Saturday, March 04, 2006


When I watched the surreal scenes of the Russians meeting with Hamas last night on my television screen what came to mind was the year of 1933 when Hitler took power, also through elections. Then Hitler was described by the Soviets and by the Stalinist Communist Party of Germany as not really any threat. And those cretins did not lift a gun in anger to destroy the Nazi menace.

Putin is possibly reacting to US pressure and danger from its own (US) Imperialist strivings in the Caspian oil rich area. This has been central in US and EU policy over the past 20 years.

The result of that US and EU pressure which is actually a remnant of the Cold War is that Putin jumps into bed with a mad man. He seeks to join up with Islamofascist Iran which in turn will seek to threaten and destabilise Russia’s Muslim masses. (Shades of Joachim Von Ribbentrop indeed)

The original cause of this Russian treacherous reception for Hamas in my opinion is US interference in the Caucasus and oil-rich Caspian regions. This has a long history, from the use of Bin Laden by the US in Afghanistan, and then later all the horrible events in the dismemberment of Yugoslavia.

It was in Yugoslavia that the US worked closely with Iran and with Saudi Arabia to ferry into that volatile situation thousands of committed Islamofascist mujahadin to stir it up and defeat the Serbs.

Everything in politics has a cause and it has an effect. This is surely one – the attempt to outflank the US enemy. But on Putin’s part – what a crime, what a lack of principle, and what a sheer cutting of his own throat! The latter may become a reality and not a figure of speech!

Russia seems to have a short memory in that it has forgotten about the Islamofascist massacres at the Beslan school and the Dubrovka theatre in Moscow.

Now it is allying with the same people who carried out those murders. Hamas is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, it trains children from the tenderest age that their highest goal in life is to blow themselves up in order to murder the Jewish enemy.

And you do tell a person by the friends he keeps! So with Putin and Hamas!

Here I am not even mentioning what is the biggest factor. That Russia is historically a very anti-Semitic nation, the home of the Pogrom, which did open the door for Hitler’s programme of extermination.

So just as people in the wake of the cartoon attacks begin to draw conclusions about the Palestinian Arabs Putin steps up in order to make Hamas respectable.

Hamas I fully expect will use the Fatah method of saying many things to many people at many times. But nothing will stop Hamas and the whole of the Arab movement (never mind Palestinian) to seek to use every means to destroy Israel.

The problem is not actually Russia. The problem remains the hatred of Israel inside Europe and inside the US governing class. We all know about the history of anti-Semitism inside Europe, just think Nazi and Holocaust. Also think silence and acquiesence.

But the history of anti-Semitism inside the US ruling class has still to be made widely known.

Of course, the US ruling class and the EU ruling classes do not spell this out. It emerges. Much of it is transmitted through the medium of pursuing (oil) interests in the area.

You have to strip away the layers. Sometimes these layers are not very deep. As when the US and EU still refuse to accept Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. They still will not send ambassadors to Jerusalem. They insist that they can only go to Tel Aviv.

What sort of friends indeed! If a person invites a supposed friend to his home for a friendly visit and a meal, but the friend says I do not like where you have chosen for your home. Let me decide for you. Friend (or Master) cracking the whip?

It is the pressure of this anti-Semitism that is creating distortions inside the body politic of Israel. It is one of the causes (But one) of the lamentable disease of Jewish self-hatred which paralyses more and more Jews in the face of the Islamofascist enemy. In other words Israel faces a global attack.

To sum up: Putin is undoubtedly an enemy to Israel of the first order. But please do not forget the others of that same ilk in the US and EU governing classes.

This is the great danger that Israel and Jews internationally face. These ruling classes or ruling elites in every country have only one interest - survival. Oil is always very big in their calculations. Israel is now the scapegoat.

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