Sunday, July 16, 2006

Israel/Hezbollah War

by Ted Belman


I maintain that Israel is working in concert with the US. They both want Hezbollah destroyed and disarmed as probvided in UNSC Res 1559. The talk so far about a ceasefire is directed to acheiving this goal.

Israel has been cutting off transportation routes to prevent resupply of weapons and munitions and the retreat of Hezbollah but are still concerned that Hezbollah will be able to retreat to Syria.

Look for Israel’s cooperation with the US and Britain to enable foreign nationals to be taken out of the country. Meanwhile Israel is getting ready to invade Lebanon in force to engage Hezbollah directly perhaps by Monday. It should be bloody on both sides but not as difficult as fighting in a dense urban area.

I expect that Israel will invade Lebanon from the Golan Heights to cut off Hezbollah’s retreat to Syria. Paratroopers will also be used. Israel will attempt to encircle Hezbollah. The US is most certainly backing them. The destruction of Hezbollah and the ending of Syrian influence in Lebanon would be a big victory for the US and would diminish the power of Iran.

Now both Israel and the US are of the opinion that they don’t want the Assad regime to fall. Something worse may replace it. Just look at Iraq. Nevertheless I am hoping they will administer a painfull lesson to Syria to get them to disown the terrorists and stop supporting the violence in Iraq.

Israel’s massive attack on Lebanon with overt US support and potentionally the same in Syria is designed to make US threats of force against Iran more credible. If Iran shows no greater willingness to bend to the will of US, look for US military action against Iran. If Bush continues to rise in the polls, it will make such an attack more probable. Americans also like a strong horse.
The destruction of Hezbollah will will not go unnoticed by Hamas. Rest assured that Hamas won’t go it alone especially if Syria separates itself from terror. The US will renew its efforts to drive a wedge between Syria and Iran and the terrorists. Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt also would encourage this.

Peace Agreement

It is time to negotiate a peace agreement with Lebanon the terms of which should be
1. Palestinians refugees should be given citizenship. They are not going back to Israel.2. Israel should be the guarantor of Lebanon’s independance as it is with Jordan3. The west should put together a large fund to finance reconstruction. Israel should contribute to this fund.4 Any pro Syrian citizens should be deported to Syria.5. Hezbollah terrorists should b e killed or deported to Iran.
Stay tuned.

To the piece by Ted above I added the comment:

I am in disagreement with the characterisation and hopes in Bush. Israel MUST expect no real help from either the US or the EU ruling classes (or elites call it what you will)

What is happening is a different thing. The American people, who are still based on the ideas of their glorious Revolution, with emphasis on Liberty, may at times force the hand of Bush and co.
Please understand that is a different thing and a different perspective to what Ted puts forward.
The basic foundations remain. Bush is an oil man. The US RULERS and their class is drawn to dhimmitude just the same as is the EU.

All depends on the US people and those ideas of Liberty.

The IDF is the most revolutionary and progressive force on the earth. Full stop!

Comment by Felix Quigley — July 16, 2006 @ 8:00 am

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