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Do not expect any truth about the situation of war from the Irish Media or the Nazi Neoleftists

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500 Israelis injured since fighting began

About 700 Katyusha rockets fired at Israel, 500 citizens injured, four killed since fighting in northern border began. Home Front Command prepares for worst scenario – rockets reaching center of Israel; Lebanese report of more than 100 killed, hundreds wounded in IDF strikes More than 700 rockets and Katyushas have been fired since the fighting on the northern border began, and Israel Defense Forces officials did not reject the possibility that the rockets will also land south of Haifa.

"The areas south of Haifa will be warned in advance by a siren," Home Front Command Chief Major-General Yitzhak Gershon explained Saturday evening, referring to a situation in which rockets will also reach the center of Israel.

Saturday's Attacks

Tiberias attacked by Hizbullah rockets / Sharon Roffe-Ofir
Second rocket barrage hits northern city, lightly injuring one person; 31 people suffer from shock. Third barrage hits open areas north of city. Tiberias bombed for first time Saturday afternoon, all its beaches evacuated. Residents: 'City not prepared, we feel unprotected here'

"Once the siren is heard, residents will have at least one minute to enter lower floors and secure rooms. This will significantly reduce the ability to hurt people physically and mentally," he added.

The Home Front Command instructed residents of the northern confrontation line to also spend Saturday night in shelters. Residents were also called not to leave for work Sunday, not to gather in the city and not to open summer camps and hold activities for children.

Residents will be allowed to leave the secure zones in order to purchase necessary products according to instructions which will be given Sunday morning, the Home Front Command said.

Residents of the communities north of the Akko-Amiad road and the cities of Carmiel and Tiberias were called to stay in secure rooms or in an internal room in their house. People were allowed to leave for work only if their working place was located inside a closed building.

Residents of Tirat Hacarmel, Haifa, the Krayot, Nesher and Akko were called to remain next to buildings, not to gather, and to leave for work only if the working place is located inside a closed building.

56 still hospitalized

In the last 24 hours, more than 100 Katyusha rockets were fired at northern communities. The residents spent the entire day in bomb shelters. On Saturday afternoon, Tiberias joined the list of rocket-battered communities, but rockets did not only land there.

Nahariy and Safed were attacked once and again and suffered great damages. About 34 rockets hit Safed by Saturday afternoon, while 24 rockets landed in Nahariya. Dozens were hurt and some buildings suffered a direct hit.

Four civilians were killed since the fighting in the north began: A Nahariya resident , a Safed resident , and a woman and her grandson from Meron. The funerals of the two people killed in Meron – seven-year-old Omer Pesacov and his grandmother Yehudit Itzkovich – will be held on Sunday. The two were killed from a direct hit of a Katyusha rocket.

The Ministry of Health opened a situation room in Tel Aviv, which issues orders to the hospitals in northern Israel. The hospitals have treated more than 500 people since Wednesday, most of whom were released to their homes.

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