 1981, "to strengthen the community," for the same reasons they moved to Gush Katif two weeks ago.But in contrast to Yamit, where the vast majority of settlers left long before IDF bulldozers rumbled to their doorsteps, the Ginzburgs are impressed by the Gush Katif residents' fortitude. Ginzburg concludes that people like Adasha constitute "the weak 2 percent of those who live here."

4. White/blue Stasi: Disengagement matters; Israeli children don't.
Arutz 7:

School Patrol Vehicles Reassigned to Disengagement Duty
Seeking to satisfy manpower needs surrounding the Gaza/Shomron Disengagement Plan, Israel Police have transferred patrol vehicles currently assigned to school patrols to disengagement duty.

Union of Local Authorities officials accuse police of abandoning the security needs of the nation’s school children.

During recent years, about 100 patrol vehicles have been assigned to protect the nation’s schools and that number is now being drastically reduced.

Union of Local Authorities head Adi Eldar sent a letter to Public Security Minister Gideon Ezra, warning the decision to redeploy the cars to disengagement-related duties will seriously compromise security for the nation’s school children ‘


I am starting a regular feature “The Resistance Builds to Sharon’s Treachery over Gaza’ and I will publish the heading with an orange type, the chosen colour of the Resistance to the Bush/Blair/Sharon betrayal of Jews. Many of these items I get by reading the website

I could write a million words to try to describe how rotten is the Israeli Left Jew-hating anti-semites of Israel, you know who they are – those Israeli hating Jews from Israel who come across here to Ireland and call Israel “Nazi” usually at Palestine Solidarity Group meetings, and in the pages of the Blanket, Belfast’s very own Counterpunch.

But I could not manage it as well as the following few short paragraphs do. Put it in your scrapbook, label it neo-Left lunacy. How they hate Zion.

From the sublime to the ridiculous

Arutz 7 reports:

Peace Now Orange Phobia

The radical left-wing Peace Now organization has sent a somewhat bizarre request to IDF officials, apparently motivated by the organization’s orange phobia, the solidarity color of the anti-disengagement movement.

Peace Now is calling upon the army to change the color of the orange wind-directional flags that are used in army heliports.

Peace Now leader Yariv Oppenheimer is calling for the removal of the wind flag seen over the Kiriya Defense Ministry, explaining supporters of the organization have indicated their displeasure with the orange flag.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


I do not know what Ireland gets up to in the United Nations in relation to Ireland. I would dearly like to follow what the Southern Irish parties do in relation to Israel.

The following article which I have picked up from my good friends at Israpundit may be an indication that similar things may be happening in the Irish political establishment in relation to Israel.

The issue concerns the efforts by the Canadian Conservative Party to have Israel treated not better but just the same as other nations. I am amazed and horrified by what happened to these efforts at the hands of the Canadian political class. To me it also shows how widespread is anti-Semitism and Jew (Israel) hatred that it has spread to the prairies!

Press release by Stockwell Day, MP, Conservative Party of Canada


For Immediate Release June 16, 2005

Ottawa – Stockwell Day, Official Opposition Foreign Affairs Critic, today at the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, brought forward a motion instructing the Canadian Government to demand that the state of Israel be afforded the same rights of any other member to participate in the deliberations of all United Nations’ bodies. The motion was obstructed by Liberal, Bloc and NDP members.

“It is a well known fact that Israel is regarded by many undemocratic nations as being deserved of nothing more than secondary status,” said Day. “It is shameful that the other party members of the Committee have attempted to deflect and ultimately postponed this motion. Frankly, Israel as a democratic state deserves more respect than that.”

Mr. Day was willing to work with minor amendments, conceding so long as the message remained unchanged. However, with every concession came another amendment, until other parties completed their original unspoken goal of postponing a vote on the amendment. There is a definite possibility that this motion, and Israel’s deserved respect, may not even be addressed again due to the impending summer recess of Parliament.

“All I am asking is that our government affirm support at the UN for Israel to have the same rights of participation as other countries,” remarked Day. “It was deeply disappointing to see the Liberals vote with the NDP and the Bloc to deny official support for an end to discrimination towards Israel at the UN.”

For more information, contact: Aaron Scheewe at 613-762-5465
Posted by Joseph Alexander Norland at June 18, 2005 08:02 AM
One of the biggest puzzles of out time is how the Left, not part of the Left but all of it, has turned themselves into the greatest Israeli-haters of them all. In this essay Steven Plaut describes the process of hatred for Israel, put-down of Israel, hatred for Jews, put-down of Jews – are both one and the same thing.

This is the central point that has to be dealt with in Ireland. The question is: Does this hatred of Israel and hatred of Zionism equate to a hatred of Jews? On this I am with Steven Plaut. To my mind it definitely does.

The central idea behind Zionism is that Jews are a Nation and that this Nation is no different to any other, it needs to have a Homeland. The Jews decided that this Homeland had to be in the historic land of their birth as a Nation.

The Jews did not throw any Arabs off the Land. When land was available for sale they bought it, sometimes at highly inflated prices. Arabs remained within Israel when it was founded and were given full democratic rights just as much as any Jew.

But, and this is the great mistake and weakness of the Zionist movement, they did not allow for the awful Jew-hatred which exists, both in the world outside and in the world of Islam.

Steven Plaut’s article starts here:

Zionism's Greatest Achievement. Jews Now Seen as "Bullies"
Written by Steven PlautThursday, March 18, 2004

In some ways it is a depressing period in Jewish history. The American Jewish Diaspora community, or at least the non-Orthodox bulk therein, is in the process of committing cultural/national/religious suicide. Most American Jews are indifferent to their Jewishness; intermarriage is close to and may be above 50%; and the dominant ''religion'' of the American non-Orthodox Jews is the pseudo-religion of Liberalism-as-Judaism, its chief tenet being that Judaism is nothing more nor less than the political agenda of the American left, never mind that this agenda is totally bankrupt intellectually on its own demerits. The Reform movement and the Deconstructionist Reconstructionists are simply religious Liberals, where political liberalism is their dogma.

Many Conservatives (as in Conservative synagogues) are also. No, liberal Conservative is not an oxymoron. The ''defense'' organizations, American Jewish Congress, Bnai Brith, etc., are also largely devoted to the practice of political liberalism as pseudo-religion.

And then we have the chattering classes in Israel, the media, and intelligentsia and literati, devoted to seeing Israel weakened, dismembered, and then destroyed through the Oslo process of national suicide.

We have even the Likud, first under Netanyahu and then under Sharon, still pursuing the delusion of the ''peace process,'' still trying to buy Arab toleration through strategic endangerment of Israel's existence, still thinking that just a few more concessions to the PLO will nudge the PLO away from terror and its genocidal ambitions and move it to peaceful coexistence.

Well, in these days of frustration, I think there is one idea that we should bear in mind. And that is that the Zionist movement and ideology have many fantastic accomplishments under their belt, one of the more important of which is that Zionism forced a major change in the nature and expression of anti-Semitism.

Not that anti-Semites are really any different when they hide behind the mask of anti-Zionism. These are the same gutter bigots, the same people who refuse to acknowledge that Jews are humans, that Jews are entitled to rights and equality. But they have been forced to express their bigotry DIFFERENTLY.

This should be obvious any time you observe the campus anti-Semites, the Left, and the Arab fascists and the self-hating Jewish leftist Uncle Toms, demonstrating against Israel. For centuries, the slogans of the anti-Semites were that Jews were racially inferior, intellectually inferior, cowards, money-grubbers, killers of God, sub-humans. But observe the main slogan of anti-Semites TODAY! It is that Jews are mean. They are mean to the poor Palestinians. Ooooh, soooo mean.

What a marvelous transformation! The main calumny now thrown at the Jews is that they are bullies, meanies. What greater accomplishment of Zionism could be imagined?

Of course, this does not mean that the anti-Semites really DO think that the Jews are mean or cruel to the Palestinians. The anti-Zionists do not give a damn about the Palestinians, and the last thing they care about is Arab human rights. This is why they have absolutely nothing to say about the treatment of Arabs in Arab countries or by the Palestinian Authority's Gestapo. When Saddam Hussein ordered Kuwaiti civilians to be forced to drink gasoline and then had his troops shoot into their bellies to make them explode to the cheers and laughs of his storm troopers, there was not a single anti-Zionist who expressed disapproval or concern.

The anti-Zionists know perfectly well that Arabs are treated 1000 times better in Israel (EVEN if one were to believe all of their accusations and allegations of mistreatment) than are Arabs in Arab countries, and, of course, they refuse to admit that the Arab treatment of non-Arab minorities in the Arab countries is even a legitimate topic of discourse.

The anti-Semites lament supposed Israeli mistreatment of the poor Palestinians because they think this is an effective way to delegitimize and undermine the existence of Israel. In other words, they are motivated by hatred of Jews and not by any compassion for Palestinians.

They seek to see Israel destroyed, not the Palestinians enfranchised, or rather their only interest in Palestinian enfranchisement is as a tool to endanger Israel's existence. Of the enormous territories of the Middle East, larger than the United States, the only place where they suddenly are concerned for the welfare and civil rights of Arabs is in Israel. The other Arabs can go to hell.

And if they can accuse Israel of violating these civil rights, never mind that 90% of their accusations are invented, then they can pretend to be compassionate and interested in peace, not gutter bigots who hate Jews.

The anti-Semites have lost their ability to march about and accuse the Jews of ritual murders and similar medieval libels, at least outside the Arab world's press. Such things make them laughable in the West. No one outside the Arab world takes the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as anything other than an embarrassment for anti-Zionists. So they have seized onto a new propaganda tactic, complaining that the Jews are Oh So Mean and Cruel and Bullies.

At long last--after two millennia of exile--to be accused of being bullies! To leave the anti-Semites with no more effective weapon than heaping invective upon the mean Jews. For this, one must say a blessing of thanksgiving, a Shecheyanu! And often.

It is Zionism's greatest achievement.


In a situation like this when so much is at stake and when all the power is in the hands of our enemies it is the most natural thing in the world to clutch at straws. I think this is what is happening in the following report from Israpundit (also carried in a somewhat similar fashion by David Vance on Thetangledweb)

First the piece, then I will add my comments at the end:

‘One American (former) politician gets it right
Former U.S. House Representative Newt Gingrich has some remarks on the so-called "peace accords" which are remarkably smart. Would that someone in the Bush administration would take heed of these words:
Gingrich: U.S. should abandon roadmap in the quest for peace

The U.S. should abandon the roadmap in its quest for Middle East peace, former House speaker Newt Gingrich argued in the recently published summer edition of the Middle East Quarterly.
In a paper entitled, "Defeat Terror, Not Roadmap Diplomacy," the high-profile Republican leader insisted that civil negotiations and Oslo-like diplomacy should not continue until the Palestinian Authority dismantles all terrorist infrastructures.

"Diplomacy is important and has a vital role to play, but its function must be different than the Oslo process and the roadmap suggest," he wrote. "The focus on Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy cannot work when one side has a leadership that does not deliver on its word."...
Gingrich argued that diplomacy in face of violence "is the wrong answer because it puts the wrong people in charge of finding a solution."

Diplomacy should not be used as political checkmate while one side keeps its word, and the other side willfully disregards its promises to gain political advantage....
In a neatly outlined argument, Gingrich also urged for less Israel Defense Forces restraint and a more aggressive military response to attacks on Israeli civilians. He tries to put Israeli casualties in context of the American population and insists that the IDF response has been far more restrained than that of the US in its war on terror.

"When a neighborhood shelters terrorists, it should not be surprised at a violent response," he insisted. "When a rocket or mortar is fired from a neighborhood, people should expect retaliatory fire. When someone advocates killing Israelis, they should expect to be killed by those they plan to kill."...

"The primary requirement for peace should be the destruction of the terrorists," he wrote. "This inherently is not a diplomatic task. Smoke and mirrors will not work."
Tell it like it IS, Newt! Unfortunately, smoke and mirrors (or horse manure and bull manure) is what we get from Eurabia, the U.N. and most unfortunately, right now, from the U.S. government in the quixotic quest for a real peace from those who are unwilling to make peace and continue to plot for the destruction of Israel.

Posted by Maurice Sonnenwirth at June 17, 2005 06:42 PM
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1. Ed D said:
Newt gets it exactly right. The IDF must take harsh responses against the terrorist. PMSharon is creating a catastrophy by his own agenda. President Bush and his Arabist State Department and with his love affair with Prince Abdullah and his oil, is destroying the Republican Party. The trio of all of them reminds me of the Roman Empire. Et tu, Brutus
Posted by: Ed D on June 17, 2005 09:19 PM

My comments…Felix Quigley

What Gingrich has said is correct and it is welcome but is it enough? There are very big stakes involved in this for Israel. To America it is just one more issue in the world, but to Israel it is everything.

Gingrich is a former Speaker of the House of Representatives and thus to my mind is still in a very powerful position. In the US special sittings can take place to discuss this, that and the other and are given great publicity on the main media. Such happened with that idiot George Galloway! How important is he?

Why can Gingrich and his many friends (he surely is still influential) not get together in a meeting and bring some real pressure on Bush/Rice. Time now is not on the side of the valiant Yesha pioneers. It is actually on the side of the PA and Hamas Jew-haters. Why not a congressional hearing next week or in two weeks? Don’t say it is not possible, everything is possible! It has to be made possible!


There is such a thing as the collective memory of a people and a nation and no people possesses this like the Jewish nation. You see, they have been given training in this by the rest of humanity, a training which has extended over 2000 years.

In the Oslo Accords of 1993 the PLO under Arafat/Abbas were brought back into Yesha by the Israeli Labourites, given a state, given Jerusalem as capital, given masses of dollars, given good wishes. Many Israelites were carried along on the Peace bandwagon. As far as the professional Israeli peaceniks were concerned it was going to be peace and happiness forever and a day.

But…To paraphrase Churchill loosely in relation to Chamberlain they planned for peace and got war.

There followed the barbarity of the suicidal jihadists, those characters, motivated by mainly Jew-hatred and Islamic fundamentalism, blew into smithereens countless buses filled with all kinds of defenceless harmless people, children, students, workers, housewives, and did this on a regular basis.

Behind the scenes Arafat and the newly formed PA pulled the strings.

Planning for peace, getting war, that has entered because of Oslo into the being of the Israeli people and supporters of Israel in the Diaspora.

Essentially, the Oslo Accords had taught the Jews of Israel a very big lesson. It may be a lesson people try or even would like dearly to forget because everybody hopes for peace and to be left in peace. But the lessons of Oslo has come back to haunt the Israeli Jews and this is having a big effect as they readjust their attitude to Sharon, and his promise of peace if only they give another present to the Arabs and withdraw from Gaza.

The similarity of Gaza to Oslo is amazing and we can summarise thus: Now it is give the Palestinian Arabs Gaza and Northern Shamron and later on all of Yesha. Then (in 1993) it was: Give the Arabs Gaza, 95 per cent of the West Bank, Gaza, East Jerusalem, in other words lets all turn over a new leaf, stop doing nasty things to each other, as a further gesture bring back the PLO under Arafat from Tunis, set the PLO up in government, give them lots of cash, then maybe for all this kindness they will be nice to us.

They weren’t. The Intifadas (or Pogroms) were started and were campaigned for on a world-wide basis (In Ireland especially by the Octopus-like Palestine Solidarity Committee and the Counterpunch surrogate The Blanket under the “inspiration” of Mr Anthony McIntyre.) The result of this was the immolation of thousands of Jewish civilians on civilian buses by Jihadist murdering fascists. (For some reason which I will allow you to work out McIntyre did not like the term “suicide Bomber” instead wanting it substituted with the term “Human bomb”I think he called it in one article. You work it out. The result is the same…dead Jews)

The Jews of Israel would like nothing more than a bit of peace. At first when Sharon proposed the withdrawal from Gaza a lot of Israelis were for it. Two things then happened in the intervening year since Sharon presented his “Plan” to Bush in April of 2004.

First Abbas and his PA made it clear that they would not/could not/did not want to anyhow…disarm and generally break up the Islamist Hamas, the Islamist Jihad movement, or even its own Al Aqsa jihadists.

Secondly it also became evident that the Arabs to circumvent the Wall were developing even more powerful rockets. Soon any part of Israel could be hit and with Gaza all theirs they had a perfectly long beach on which they could land all they needed for war. No need for tunnelling, Egypt could just ship them round the corner into state of the art ports that US dollars would pay for!

Sharon had obligingly left the coast clear with not even a radar station in sight, never mind any Israeli military. The additional facts, such as the two suicide bombers arrested at the gates of Jerusalem, or the hate anti-Jew drivel on PA television did not help.

And this is the essence of what is happening now.

There is a growing conflict between the majority of Israelis and its government over Gaza. As we move towards disengagement over the next weeks I hope to show how events are changing the perception of Israelis towards Sharon. One of these issues is the story of the rockets which the Arabs are beginning to use more and more.

Their use of rockets must terrify Israelis. It means that the wall while of benefit against suicide bombers is of no use against rockets. Hence this report from the first week of June ( is important:

Qassam attack on Sderot

At least two rockets hit southern town; damage caused to residential building, woman and two children treated for shock By Shmulik Haddad and Hanan Greenberg

SDEROT - Hamas claimed responsibility for a Qassam rocket attack on the southern town of Sderot Tuesday, calling it a response to confrontations between Israeli police and Palestinians at the al Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount during yesterday's Jerusalem Day celebrations.

"Any harm that befalls al Aqsa mosque will mean an open, fierce war in all of our land of Palestine, and by all means," Hamas' military wing said in a statement.

At least two Qassam rockets landed in the southern town, causing damage to a residential apartment building. A woman and her two children were taken to Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon and treated for shock.

Police were deployed to the area and are searching for additional rockets.

The rockets were fired from the town of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip at approximately 7 a.m.

In recent days, defense officials have said Palestinian police have not taken sufficient action against terror groups, and warned the IDF would attack the Gaza Strip area should the Palestinian Authority demonstrate weakness in stopping terror activity.

"Even now, when there is a certain calm, Israel reserves the right to defend its citizens and it will do that in the future if needed," one official said.

'A proper miracle'

One rocket hit the home of the Melech family in Sderot, at a time when all family members were home.

“We heard an huge explosion,” one family member said. “The whole house shook and a Qassam rocket hit the second floor, causing a lot of damage. A proper miracle happened here (that no one was killed). We are all in shock, and it will take some time until we are able to get over it. It’s tough to even speak about.”

Magen David Adom, city officials and police investigators are presenting on the scene.

Mayor: life to continue as normal

Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal said schools would operate as normal Tuesday despite the attack.

“It is important that daily life here continue as normal, at any price,” he said.

Moyal also said he received no early warning of the attack, but said such warnings are now irrelevant.

“I don’t think there is any warning (the government can) give us. Here we are, 70 days before disengagement, and we are being attacked - as always - because we are Jews," he said. "This will never change. Last week I was at the Hague for a convention with several Palestinian mayors. The mayor of Jabalia wouldn’t even speak to me."

Promises, promises

Yonatan Avokasis, who lost a daughter to a Qassam rocket, said one of the rockets fell a few hundred feet from his house.

"I was saying my morning prayers,” he told Ynet, “and I head a huge explosion. Everything shook, I dropped everything I was holding, and this made the kids panic even more than usual."

“In general, they have been very scared since my daughter Ella died. I have to take them everywhere, even to the bathroom. We (Israel) must wake up and do something. We can’t continue to sit back and wait for miracles. We’ve heard a million promises from (Palestinian leader Mahmoud) Abbas and everyone else, but no one does anything,” he said.

Hamas-Fatah tension

Earlier, defense officials estimated the attack was carried out by Hamas, and categorized the event as “very serious.” They pointed out that, whereas attacks on Sderot are often in response to Israel’s offensive maneuvers, this attack was unprovoked.

Officials also stressed the attack was because of Hamas tensions with Abbas’ ruling Fatah party. Hamas has been critical of Abbas’ decision to put off July 17 regional elections until November.

Hamas is expected to do strongly at the polls, and has accused Abbas of playing for time to try and thwart a strong Hamas showing.

Abbas is expected to visit Gaza Tuesday, and the attack is also considered a warning in advance of the visit. The defense establishment is also concerned that Hamas considers attacks on Israel as a legitimate method of protest against Abbas.

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06.07.05, 07:58
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06.07.05, 10:39

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Introduction by Felix Quigley

You often meet idiots on the IslamofascistIrish Left who argue that anti-Semitism today is rare. Over on The Tangled Web David Vance has pointed to over 20 Jewish headstones in Manchester smashed a few days ago, as he said “an awful lot of smashing”.

But the most serious forms of anti-Semitism today takes the form of the incessant attacks on Israel and at the centre of this is not just the Islamofascist Left as above, but the EU and US Governmental plans to place a Islamofascist terror state next door to Israel, as if there were not enough already of that ilk all over the Arab and Islamic world!

I reproduce this article from The Raphi website with its kind permission. It is by a wonderful and erudite Jewish writer called Emanuel A. Winston.

The article deals with the most serious issues, it is full of historical truths and is also related to the major surrender and treachery over Gaza by Sharon/Peres/US/EU/Quartet with the menace of Islamofascism for all of us in the background.

The Need to Hate the Jews
by Emanuel A. Winston
Friday, June 10, 2005

The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", a fraudulent book of malicious anti-Semitic fiction is much more than the sum of its pages.

The "Protocols" were forged as an anti-Semitic pamphlet in 26 chapters by the Russian Okhrana (Czarist secret police) as early as 1872 is vigorously anti-democratic and gives advice of how to subvert western civilization.

The "Protocols" became a central theme of Nazi thought, used by Adolph Hitler as the basis for "Mein Kampf". Directed by Joseph Goebbels, the "Protocols were translated into many languages and flooded the world.

The "Protocols" were used as anti-Semitic propaganda by the Christian Identity movement, Henry Ford, the Ku Klux Klan, the neo-Nazis, Holocaust deniers, Black Muslims, the Japanese, the Muslim Student Associations at Wayne State and the U. of California, in Stockholm, London’s Park Mosque, the Saudi Arabian government, the Aryan Nations, the Christian Nationalist Crusade, in South America, in the 1920s by the Arabs of Palestine and Syria and today it floods the world - especially the Muslim world. (1 & 2)

The "Protocols" speak more about its readers and their need to cast the Jews as a demonic culture/race which plans to conquer the world. While the theme speaks of conventional conquest, it also subliminally, rides on the deeply taught idea that Jews want their religion to be a master of other religions and their gods. Adolph Hitler who did intend to conquer the world, distributed this book by the thousands, as did Henry Ford and other known anti-Semites.

Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist (1875-1961), founder of analytical psychology, (3) developed the rationale that it was the aggressor who first claimed it was their intended victim who wished to attack them. That it was merely a pre-emptive self-defense to attack their intended victim, using all the methods of conquest they claimed were intended for them. Therefore, accuse your victim of what you plan to do to them and then - attack.

Hitler’s book "Mein Kampf" was a later follow-on to the path carved by the forged "Protocols". Historians can gather up the earlier bits and pieces of anti-Jewish canards which was the usual method of choice to stir up the mobs. Each horrific act against the Jewish people was like a pebble dropped into a pond. The ripples of hatred spread and when they reached another village-town-nation-church ready to enjoy a pogrom, the people exploded in a paroxysm of butchery against their Jews.

The "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was not merely a pebble, dropped to make spreading ripples of hate, it was a giant bolder which sent vast waves of hate around the world - much like a tsunami rolls along the bottom of the ocean until it slams into land.

The "Protocols" became the magnum opus of all other hate-filled lies and fit the needs of the Jew haters to justify the bestiality of their attacks. This wave of hatred sweeps around the planet to this day.

Long before the "Protocols" was forged in Russia, the Church of Rome had set into motion the idea that killing a Jew was a noble and necessary act to avenge the death of a Jewish man they adopted for their lord. Deicide (killing of a god) is an accusation that cannot be defended by the victim.

Like the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion", this charge is so immense and all encompassing the accused cannot say: "I didn’t do it" but he must prove he didn’t do it. Since disproving that you didn’t kill god is impossible so too is explaining you didn’t plan to conquer the world. I cannot help but wonder if the introduction of one G-d was not seen by the priest cults with their many pagan gods as an attempt to conquer the world through their Jewish G-d.

Consider the comparatively smaller lies (canards) which flowed from the Church or the so-called aristocracy in need of an excuse for the poverty that resulted from their profligate rule.
Jews were invariably chosen as available victims in order to re-direct the anger of the mobs away from the rulers. A lost or dead Christian child immediately became the "victim of the Jews who needed a Christian child’s blood to make matza". Christians couldn’t understand the elevated role that matza had for the Jewish holiday of Pesach. It was easy to trick the masses into believing this blood libel. They heard the Biblical story of how G-d directed Moshe (Moses) to slaughter a sheep (or lamb) to paint its blood on the lintels of their houses so the Angel of Death would "Pass-Over" Jewish homes.

With a bit of a creative twist, the dead Christian child became the lamb and its blood was poured into the "Jew bread - Matza".

It didn’t matter what creative canard was made up, no denial or excuse the Jews could offer would hold off the mobs who came to butcher, rape and pillage the Jews. They claimed their butchery was a noble act of vengeance for their Jewish lord and the anticipated looting of what the Jews had built became a wonderful ritual of legal transfer of property, possessions because the Church, the King, the Tyrants told them what they were doing was good - even holy.

In the Middle East, the "Protocols" became the supportive proof for the Koran which recommended the slaughter of the Jews or, at the very least, some sort of oppression of these ‘people of the book’ who, along with the Christians and Zoroastrians, were treated as "Dhimmis" (lower class people who weren’t allowed to defend themselves and who had to pay a special ‘jiza’ (poll) tax, to be defended by the Muslims).

Mohammed’s ‘hadith’ (oral teachings) had sections that could be read as oppression of the Jews who refused to accept the leadership of Mohammed as G-d’s final, last and best Prophet. In order to adjust history to their own benefit, today’s ‘Jihadists’ claim that Avraham and Jesus were Muslims. In fact, their mythological claim is that every child born into this world enters as a Muslim but, is then contaminated by their parents teaching them a false religion.

There were dozens, hundreds, thousands of books and stories that excoriated Jews for every crime imaginable against man that a frenzied mind, driven by religious zeal could create. The need to denigrate the Jews, their Torah and their Covenant with G-d which became more than an obsession for both the Christians and the Muslims, both of whom adopted the Jews’ Covenant to G-d: the Christians through a Jew named Jesus and the Muslims through the pagan moon god named Zin who later morphed into Allah.

The context of the Jews connection with this invisible, omnipotent G-d had to be discredited and then absorbed into their gods’ cults for their religions to become Number One superceding all others. How dare one people, one race, one religion claim to have a special relationship with a G-d only they had the privilege of talking with during their trek out of Egypt, at the burning bush, and finally in the Land He promised them for eternity!

This was a myth that they had to destroy, along with the people who faithfully claimed such a connection to one G-d - even when threatened with torture and death (usually by fire).
Stories had to be told; books had to be written; lies and accusations of demonic relationships of men all had to be created in order to appeal to the most primitive feeling of men against the Jews. It did not matter that Jews, on a disproportionate basis contributed extraordinary inventions for the betterment of the human race. Anything they offered was taken - grudgingly - because, it was known that the Jews, unlike ‘normal people’ got their cleverness from devils, evil spirits or other dark imaginings.

So, the doctrines of the Church emerged, giving printed substance to the superstitious fears of people. Thus we find books of religious tales which carry on the tradition of displacing the Jews because they simply never deserved a Covenant with a G-d who cannot be seen, cannot be talked to, cannot be located in order to present the Christian or Muslim petition to change the order of things - that is, who is Number One. The Jews never claimed such an exalted status but was cast in this position through envy.

Whether it is the Gospels in the New Testament, the Koran, the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" or "Mein Kampf", it really doesn’t matter. The mind-set is that Jews are somehow in the way on that narrow bridge to G-d. They have no right to be there, in the front of the line, because there are other religions, other races who are more deserving...that is, whomsoever is speaking or claiming so for himself and his people at the moment.

Besides, as in all pogroms, there is a certain pleasure, even joy, in killing an adversary that we just want to kill when given the right by their religious leaders. Then there are the women to rape and the loot to acquire. Those industrious Jews have built and accumulated wealth which should rightfully be ours - as their thinking goes.

Taking Jewish homes, farms, factories, schools, synagogues is the right thing to do because they must have accumulated these things by ungodly means. As we speak, new "Protocols" are being created which add layers upon the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" and the books telling the world that it is their best interest to destroy the Jewish people and especially their Jewish State of Israel.

Here we find new authors, like the United Nations, the European Union, Russia, The Arab League, the Quartet, the pro-Arab U.S. State Department, and regrettably, the Bush Dynasty confirmed in their books or scholarly papers. New Edicts, new Doctrines, new Books - all based on the old ideas telling the world that Jews must be disposed of. The language will be no less legalistic than were the Nuremberg Laws which dispossessed the Jews of their property and then their lives. Israel’s existence will be cited as an incitement or an impediment to peace and the pacification of the warlike Islamic nations.

The best Jewish minds will use their words of beautiful logic, old Laws (like those written after the Nuremberg Tribunals), offer up proof text, demand fairness from the World’s Courts but, no one will be listening. As with the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" (recently performed in a serialized long version for Egyptian TV), the story is better than the truth. Moreover, Jews are guilty of anything we say they are guilty of. Right?!

Consider transposing the word "Jews" with the word "Christian" or "Muslim" in the "Protocols". It would then read as the "Protocols of the Elders of Christianity" - or "Islam".
So, who in the past or present decided to conquer the world?

So, where were the hordes of Jews who had vast legions ready to march forth and conquer the world? Were they secretly hidden among the Roman Legion or the numerous Christian Crusaders sent out to conquer the Holy Land?

You see, it was always Holy because only the Jews and their G-d made it Holy.
Were they secretly robed as Muslims who went forth to conquer Europe, defeat the Christians and almost succeeded? The Muslims actually conquered much of Europe. They got as far as France between Tours and Portiers where they were beaten in a two day battle (according to the Arab sources) or a seven day battle (according to French sources) by Charles Martel on October 10, 732 C.E. (4)
They remember. They plan to succeed the next time, whether in this century or in a thousand years, but they will dominate the world with Islam and strict ‘Shari’a’ Law. First the Saturday people; then the Sunday people. First they will defeat the Jews in Israel and then they will fight to the finish to beat the Christians and rule the world. They say so.

At one time, it was the Christians who sent out fleets with battalions on board to conquer, loot and convert the pagans around the world. At another time it was the Muslims who rode forth on their Arabian steeds to capture, loot and convert the infidel to Islam - or die by the sword in the hands of the true believers.

So, where are the great Jewish armies standing ready to conquer the world as foretold in the forgery "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"? Should we not be prepared for the Protocols of Christianity" or the Protocols of Islam"? A twisted mind sat in a room by himself and invented a fictitious army of Jews, guided by brilliant Rabbis who had control over this vast army of Jews.

Today one sees the quite real aberrant armies of Islam, blowing up their own people and whomever else is standing by. Indeed, they do a dis-service to the appellation "Protocols of the Elders of Islam". They do not hide their goals of Global Conquest. (That’s the motive behind 9/11 and why President Bush rightly has taken on the challenge to defeat Global Terror. Remember that of the 19 hijacking suicide bombers on 9/11/01, 15 were Saudi Arabians and 4 were Egyptians.

Not all Muslims are Terrorists but, in the past dozens of years all Terrorists have been Muslims.)

Christians no longer march forth with great armies but, instead have become the victims of an expanding Islamo-Fascist Army who are marching forth to conquer the world. They say so. Believe them.

As said earlier, the famous psychiatrist, Carl Gustav Jung (3) was very explicit when he described the aggressor who first blame their intended victims by charging them with plans to attack them (the aggressors) and thus justify their war on the hapless victims.

Make no mistake. The Arab/Muslims have proven that they are a savage culture, ready to make war on anyone who will not accept their moon god Zin aka Allah. They will even destroy their own Muslim people IF they don’t follow their brand of Islam. Watch what they are doing to their own people in Iraq. Who are those "foreign fighters" pouring in (from Syria)?

The Muslims are in a rage at not being able to conquer a minuscule nation of Jews, despite their own self-perception as the quintessential warrior when, in fact, they are actually inferior warriors who have resorted to child sacrifice by sending their own children forth to blow themselves up and kill Jews by the way.

So they take joy in the fantasy of the lie which explains their many defeats by a handful of ‘weak’ Jews - who are not the mighty legions implied in the canard called "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion". These inferior Muslim wretches desperately need to believe the lie because otherwise they would have to recognize their culture and religion as inferior and itself a lie. That they couldn’t live with - so they die by it.

We Jews continue to explore and analyze anti-Semitism, writing copious articles as if we could find a quintessential reason for such trash as the "Protocols" and, if found advance toward a cure. We only find a cesspool of unreasonable hatred which cannot be cured.

1. "What are "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"? 2, "A Hoax of Hate: "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" ADL Anti-Defamation League 3. "Carl Yung - Synchronicity" 4. "Europe in the Balance at Tours * October 10, 732: Charles Martel Turned Bqack Islam At Tours" Christian History Institute
***** Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst and commentator with the Gamla and Freeman organizations.


Introduction by Felix Quigley

This article by Caroline Glick tells us how far the Israeli Government of Sharon and Peres is going to betray Israel.

The forced disengagement or surrender to the Islamofascists over Gaza is now the biggest issue in world politics. It is this for the main reason that Bush and the EU have been telling the world that they are copnducting a war against terror in Iraq. Now it is clear that they are creating a state especially for and on behalf of those very same terrorists. At stake is the future of the Jewish Homeland and the future of the Jewish Nation.

Caroline Glick draws attention to the “child confiscation” plan of Sharon/Peres and how this totalitarian measure is connected to the drastic fall in support for Sharon’s surrender over Gaza.

Caroline gives many reasons for how the Israeli public sees this. But the main reasons to my mind fall into these areas.

The Israeli public may tack and turn at various points. For example it is only natural and human to want peace to live and to enjoy living. So it will grasp at the hope of peace.

At thje same time the lesson of Oslo is always there. In 1993 the same peace proposals were on the table but the Palestinian Arabs answered the proposals for peace with what Steven Plaut calls the “Oslo Pogrom”.

That Israeli public may not know everything that is happening, but it knows enough. It saw the (not one but two)Palestinian suicide bombers being arrested as they tried to bomb Jerusalem.

Caroline Glick shows this when she tells how the Sharon appointee lied like this … “In his first public comments since assuming the mantle of IDF Chief of General Staff, Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz stood before the cameras in Sderot on Tuesday and told the nation that all these attacks on Israel were merely the result of Palestinian turf wars and that the attacks on Israel endangered the Palestinian Authority more than they endangered Israel. The absurdity of his remarks, made in the shadow of the destroyed apartment building, and at the same time as Abbas is doing everything he can to legitimize Hamas both domestically and internationally, could not have been more glaring. “

Here is the article by Caroline Glick:

The tide has turned
Israel's government is no longer democratic but has become another corrupt totalitarian dictatorship... willing to force the country to commit suicide...
Carolyn Glick, JPOST

This week, the state prosecutor's office announced that it is considering a plan that would declare "negligent" parents of minor children who are repeatedly arrested for taking part in protests against the government's withdrawal and expulsion plan from Gaza and northern Samaria.

In so declaring the parents, the state would pave the way for the forcible removal of these children from their homes and their transfer to state custody. That is, the government's newest way to fight opposition protests against its plan to forcibly remove 10,000 law-abiding Israeli citizens from their homes, farms and communities this summer is to threaten parents with the forcible removal of their children from their custody if their children don't agree to stop protesting against the forcible removal plan.

This child confiscation proposal, which was defended on Wednesday by Deputy Attorney-General Shai Nitzan, is more than simply controversial. It is totalitarian. It is not simply hard-hearted. It is inhuman. And in announcing it, the government showed that in light of the precipitous drop in public support for its plan, it has lost its connection to the principles of democracy, morality and simple human decency which are the outstanding characteristics of the Israeli public.

While the public was still reeling from the state prosecution's intention to declare war on the sanctity of the family as a means to fight 14-year-old girls who prefer to stay in jail rather than agree to surrender their right to protest the policies of their government, the government launched yet another offensive against its enemies.

The newest move, reported Thursday in Ma'ariv, is its decision to threaten citizens set for expulsion that if they don't leave their homes and farms voluntarily by August 15, the government will fine them each $40,000. This announcement came in the wake of Housing Minister Isaac Herzog's statement to The Jerusalem Post Wednesday that residents who don't cut a deal with the government for resettlement ahead of their planned eviction will simply be loaded onto buses and thrown out of their homes. Where they go after that is their problem, he explained.

The government is in trouble. With each passing day the fact that the plan to which it owes its existence – the forcible removal of 10,000 citizens from their homes and communities and the transfer of their land to the Palestinians who have been attacking them continuously for the past five years – is seen by more and more Israelis as irrational and dangerous.
This week, the polls, which over the past several months have registered a gradual yet consistent erosion of public support for the plan, showed that today only 48 percent of the public supports it.

In its attempts to defend its increasingly precarious position, the government has reacted wildly to its critics. Rather than increase public support, its moves have simply added to the general sense that the Sharon-Peres government has lost control of events and, in its zeal to defend its controversial program, it is willing to sacrifice the nation's security and its own morality. This is tied to the fact that Sharon's current governing coalition has no reason to exist other than to implement the withdrawal plan. Because of this, everything that occurs domestically, diplomatically and militarily, is viewed by the public through the prism of the withdrawal plan.
In recent weeks there has been a steep increase in media coverage of violent crime. A 14-year-old is brutally attacked by bullies in school and the story is given five minutes of coverage on television newscasts. The murder of a 15-year-old girl by a glue-sniffing juvenile delinquent is front-page news for two days.

While the increase in violent crime, or at least the increase in media attention to violent crime, has nothing to do with the planned withdrawal and expulsion plan, it is linked to the plan in the eye of the public because rather than fight crime, thousands of police officers are training to carry out the expulsion of law abiding citizens from their homes this August. And rather than try criminals, the courts are clogged with juveniles arrested for blocking traffic in protest of the withdrawal plan.

In recent weeks the fact that there has been a steep decline in the Bush administration's support for Israel, matched by a steep increase in the administration pressure on Israel to make concessions to the Palestinian Authority, has become undeniable. The fact that Washington has even considered opening discussions with Hamas is evidence of the fact that, if nothing else, the government has completely failed in explaining the actual situation in the Palestinian war against Israel to the administration. And of course it has.

In order to justify their withdrawal and expulsion plan both domestically and internationally, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his associates have had to proclaim their support for PA chieftain Mahmoud Abbas. This they have done even as Abbas has done everything in his power to support and strengthen terrorist organizations. To the extent that Abbas is weak, his weakness is due to the fact that the terrorists don't believe that his support has been sufficient.
But because Sharon has publicly supported Abbas, the Americans feel justified in pressuring Israel for more concessions to him. The government cannot publicly admit that Abbas is part of the problem, and that strengthening him will only make matters worse because doing so will merely point to the absurdity of the planned withdrawal and expulsion.

So too, the government has been completely incompetent in contending with the increased military capabilities and terrorist assaults by the Palestinian terrorist organizations and with the open collusion between Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah with the PA militias and the Muslim Brotherhood movement in Egypt. Last Thursday, Sharon's personal attorney Dov Weisglass dismissed the threat emanating from Kassam rockets by referring to them as mere "flying objects." When these "flying objects" destroyed a home in Sderot on Tuesday and killed three people in the hothouses in Gush Katif, the general public could not ignore the fact that those "flying objects" are deadly weapons and that in attempting to defend its increasingly indefensible policy the government is making war on its political opponents instead of fighting the nation's enemies.

In his first public comments since assuming the mantle of IDF Chief of General Staff, Lt.-Gen. Dan Halutz stood before the cameras in Sderot on Tuesday and told the nation that all these attacks on Israel were merely the result of Palestinian turf wars and that the attacks on Israel endangered the Palestinian Authority more than they endangered Israel. The absurdity of his remarks, made in the shadow of the destroyed apartment building, and at the same time as Abbas is doing everything he can to legitimize Hamas both domestically and internationally, could not have been more glaring.

Indeed, in response to the IDF's peevish attack on terrorists poised to launch Kassam rockets in Gaza on Wednesday, Abbas condemned Israel and said that Israel was bringing about the collapse of the cease-fire, as if his own forces weren't actively colluding with Hamas, Fatah and Islamic Jihad terror squads who launched their rockets, mortars and anti-tank missiles this week within spitting distance from his military posts and as if Israel hadn't arrested 15 would-be suicide bombers over the past month.

The Keystone Kops-style machinations of the government might be a source of ironic amusement if the consequences of the government's signature policy didn't have such dangerous consequences for Israel. Last Friday, on the eve of his hand-over of command to Halutz, Lt.-Gen. Moshe Ya'alon gave an in-depth interview to Haaretz in which he said, among other things, that given the fact that the Palestinians continue to reject Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state, the notion of a "two-state" solution west of the Jordan River is a recipe for war. Of the government's current withdrawal plan, Ya'alon stated that if it is implemented, the Palestinians would pocket Gaza and then relaunch their terror war against Israel from Judea and Samaria. In his words, "I have no doubt that they will have in interest in demonstrating that after the pullout from Gaza there will be a period of quiet there. 'You left Gaza? You get quiet. You will leave Judea and Samaria? You will get quiet. Leave Tel Aviv and things will be completely quiet.'"

Ya'alon's statements were quickly backed up by retired security brass from across the political spectrum in Tuesday's edition of Ma'ariv. These former Mossad chiefs and IDF generals noted that the plan will erode Israel's international standing; place pressure on Israel for more and deeper withdrawals and expulsions in Judea and Samaria; set a precedent for a retreat to the 1949 armistice lines including a redivision of Jerusalem; and increase vastly the capabilities and the motivation of the Palestinians and the Arab world generally to reignite the terror war against Israel in the fall.

The government's reaction to these cautionary notes was to denounce the critics as gasbags and to ratchet up its rhetoric against the residents it is set to expel and their supporters. Rather than contending with the content of Ya'alon's arguments, Sharon Wednesday responded dubiously that during his entire tour of duty as chief of General Staff, Ya'alon had never made these points to him.

Given the fact that the government has inextricably linked its fortunes to the success of its irrational and dangerous withdrawal and expulsion plan, Sharon and his partners are unable to respond to attacks against them with anything other than venom, bravado and hysteria.

The public's abandonment of its support for the government is a direct result of this state of affairs and, given the consistency of the downward trend in support that preceded its loss of the majority, there can be no doubt that the government is on its way to collapse. The only question that remains open today is whether the government will collapse before or after it implements its ruinous policy.


The analysis which Steven Plaut makes continually of Israeli politics is being proved more and more correct. This is especially so in the recent Israeli High Court Ruling which backs Sharon over the Gaza Treacherous and Traitorous Betrayal.

Basically Plaut argues that the Israeli Establishment, especially the Media and High Court, is in the hands of a Stalinist and Totalitarian cabal, the remnants of Oslo. There are many there who do not like Israel and want it destroyed forthwith!

The following analysis of the High Court decision by Haaritz and posted by Ted Belman of Israpundit bears this out. That decision is traitorous in the extreme.

There was one dissenting voice and here Ted focuses on him, a man by the name of Edmond Levy, who slashes the Court decision on every score, historical moral and legal, showing it to be a farce.

But, and this to me is the really interesting item, Levy himself says that Israelis must obey the law of evacuation, ie betrayal.

This reminds me of those old democratic centralist stalinists who would argue: “Look comrade. The party may be wrong! But the party is always right! So you get out there and sell those bloody newspapers and don’t forget to fight for the fund!”

Levy is saying to the Yesha Jews. “You are correct. But although I agree with you, this court of which I am a part is going to screw you. So screw you!”

Such is life in the Sharonesque Gulag!

Levy: Law violates settlers' rights, freedom, dignity
By Yuval Yoaz, Haaretz

The law governing the disengagement from Gaza is so illegal that it ought to be declared null and void - but the settlers must obey it nonetheless, Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy wrote in his dissent to the court's ruling upholding the law.

Levy, the lone dissenter, was scathing in his criticism of the legislation. It violates the settlers' property rights, their freedom of occupation and, above all, their human dignity - "a rare combination that is virtually unparalleled," he wrote.

Nevertheless, he continued, now that a majority of the court has declared it constitutional, "all of us are obligated to obey the law, even if there are some who will be compelled to do so with gritted teeth. For we must remember this - we are brothers and responsible for each other, both in the difficult days that lie before us and after the storm has subsided."

Levy disagreed with the majority on almost every issue, including the legal status of the West Bank and Gaza. After surveying the legal history of these areas, including various League of Nations and UN decisions, he concluded that Israel was not an "occupying power," but rather had a right to those lands - both a historic right and "a right anchored in international law." Israel never conceded this right in any of its agreements with the Palestinians, he continued, and could only do so by a "constitutional act" such as a Basic Law.

However, he said, Israel is de facto conceding its rights through the disengagement. Therefore, the pullout "will ultimately undermine the Jewish people's right to settle even in those parts of the land where there is a consensus that they should remain under Israeli sovereignty under any future agreement."
Additionally, he said, the fact the disengagement so starkly contradicts the platform on which Ariel Sharon and the Likud were elected is a major constitutional problem. "The degree to which the prime minister and Likud MKs who support the disengagement have deviated from the principles on which they were elected to their posts is so great that it distorts the will of the voters and damages the principles of the democratic system," he wrote.

withdrawal from Gaza, which was the key policy plank of his rival, Amram Mitzna. Thus, Sharon voters thought they were voting against unilateral withdrawal - only to discover, when it was too late, that they had in fact voted for it.

Levy dismissed the idea that the court should show deference to the government on political or foreign policy issues, saying the court "cannot and may not refrain from deciding on certain issues just because they are diplomatic or political in nature. `Politics' is not a magic word that negates judicial review."

And he also rejected the argument that, since basic rights may legally be infringed for an appropriate purpose, the disengagement was constitutional despite its violations of settlers' rights. Citing various top security officials who have been quoted in the press criticizing the disengagement (the court decided not to allow security experts to testify in person), Levy concluded that the withdrawal would not improve Israel's security, and therefore did not further any "appropriate purpose" that would justify violating constitutional rights.

Friday, June 10, 2005


There are certain concepts quite difficult to get across in a simple way because we always have to face years and years of conscous and subconscous anti-Semitism and its indoctrination. Then I read an article and there it is, perfectly expressed, usually approached from somebody from an angle I hadn’t thought about. This is the case with the following article which I have just read on Israpundit.

Like all great expositions it takes the form of a good story, the story in this case being the whole experience of Putin’s visit to the Middle East.

The problem that we faced was how to get across that the portayal of Israel by the neo-Left in Ireland as being very powerful was a complete lie. It was indeed anti-Semitic and in the final analysis comes out of the same stable as the horrific Protocols of Zion which has done such damage to Jews down through the ages.

The Protocols of Zion had as its aim to spread anti-Semitism by claiming that the Jews contolled the world. This lethal and obnoxious idea you meet in many forms. Egyptian state television has recently even ran a soap with this as its central idea. And all this is tackled in a wonderful way by Ilana Mercer.

This is the story which I have found so interesting and revealing:


'Realpolitik about Israel'

This is an article from Ilana Mercer, "From Russian with (Less Than) Love" with a lot of excellent points about why Israel is in the predicament it is vis-a-vis the governments in the world (besides the usual anti-Semitism). She shows why Israel is ina perilous position, and I think she is "spot on" when she shows that Israel is cutting its own throat. Good summary of current events.

As Ariel Sharon perceptively observed, Vladimir Putin is a patriot and a nationalist, a man cognizant of Russia’s “profound culture”, and driven by “national honor…and the desire to restore the status of an immense empire with all its influence.” The Russian president is also pragmatic. He was polite and pleasant for the duration of his historic visit to Jerusalem—the consummate gentleman really. But when the niceties were over, he picked up his marbles and went to play with Israel’s Arab neighbors.

At best, Putin seemed tepid about Russian and Israeli ties. Rejected was Sharon’s request that Putin reconsider a decision to sell nuclear technology to Tehran and anti-aircraft missiles to Syria. And rebuffed also was “Jerusalem’s bid for intelligence-sharing with Moscow.” As DEBKAfile has reported: “The Russians indicated they were open only to one-way traffic from Israel, but offered nothing of value in exchange.”

All a little baffling given how much the two countries have in common.

Russia supported the Jewish State at its inception. Israel is home to the “largest Russian minority in the Middle East”—one million Russian-speaking Israelis, whom Putin regards as “expatriates, exemplars of Russian culture, art, sport, language and education.” And there’s terrorism. Israelis and Russians live alongside terrorist societies.

Both Sharon and Putin were elected to be tough on terrorists. Russians voted for Putin because they have to put up with Shamil Basaev (a Chechen terrorist and advocate of an Islamist state in the Northern Caucasus); Israelis elected Sharon because they have to contend with the new Dalai Lama of Gaza, heir to Abdel Aziz Rantisi and Sheikh Ahmed Yassin.

Chechnya is a Shari’a-law dominated anarchy, whose chief export is terrorism—to Russian cities. Americans became familiar with the handiwork of Chechen terrorists in 2002, during a deadly hostage-taking at Moscow’s Dubrovka Theater. And again in 2004, with the attack on a school in Beslan in which hundreds of children were murdered. The country’s transformation into an Islamist terrorist training ground is nearly complete. Besides a thriving trade in weapons, drugs, stolen goods, and slaves, Chechnya has no economy. Due process and punishment take the form of court-ordered mutilations and public hangings.

In the Palestinian Authority it’s business as usual. The radicalization of this society has continued apace under Mahmoud Abbas, Yasser Arafat’s successor. The message of murder permeates every nook and cranny in the PA. In government, mosques, and madrasas Palestinians preach and teach that “Israel is a cancer spreading through the body of the Islamic nation,” and that Muslims must “finish off every Jew.” The July-17 election is predicted to be a shoo-in for Hamas.

Al-Qaida has inserted itself into these local conflicts. The Murder Inc. of the Middle East and that of Russia are thus tied to al-Qaida and share pan-Islamic aspirations.

Both Putin and Sharon, however, are expected to concede to those who maim and kill their civilians, while President Bush and the international community make no such allowances in prosecuting their war on terror. Both leaders are hectored by elements in the administration, Britain, and Europe about granting statehood to their terrorism-endorsing neighbors. Against insuperable odds, both are expected to trust terrorists and their fan base to stop butchering babies and embrace Jeffersonian democracy and a Bill of Rights (a fantasy says James L. Payne, in The Prospects for Democracy in High-Violence Societies).

Consequently, Putin is being badgered to pull back from the North Caucasus and ignore the caliphate under construction there; Sharon was recently told to dismantle a suburb of Jerusalem, no less—Maaleh Adumim—to make way for a suburb of “Hamastan.” Shorn eventually of Judea, Samaria, Gaza, the Golan Heights, and East Jerusalem, he is being counted on to sit back and trust a Palestinian state comprising Fatah, its militant offshoot, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad to deliver peace for land.

What other commonalities do Russia and Israel share? Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia has received a great deal of aid from the U.S., aimed at stimulating market reform.

Israel’s debt to America is incalculable. He who pays the piper calls the tune: Putin has to stand at attention as the administration admonishes him for allegedly sliding back into Stalinism. For their part, Israeli politicians have long since opted to sacrifice sovereignty rather than cut the Gordian Knot.

Let us clarify for the record that this is a broad-brush outline of what unites Russians and Israelis and why their leaders might have forged a more substantial relationship. It omits, for instance, that Russia is just now transitioning into democracy; whereas Israel has been a stable democracy since its founding, and remains a country under the rule of enlightened Western law, with a free media and liberal courts. By the assessment of The American Conservative, “Israel is the only nation whose civilian courts have such a broad jurisdiction over military actions” (March 14, 2005). The Chechens have been fighting for independence since the 15th century; whereas the Palestinian liberation movement is a contemporary—cynically calculating—project. Compared to Russia’s terrorist-fighting tactics, Israel, warts and all, is a paragon of restraint. In the two Chechen wars, the Russian army killed tens of thousands of Chechen civilians and displaced many more.

These differences notwithstanding, there were plenty of reasons for cooperation, if only to inject a new dynamic into the current imbalance of power in the world. But nothing transpired. And not because Putin was being hostile. On the contrary, he was sincerely nice, even keen to combat anti-Semitism in Russia. What his snub confirms is that Israel is weak. The country is no longer the regional power it once was. Had Sharon handed Putin Vladimir Gusinsky (an oligarch hiding in Israel) on a platter, the Russian would still have scampered to Ramallah to seal the sale of armored personnel carriers to the Palestinians.

Israel was not always strategically insignificant. For a brief period after the Six-Day War, observes Arieh Stav, “Israel ceased to be a provisory state, which constituted a political liability and became a strategic asset, to use State Department parlance.” Compelled by their American handlers and their own failings, Israeli leaders have since abandoned the national interest—and with it the very principles of international law.

By returning land to the aggressors—the Sinai first—Israel violated Nullum crimen sine poena, the imperative in international law to punish the aggressor. It continued to breach this principle—and its own national self-preservation—by signing and honoring agreements (Oslo I and II) with a terrorist organization (the PLO). Israel also flouted and continues to flout the “rights of necessity,” says Professor of International Law, Louis Rene Beres:

[T]his norm was explained with particular lucidity by none other than Thomas Jefferson. In his ‘Opinion on the French Treaties,’ written on April 28, 1793, Jefferson wrote: ‘The nation itself, bound necessarily to whatever its preservation and safety require, cannot enter into engagements contrary to its indispensable obligations.’Israel apparently can and does—abandoning even its “indispensable obligation to endure.” For example, like his predecessor, Mahmoud Abbas insists on “the right of return” of 4 million Arabs to Israel proper. The Palestinian “right of return” is a euphemism for the destruction of the Jewish State (and, with it, a bulwark against barbarism in the region). Yet Mahmoud Abbas is considered by Israel a “partner to peace.”
It’s now de rigueur for most Europeans, too many Britons, the Muslim world, the Israeli far Left and their soul mates in the U.S., the “executive committee of the Third World dictatorships” (Jeane Kirkpatrick’s coinage for the UN), university students the world over, and in some conservative circles, to depict Israel as the almighty architect of “American imperialism” in the Middle East. (Though no one can say who “moved” the world’s superpower to station troops in over 100 other countries across the world). When it comes to Israel, the logical power pyramid is mysteriously inverted so that a small nation is seen as wielding paranormal powers over a superpower.

Putin knows better. (So, evidently, does Hu Jintao, China’s President!) Intent on re-establishing a presence in the Middle East, Putin understands that strategic power lies not with a United States satellite—“The minuscule State of Israel hanging on to a bit of sand on the Mediterranean coast,” in Arieh Stav’s words—but with “a Muslim world, which stretches over two continents and 53 countries, among them 21 Arab states,” which is in possession of “half of the world’s oil reserves, almost limitless capability to purchase weapons, control of first-rate strategic centers and a predetermined majority in the UN.” (Because Muslims identify with the ummah, the Muslim world has always been squarely behind the Palestinians.)
The proof of Israel’s strategic insignificance is in, shall we say, the … Putin.

©2005 Ilana Mercer
Posted by Maurice Sonnenwirth at June 5, 2005 12:20 PM
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A bit of sand (Israel) ranged against 2 continents and 53 countries! Well that is thought-provoking indeed. I am going to treasure this article and in fact I hope to produce some maps to place on this site. They will have no details, just the bare bones, only showing relative size of terrirory, to emphasise the tininess of Israel facing these rich giants. A little word of warning: you may indeed need a magnifying glass to be able to see miniscule Israel beside that huge Arab expanse, which if the Arabs and the neo-Left have their way will be disappearing completely! That will prove better than propaganda that the neo-Left in Ireland is anti-Semitic in its portrayal of Israel. It will show that what they preach is a new version of Mein Kamph! ...Felix Quigley


Sometimes you read an article and it is just so brilliant you simply cannot wait to get it on your website so that as many as possible can enjoy the experience. Many thanks to The Raphi for permission to publish and many many thanks to Beth Goodtree for her pure brilliance…Felix Quigley

An Interview With the Antichrist
by Beth Goodtree

Thursday, June 9, 2005

After searching far and wide for the Antichrist, he has finally identified himself through his actions and intentions. Therefore, for the first time ever, I am pleased to present an interview with His Infernal Evilness, The Antichrist.

Interviewer: Glad to have you here, Your Infernal Evilness.
Antichrist: (giving off a bit of steam) Glad to be here. I've worked damned hard (excuse the little joke) to get to a point where people would accept me.
Interviewer: Could you tell us a little about that please.
Antichrist: As you know, I like the subtle approach. Rather than appearing in my magnificently Infernal true form, I choose to work through weak humans.
It all started with that accursed snake, but I learned my lesson. Never do anything half-asped.
So I moved on to Cain, but Hell, he only killed one guy. However, it's not like there were a lot of people in the world then. Only 4, if I remember. So through Cain I killed off 25% of the world. Not bad if you're a statistics slave.
Then there was Nero. My kinda guy. Loved fire.
After that, came the other Romans. Danced around naked, had holy sex orgies. Killed at least a quarter of a million Jews, including one very special one. Personally, I think that was a mistake since it turned him into a martyr with over a billion followers. But hey ho! I got not a few of his followers to commit MY INFERNAL EVIL in HIS name.
Interviewer: Speaking of that one Jew and his followers....
Antichrist: Boy, I really turned them around. I love it when a plan comes together! The Crusades, the Inquisition -- they were all my doing. Murder in the name of a loving God. You-Know-Who was not at all happy. Nothing like giving the Big Guy a bad reputation!
Interviewer: What I'd really like to discuss is your influence in the context of today's events. Can you comment on that?
Antichrist: To paraphrase a bit of poetry, "How can I destroy the world, let me count the ways..."
Ya know, I nearly did it with Hitler and Hirohito. Hirohito suffered from hubris and Hitler was a weak-minded fool. That made both of them easy to control. And while their defeat at first looked like a set-back, it was merely a temporary halt to the generational foundations of evil I was building.
I even got an American involved. One who would spawn a mighty empire of leaders. US senator Prescott Bush was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany. Through him I had planted a seed which is blossoming today.
And then there are the Arabs and Muslims. Boy, I got to them good. And it's all part of a bigger plan.
Interviewer: Which is?
Antichrist: To take over the world of course and turn it into a dead, burnt-out rock dedicated to evil and chaos.
Interviewer: So what's been stopping you?
Antichrist: Those do-gooders and especially the Jews.
Interviewer: The Jews?
Antichrist: Oh yeah. They are the front line in my war against You-Know-Who. Do you know how many times I've tried to kill them off? They are the key to the whole thing.
Interviewer: How is that?
Anti-Christ: God gave his laws and teachings to them through Moses, for them to keep and share with the world. And He promised the Jewish people that as long as they kept the faith and The Word unaltered, he would protect them. This is what is meant by them being 'Chosen.' God chose them to have more burdens than everyone else.
But I managed to pervert that in the minds of the weak. I took the inferior-minded people and made them think that being a 'Chosen' Jew meant that Jews were better than them. And it's still working today.
You got these replacement theology Christians who are so jealous of the Jews that they say that when the bible refers to 'Israel' it really means them. And of course the majority of Muslims hate the Jews, in part, because of this whole 'Chosen' thing which I perverted in their already damaged minds.
However, so as long as there is one Jew left on the planet, I'm fighting a losing battle. And as long as Israel survives, I might as well pack it in. Because of the Jews and Israel, the Messiah can come and he'd be the end of me. So destroying Israel and the Jews is the key to my success.
I almost wiped them all out with that yutz Hitler, but he was too stupid and listened to a bunch of loony astrologers. It lost him the war and I'd only wiped out half of all the Jews.
Interviewer: So what are you doing about the Jews today?
Antichrist: You're gonna love this. I got control over some of the most powerful leaders in the world today! And they're all set to destroy Israel.
Interviewer: Who? And How?
Antichrist: One is the grandson of that American traitor who made his family fortune funding and trading with the Nazis.
This grandson was so easy to possess. He already had hubris from the fact that he was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth. Then he did a lot of drugs and alcohol in his youth.
Nothing's easier than possessing a soul that is drugged. Plus he belonged to that elite occult fraternity the Skull and Bones. Frankly, if I hadn't possessed him, he would have become my soldier anyway. But I was taking no chances here. I needed a human form to spread my Infernal Divineness all over the world.
And humans are so incredibly dense. Why has no one seen my Infernal hand behind his meteoric rise from chemically-impaired loser to President of the only super power in the world? Even his daddy's money and influence couldn't have done that alone.
Did you know I'm thinking of using 'Hanging Chad' as my middle name? Ha ha.
Interviewer: So what about what's going on now?
Antichrist: Well, once I possessed him and he won the 2000 election, I began operating quietly. After all, he'd need to win the 2004 election too, so I couldn't tip my hand too soon.
Now you're really gonna love this. I had my right-hand demon, Asmodai, possess Osama bin Laden way back in the 1970's. At that time, Osama was ripe for the possessing because he was a club-hopping, drug using, hard-drinking rich dilettante.
Now Asmodai, working through Osama, engineered 9-11. And why? Well, Osama thought it was because America was 'oppressing' him and the other Muslims. Of course this was exactly opposite from the truth. The Muslims oppress themselves. But there's nothing like a really big lie to counter the truth. And I am the King of Lies, ya know.
But the reason why I had Asmodai engineer 9-11 was to destroy Israel.
Interviewer: How can that be? Everyone knows that Israel had nothing to do with 9-11.
<>Antichrist: Ah but it does! Did anyone notice how fast -- within days of 9-11-- my alter ego in the White House offered Israel as a sacrifice to the Muslims? He was the first president ever to recognize the Arab terrorists as 'legitimate' all the while saying "you are either with us or the terrorists."
And it was only through my control of the liberal media that no one noticed the utter hypocrisy. Ha ha! And people say the Jews control the media! I hate to inform them, but I ain't a Jew.
Interviewer: So what else have you done towards your goal of destroying Israel?
Antichrist: As you might have suspected, Arafat was really one of my demons. And while he never killed more than maybe a few 10's of thousands of Jews, he did go a long way towards fooling the world into hating Israel for being a free and democratic country.
And then there was his brilliant scheme to bamboozle the world into think the Arabs he led were a separate and distinct people. Even when his own PLO Executive Committee Member, Zuheir Muhsein told the world "There is no such thing as the Palestinian people..." no one listened.
Interviewer: But getting back to today's current affairs...
Antichrist: I don't like to brag....well, yes I the possessor of the current US president, I hoodwinked the majority of voting Americans into believing he supported Israel, all the while calling for the establishment of a terrorist entity in her heartland. I was brilliant.
Of course, as soon as I/He was in office once again and therefore untouchable, I let loose with my true intentions.
First there was that Terry Schiavo debacle. As the possessor of the US president, I could have intervened to keep her alive. But hey, she'd been a vegetable for 15 years. I say kill her and cook her. That's what one does with vegetables.
Interviewer: (horrified) But...but....
Antichrist: (Pulling himself up to his full Infernal eight of 1000 feet) But you thought I was a nice guy? Because I am suave and urbane and can chat amiably in an interview? You fool!
Listen witch, I AM the American President, and I control many others. You wanna hear what I'm gonna do about you puny do-gooders?
Already I am forcing Israel to turn herself from one country into two small islands surrounded by raving mobs of Arabs who like nothing more than decapitating Christians and Jews and rolling their heads down the street while keeping the body parts as fond memories of their debauched blood lusts.
I am going to force Israel to give up the only thing that has been protecting her all these years -- her nuclear weapons.
Then I am going to make sure that no Jews ever are allowed near the Temple Mount. If the Jews took it back, they'd have their Messiah in no time and I'd be finished.
Next I am going to make certain that Israel is destroyed. This is to make doubly sure that there is no Messiah.
And then I'm gonna go after the 'good' Christians in earnest. You think a few beheadings in Iraq are bad? Wait til you see how I'm gonna have the Muslims take over America.
Already, as the President of the US, I have the terror-supporting radical Islamist group CAIR as my advisors. I have radical Muslims as my Army chaplains. I have nice barbecues with the founders and supporters of radical Islam, the Saudis. And, I am pleased to say, they fund most of the mosques in America.
I'm gonna force your children to pray to Allah in their schools as part of their diversity curriculum.
I'm gonna force all of you to wear my ID chips at all times.
I'm gonna take over this 2-bit planet...

(At this point the Antichrist began spitting fire and the interviewer burned up.)

***** Beth Goodtree, a regular contributor to, is a writer specializing in political commentary, Islamism and the Middle East. She also writes the occasional science and humor articles. Beth has a background in advertising and works as a consultant on Islamism and terrorism to a security firm. Her Website
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