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I do not know what Ireland gets up to in the United Nations in relation to Ireland. I would dearly like to follow what the Southern Irish parties do in relation to Israel.

The following article which I have picked up from my good friends at Israpundit may be an indication that similar things may be happening in the Irish political establishment in relation to Israel.

The issue concerns the efforts by the Canadian Conservative Party to have Israel treated not better but just the same as other nations. I am amazed and horrified by what happened to these efforts at the hands of the Canadian political class. To me it also shows how widespread is anti-Semitism and Jew (Israel) hatred that it has spread to the prairies!

Press release by Stockwell Day, MP, Conservative Party of Canada


For Immediate Release June 16, 2005

Ottawa – Stockwell Day, Official Opposition Foreign Affairs Critic, today at the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Trade, brought forward a motion instructing the Canadian Government to demand that the state of Israel be afforded the same rights of any other member to participate in the deliberations of all United Nations’ bodies. The motion was obstructed by Liberal, Bloc and NDP members.

“It is a well known fact that Israel is regarded by many undemocratic nations as being deserved of nothing more than secondary status,” said Day. “It is shameful that the other party members of the Committee have attempted to deflect and ultimately postponed this motion. Frankly, Israel as a democratic state deserves more respect than that.”

Mr. Day was willing to work with minor amendments, conceding so long as the message remained unchanged. However, with every concession came another amendment, until other parties completed their original unspoken goal of postponing a vote on the amendment. There is a definite possibility that this motion, and Israel’s deserved respect, may not even be addressed again due to the impending summer recess of Parliament.

“All I am asking is that our government affirm support at the UN for Israel to have the same rights of participation as other countries,” remarked Day. “It was deeply disappointing to see the Liberals vote with the NDP and the Bloc to deny official support for an end to discrimination towards Israel at the UN.”

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