Thursday, March 30, 2006

Limerick Hate Israel Conference

A Special Hate Conference

This weekend takes place in Limerick University a very special type of conference. The aim of this particular conference is to stir up hatred against Israel and also to give support to the Jew-hating and anti-semitic Palestinian Arab movement, NOW LED BY ISLAMOFASCIST HAMAS.

The Conference is organized by the Irish Palestine Solidarity Group.

What is the Palestine Solidarity Group?

This is an organization which in Ireland links up with neoleft movements such as the Irish equivalent of the Socialist Workers Party of Britain, to which well-known broadcaster Eamon McCann from Derry is linked.

But it also links up with the Irish Republican movement in all its forms and so gives great momentum to the spread of anti-Semitism in Ireland.

Many leading Irish Politicians

It also enrols in its support many Irish leading politicians. In the past a lady called Mary O'Rourke, a very prominent politician, has attacked Israel in the Irish Parliamentary system.

And this organisation finally has many links with the prominent website from the Belfast region called The Blanket (The name obviously comes from the Republican Hunger Strike protest). The main person there is Anthony mcIntyre who has repeatedly called Israel a Nazi state in the pages of his web journal.

Time and time again it has been shown that there is great hatred for Israel in Ireland. Let us immediately call this by its correct name which is anti-Semitism.

(We will also see that in this Conference the Palestine Solidarity Group calls on the services of one Michael D. Higgins. More on him later)

On this issue of what is anti-Zionism, anti-Israelism, and anti-Semitism I will call on no less than Dr Martin Luther King who when speaking at Harvard University in 1968 had this to say:

“When people criticize Zionists they mean Jews, you are talking anti-Semitism.”

I think that this quotation by Dr King which has been carefully hidden by these Israel-haters should be firmly kept in mind in discussing this Israel hate-fest Conference in Limerick.

Israel and Ireland Should be Standing Alongside Each Other

Israel SHOULD have a good name in Ireland. It is a tiny, tiny country and is outnumbered by Arabs by something like 500 to 1. It also faces the hatred of 1,400 millions of Muslims in the Islamic world. It is not much bigger than Munster.

That geographical fact alone should make Irish people think and ask what precisely those Irish politicians in Limerick this weekend are up to!

Israel is tiny. Much of its land as it stretches along the sea is not much more than 15 miles wide. That would be something like from Droheda to Dundalk, or from Lisburn to Dromore.

Israel is surrounded on ALL sides by hostile Arab states pushed up against the sea and is historically shown to be hugely vulnerable.

Israel faces the hostility of all the countries and major powers on the earth. I can think of no exceptions. And there is NO other country which is like that. And that IS anti-Semitism in action!

There are though some special enemies.

First of all I have to place the Europeans.

The EU is the historical and bitter enemy of Israel, just as the major part of Europe was involved in the Holocaust, either directly as in the case of the German Nazis, or indirectly by allowing it to happen, as is the case with Britain (led by Churchill no less) and the others such as France and Ireland.

But the greatest enemy of all of Israel and the one which puts the lives of Jews in MOST danger, all the time, is the one which is thought of as a friend. That is the United States and here I am careful to note that I am talking specifically about the United States Government. not the American people! Different thing!

In 2002 George Bush Jnr did what no other President did before, even the most Israeli hating ones like Clinton and Carter, he called for the establishment of a Palestinian (Fascist and terrorist) state on the historic land of Judea and Samaria. Moreover Bush in that same speech called for Israel to withdraw to the 1948 borders, the borders against which the Nazi Hajj Amin el Husseini led his genocidal Arab armies in 1948, to wipe Israel off the map and to finish the evil work of the Holocaust.

Now when you think about it that IS a very anti-semitic political strategy. It means that Bush is asking the Jews of Israel to forget about what happened in 1948.

How can Bush do that and get away with it?

Ah that is a mystery! But it is a mystery only until you begin to analyse the nature of a goodly part of the American Jewish leadership. The role of many leading American Jews is to support the American Government no matter what.

This is why sooner or later we have to turn the spotlight onto the so-called Jewish leaders in America.

Francisco Gil-White has begun to do this on

So, the question which is emerging and it is in no way academic! Friends of Israel. Friends of Jews. Are there any? This is now a burning question as the election of genocidal Hamas demonstrates.

Not unfortunately many in Ireland. The atmosphere has been poisoned. But yes there are friends of Israel and of Jewish people and they are to be found in the masses of the ordinary American people.

Note that I draw a sharp distinguishing line here between rulers or Government and people. I do this for all countries actually, but it is most obvious in America.

The American people are the great and perhaps only hope that Jews will continue to exist and that an Islamofascist genocide against Israel may be stopped.

The political situation facing Israel is indeed critical:

There is the election of the Islamofascist and genocidal Hamas by the majority of Palestinians.

There is the hatred spewing out of Arab and Islamist countries

There is the hatred of the EU towards Israel

There is as we have seen the anti-Semitic polities of George Bush jnr and his Government, especially in the State Department

And there is the wish of Iran to wipe Israel off the map even as it gathers its forces to create a nuclear weapon

And it is in this critical situation that the Israel hating Conference is being called in Limerick University, promoted by a PLO terror supporting group which is lodged in the University of Cork. So I have taken time here to place down on record how I see the political context in which the Palestine Solidarity anti-Semitists are now working in Ireland.

Next Article

In the next article I will look more closely at how the Palestine Solidarity Group has set up this conference and the use in particular they have made of anti-Semitic Jews.

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