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In a situation like this when so much is at stake and when all the power is in the hands of our enemies it is the most natural thing in the world to clutch at straws. I think this is what is happening in the following report from Israpundit (also carried in a somewhat similar fashion by David Vance on Thetangledweb)

First the piece, then I will add my comments at the end:

‘One American (former) politician gets it right
Former U.S. House Representative Newt Gingrich has some remarks on the so-called "peace accords" which are remarkably smart. Would that someone in the Bush administration would take heed of these words:
Gingrich: U.S. should abandon roadmap in the quest for peace

The U.S. should abandon the roadmap in its quest for Middle East peace, former House speaker Newt Gingrich argued in the recently published summer edition of the Middle East Quarterly.
In a paper entitled, "Defeat Terror, Not Roadmap Diplomacy," the high-profile Republican leader insisted that civil negotiations and Oslo-like diplomacy should not continue until the Palestinian Authority dismantles all terrorist infrastructures.

"Diplomacy is important and has a vital role to play, but its function must be different than the Oslo process and the roadmap suggest," he wrote. "The focus on Israeli-Palestinian diplomacy cannot work when one side has a leadership that does not deliver on its word."...
Gingrich argued that diplomacy in face of violence "is the wrong answer because it puts the wrong people in charge of finding a solution."

Diplomacy should not be used as political checkmate while one side keeps its word, and the other side willfully disregards its promises to gain political advantage....
In a neatly outlined argument, Gingrich also urged for less Israel Defense Forces restraint and a more aggressive military response to attacks on Israeli civilians. He tries to put Israeli casualties in context of the American population and insists that the IDF response has been far more restrained than that of the US in its war on terror.

"When a neighborhood shelters terrorists, it should not be surprised at a violent response," he insisted. "When a rocket or mortar is fired from a neighborhood, people should expect retaliatory fire. When someone advocates killing Israelis, they should expect to be killed by those they plan to kill."...

"The primary requirement for peace should be the destruction of the terrorists," he wrote. "This inherently is not a diplomatic task. Smoke and mirrors will not work."
Tell it like it IS, Newt! Unfortunately, smoke and mirrors (or horse manure and bull manure) is what we get from Eurabia, the U.N. and most unfortunately, right now, from the U.S. government in the quixotic quest for a real peace from those who are unwilling to make peace and continue to plot for the destruction of Israel.

Posted by Maurice Sonnenwirth at June 17, 2005 06:42 PM
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1. Ed D said:
Newt gets it exactly right. The IDF must take harsh responses against the terrorist. PMSharon is creating a catastrophy by his own agenda. President Bush and his Arabist State Department and with his love affair with Prince Abdullah and his oil, is destroying the Republican Party. The trio of all of them reminds me of the Roman Empire. Et tu, Brutus
Posted by: Ed D on June 17, 2005 09:19 PM

My comments…Felix Quigley

What Gingrich has said is correct and it is welcome but is it enough? There are very big stakes involved in this for Israel. To America it is just one more issue in the world, but to Israel it is everything.

Gingrich is a former Speaker of the House of Representatives and thus to my mind is still in a very powerful position. In the US special sittings can take place to discuss this, that and the other and are given great publicity on the main media. Such happened with that idiot George Galloway! How important is he?

Why can Gingrich and his many friends (he surely is still influential) not get together in a meeting and bring some real pressure on Bush/Rice. Time now is not on the side of the valiant Yesha pioneers. It is actually on the side of the PA and Hamas Jew-haters. Why not a congressional hearing next week or in two weeks? Don’t say it is not possible, everything is possible! It has to be made possible!

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