Saturday, January 28, 2006


I just cannot wait to see what Mick Hall and Anthony McIntyre and all those wizened old Irish reactionary neolefts will say about the election. Gone forever is their great big lie about the Palestinian movement having a secular aspect, it now has more or less a 100 per cent Jihadist aspect.

Jerry Gordon on Israpundit extracted this comment from a young Palestinian voter on the streets of Gaza from the Washington Times:

“"We're telling people Islam is the solution," said Radi Johar, 29, who was passing out Hamas candidate pamphlets in the dirt street outside a crowded polling station. "We are victorious, whether we win or not, since we are raising the flag of Islam."

Jerry added this comment to the above:

“If I were Christian Hannan Ashwari of the vanquished Third Way Party and Victor Batarseh-the Marxist Christian mayor of Bethlehem-he ran on the Hamas municipal party list, I would "high tail" it for their respective Diasporas. After all Hamas intends to impose an Islamic "jizyeh" or hush money tax for being a dhimmi-a fourth class unbeliever in Islamist Palestine. The less than 3 percent of the Palestinians who are Christians will doubtless depart for good, if they are smart.The "dream" of a secular Arab state is over in Palestine.”

In the last 24 hours before polling Bush and the State Department frantically pumped 2 million dollars into Fatah but the wheels had already come off by then.

Jerry Gordon had been involved in a talk show in America and he reports these comments which he made. They are revealing:

“The Hamas victory was the latest in a string of "jihadist" victories across what passes for the electoral map in the Middle East among both Sunni and Shia dominated states. I cited the significant presence of the Moslem Brotherhood in the new Egyptian parliament-whose "genes" provided the push for Hamas in the Palestinian territiories; Lebanon where Shia Hezbolleh "won" a significant presence in their parliament and control all of south Lebanon; the Shia Islamist dominance in the recent Iraq elections and even the "election" of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the lunatic apoclyptic Mahdist in Tehran engaged in missile and nuclear weapoins developments.I expressed the view that the Hamas "victory," as some are calling it this morning, was also a rejection of a corrupt secular regime, propped up by billions of Euros and dollars of support from the EU, UN and the US. Hamas's program of providing social welfare and communal services with one hand and jihad hate with the other eroded any vestige of secular democracy in the face of Fatah corruption-a corruption seized by the late Arafat and his klepto cronies among them weakened Abu Mazan or Mahmoud Abbas. I pointed out that Mahmoud Abbas had promised to resign a few days prior to these Palestinian legislative elections, and I suggested that perhaps he should. He has all but done that today by inivting Hamas to form a partnership in a new government.Prior to this mornings announced "debacle," we had the US State Department desperately throwing $2.0 million to support last minute electioneering by kleptocratic Fatah. Then we had the Israelis permitting televized and radio interviews with the "young leader" of Fatah, Marwan Baghouti serving five consecutive life terms for murder in an Israeli jail. Dr. Rice must have arm twisted the Kadimah Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livini and acting PM Ehud Olmert for that last minute "endorsement." I also pointed out the comments of US Ambassador to Israel Dick Jones at the Herziliyah conference earlier this week, that the US would "deal" with the Palestininan National Administration but not terrorist elements. Sure, and pigs fly. I cynically pointed out that our government was dealing with the government of Lebanon next door which had a large Hezbolleh presence.”

Of course the US and the EU will deal with Hamas. It now looks more and more that they are the creature of the US State Department, from Syria, to Hamas and Fatah in “Palestine”, to the Islamist clergy in Iraq and even in Iran where the US and EU were behind then British Foreign Minister Robin Cooke’s plans to “talk” to the Iranian Mullahs, ie talk them out of the bomb. And you know where that got them, they got Ahmadinejad!

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