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A new Palestinian Arab "ambassador" has been sent to Ireland and he has been given the most uncritical interview possible by an Irish journalist and blogger, Richard Delevan.

Richard Delevan is an American living in Ireland and working as a journalist with at least the Sunday Tribune. He also has got a blog and the blog address I include at the end. He has just done an interview with this “Ambassador” and in the interview he has given the “Ambassador” complete liberty to slander Israel without a single question from Delevan.

This is how Delevan put it:

“Last Friday I was privileged to interview, for nearly 90 minutes, Dr Hikmat Ajjuri, the new Palestinian envoy to Dublin - his first interview with an Irish newspaper. The Sunday Tribune ran a news story derived from the interview, but I found the whole conversation so valuable that I have decided to offer a rough transcript.

I've a rough transcription about half of it here, roughly 4,300 words -- most of which will appear after the "Read More" jump. The rest I'll offer hopefully tomorrow.

I made a decision that I would allow Dr Ajjuri to speak his peace with minimum interruptions. I don't challenge his assertions, even ones with which I may disagree. There are plenty of other opportunities to do so - and if I was conducting this interview in a broadcast environment it would of course be handled differently.

I found Dr Ajjuri to be a warm host, a sincere interlocutor and a compassionate man. I wish him the best for the duration of his mission in Ireland.”

So it is fairly clear where Delevan stands on the issue. I think it is fair to say he is very pro-Palestinian.

Why did Delevan interview this person who calls himself an envoy, nay more an ambassador no less, from the “Palestinians”?

It seems that Delevan considers that there is a real historical people called the Palestinians. By his actions it would appear to me that Delevan supports that Palestinian struggle. He therefore does not define the Palestinian struggle as a terrorist struggle.

The unwritten script here is that the Palestinian struggle is a legitimate struggle.
Delevan does not enter at all into any aspect of the controversy surrounding the Palestinians. Especially that the Palestinian movement was founded by a Nazi war criminal called Hajj Amin el Husseini who also happens to have been a close relative of Palestinian Jew hater supreme Yasser Arafat.

So through the method of this interview Delevan stands on the side of the Palestinian movement.

What exactly is he standing over?

I would say on the graves of Jews and especially on the Jews who died in the Nazi Holocaust.
The Jews who have been persecuted for 2000 years, at least, and who have never given up their dream of returning to their Homeland, Israel, or as the Jews have called it -Yesha, did manage to set up a very small state in 1948.

But the very next day that tiny state was attacked by all the surrounding Arab states in a vicious war of extermination.

Is that description, extermination, overstating it?

Well remember that 1948 was just 3 years since the Nazis were forced to end their extermination of world Jewry. The Nazis from Germany were not alone in this. They were joined certainly by Franco in Spain, by Mussolini in Italy, and of course as we referred to above by most of the Arab states led by Hajj Amin el Husseini.

Hajj Amin played a leading role as a Nazi and he lived in Germany during the Holocaust, having the closest contacts with Hitler. Himmler, Eichmann and all the other Nazi murderers of Jews.

We should ask a simple question. Why did these particular murderers all come together in the period from 1933 to 1945? The answer is fairly straightforward. These murderers were bound together by something they had in common. That was hatred of Jews. It was anti-Semitism which brought them together.

Follow this logic and this story. When Jews set up their tiny state in 1948 the attack came from Nazi led Arab states and the armies were led by the Nazis who were in the leadership of the Holocaust, among whom was that main Arab leader of the time Hajj Amin el Husseini.

Does Delevan deal with any of this historical factual material in his interview with this ambassador person, who after all is following on from el Husseini?

No Delevan does not! He hides it. When the Palestinian refers to the 1948 war , that is lyingly refers to the 1948 war, what does Delevan do? Nothing! He allows the lies to pass. To pass by on their way to the minds of the Irish people!

Let me extract just two other issues to show that Delevan does not do this interview as a real journalist but as a partisan supporter of the Palestinian terrorist Jew-hating movement. There are many possible examples but I will just use two.

Firstly Delevan does not ask the Palestinian person anything about the constitutions of Fatah and of Hamas, both of which set as their aim the destruction, total, of Israel. This is compounded by Palestinian schoolbooks in circulation which on the map of the area does not SHOW Israel AT ALL.

Secondly when Israel at great pain to its own Jews pulled out of Gaza what did the Arabs do? Make plans for a state and peace perhaps? By no means did they do that.

There has been accelerated preparations by the terrorists for war. Rocket attacks on Israel with ever more powerful rockets have been carried out from Gaza. Gaza has become a terrorist launching pad. And Delevan ignores all of that as well.

So in the case of the Delevan interview we are clearly dealing with a very strange kind of journalist, one who gives a platform to a terrorist spokesman and who does not ask any questions to get to the truth.

The same applies to the Sunday Tribune which does its article on the work of a “reporter” like Delevan. Strange reporting that gives a terrorist supporter and a Jew hater the floor, no embarrassing questions asked!

It is an on-going situation.

In this I have not dealt with the meeting of this Palestinian terror supporting envoy with the President of Ireland and with the top Government Ministers.

I mean, no problem! This Arab character arrives and is given full liberty and encouragement to spout anti-Israeli propaganda in Ireland. What the role and attitude of the rest of the Irish media will be remains to be seen, especially what position other Irish bloggers will take towards their fellow blogger Delevan.

The full interview is being published on his site by Delevan which is on

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