Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Does Balrog, the site run by a certain Chris Gaskin, speak for the Irish Republican movement. Perhaps not officially but it is safe to say it is very close to republican thinking.

The site is published in Ireland and appears to me to be very anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and pro-Islamofascist. In this contribution by Gaskin that I am looking at Gaskin agrees with the ANTISEMITIC Mullah of Iran in wanting to wipe Israel off the map. On Balrog ( he writes the following under the heading

Iran’s president calls Holocaust a ‘myth’ , dated 15 December, 2005

“Now I despise Israel with my every waking bone, they have turned into what they fought against. The same racial and fascist tendency that is contained within Lebensraum is also integral to Zionism.”

This is the formula which is employed in Ireland to stir up hatred against Israel. It is antisemitic and Gaskin IS an antisemite. In the above sentence he shows he is full of hatred for the Jewish Homeland, the Jewish state which is Israel.

As is often the formula with people like Gaskin he claims to be horrified by the Holocaust and is opposed to Holocaust denial. This is a cover because Gaskin does not explain his support for Holocaust denier Abbas, leader of the PLO.

Gaskin denies the Jewish people the right to have their own nation state. He does not explain why. Why then should he single out the Jewish people the right to form a nation, out of all the peoples in the world he denies the Jews that right. As I said he is antisemitic. Double standards is the essence of antisemitism.

Gaskin also writes in the same piece:

“Why should the Palestinians have to pay the price for Nazi Germany? Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mark Regev said "The combination of fanatical ideology, a warped sense of reality and nuclear weapons is a combination that no-one in the international community can accept," Gaskin then adds to this the following: "Then why Mr Regev are the International community still accepting Israel?You are a far bigger danger than Iran IMHO."

Taking only these short comments what can we learn about Gaskin:

Gaskin has deep hatred for Israel. He despises Israel with his “every waking bone”. Note he picks out Israel, not say North Korea, or Saddam’s Iraq who butchered the Kurds and the Shia, or the Sudan Muslim regime which has just butchered up to 2 millions of Christians and black Muslims in Darfur. Or Iran, because Gaskin is sympathetic to Iran or rather he is sympathetic to Iranian Islamofascist ideology. But Gaskin does not deal with Iran in its denial of the very old Kurdish nations right to a Homeland state. Again he avoids that issue.
Gaskin sees Israel as being a fascist state.
Gaskin wants to see the end of Israel. What will happen to the Jews who escaped from the Holocaust and live in Israel he does not say but his beloved Palestinians will provide him with the answer. Note that in this awful website Gaskin is joined by a poster called “Hensons” who is writing in support of suicide bombing.

This is the website to which editor of Irish website Slugger OToole Mick Fealty gives a passing friendly reference to. (

This material is common in republican circles in Ireland and is mirrored in the Irish neoleft, groups like the SWP, many other republican neoleftists who centre around Anthony McIntyre’s republican website called the Blanket. Fealty as far as I can see on his site neatly sidesteps all the issues of Jew hatred which these people express. That is cowardly and unprincipled on Fealty’s part. (This material can be investigated using the search on Sluggerotoole. It states:
"Blogging the conspiracy!
This appeared in the print version of today’s Guardian, though we can’t find it on line. Three of our NI blogging colleagues have made it to the Guardian: A ‘gloriously deranged’ Tangled Web; Chris and the Balrog crew; and Paul out in Hungary. Congrats all!

Note Fealty's reference to Chris (ie Gaskin) and the Balrog crew. Very cosy on Fealty's part.

This antisemitism in Ireland centres on the Palestinian movement. This was started by one of the leading Nazis and operators of the Nazi Holocaust. His name was Hajj Amin el Husseini. This arch-criminal was an Arab Palestinian (though for most of his lifespan these Arabs did not ever call themselves Palestinian) and he wanted to wipe out world Jewry in total. His hatred of Jews was pathological. He founded what has become known as the modern Palestinian movement and this was carried on by and through his close relative, another el Husseini, who came to be known as Yasser Arafat.

The modern day Palestinian movement is a fascist movement and is a front for Arab and Islamic fascism, ie Islamofascism.

This is a word that Gaskin does not use nor will he.

El Husseini built up a whole army of Islamic fascists during the Nazi era. When the Arab armies invaded the newly founded state of Israel in 1948, the aim on their minds being genocide, or a continuation of the Holocaust which had been stalled, it was these fascists who were in the leadership of those armies.

These are all facts of history which Gaskin as a supporter of fascism chooses to ignore. In a future comment I will cover the role which Britain and especially now America has in creating and maintaining this fascist monster in the Middle East. In the meantime I urge readers to study vital material on this in

I am not certain why Irish republicanism has got serious antisemitic traits. It is an insult to the honourable role that Irish Jewish people played in the Irish struggle against Britain, Ben Briscoe springs to mind.

For my own part, going on what I read on this site, I believe Gaskin is antisemitic. Basically of all the peoples in the world Gaskin denies the Jews alone the right to have their own state. This is the reason for his hatred of Israel. What needs to be specially opposed is his use of the proud tradition of Irish nationalism as a cover for this hatred.


Chris Gaskin said...

You are a liar!!!!

mc said...

explain yourself you nasty little bigot.
Justified any child murders recently?

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