Saturday, December 31, 2005


The first article which I wrote about the hatred for Israel shown on the Irish Republican Balrog site was taken up by SluggerOtoole. The response to my article on Slugger was fast and furious and probably set a record with the speed and frequency of replies, until it run out of time as Slugger closed down for the Holiday Period. If you want to read it you can use the search on and use my name Felix Quigley or some other combination if the following does not work adequately

Casual anti-semitism rampant
Felix Quigley is not happy about what he sees as a casual tolerance of anti semetism, here on Slugger and amongst Republicans on the web.
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I reached 2 conclusions about this discussion of my article on Slugger.

Firstly it reconfirmed for me just how historically misguided most people are about what actually happened in the Middle East and wider since especially 1920. Every issue and event has been distorted and lied about. And that has got implications which I will describe below.

Secondly the situation can be changed more in the favour of Israel because there were some bloggers on that Slugger debate who argued in support of Zionism. In other words this time the Israel haters did not have it all their own way.

The implications of this debate are:

It is necessary to cover the whole of this historical period in a thoroughly serious and truthful manner. So for some time I intend to do this, using as my base the series of articles (23 Reasons) opposing the creation of a Palestinian state on the West bank and Gaza and written a little while ago by Joseph Alexander Norland who co-founded Israpundit. More of that in January.

It is impossible to answer each point on a blog because I have found to my cost that half the time these bloggers are not listening to the answer anyway.

These blogs, such as Slugger, do fulfil a role. Discussion and airing of views is better than repression.

But very often because of the nature of the medium, or the way it is set up, the topic flits about and the end result is sometimes little coherence in argument and the whole thing becomes superficial. Yet the issues raised in discussing my article on Republican anti-Semitism need to be answered…

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