Saturday, January 28, 2006


Gary Bauer’s Comment Applies to Ireland

Gary Bauer has pinpointed the main issue in the Hamas win. If a Palestinian state is SUCH a state why would anybody now support it being set up to plague Israel and the rest of the world?

“The Palestinian Nazi Party has won the elections. This is a party, Hamas, that calls for the obliteration of the Jewish state (in so many words) and the killing of Jews because they are Jews (in so many words), and cites the Koranic damnation of Jews and incitement to murder Jews in justification. Hamas is a party of Islamic fanatics who are part of the global jihad against the United States and the West, whose hero is Osama bin Laden. Hamas was the biggest foreign supporter of Saddam Hussein. With this vote in record numbers, the Palestinian people have joined en masse the Axis of Evil. They are the self-declared enemies of Jews, of America and of civilized values, and should be treated as such. The Palestinians have declared with this vote they want no peace. They should be given none.

The defeated Fatah Party -- the "moderate" party -- is of course the creation of the terrorist Yassir Arafat. Its official charter calls for the destruction of Israel and its leadership has been dedicated to terror since the the PLO was created by the dictator Nasser and the KGB in 1964. Its leader Mahmoud Abbas is a Holocaust denier and the financier of the kidnapping and execution of the Israeli Olympic team in Munich in 1972, and Arafat's ally in terror for the duration since.

But then the father of Palestinian nationalism himself is the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem al-Husseini a fanatical devotee of Adolf Hitler who served the Nazi cause in Berlin during the Second World War and infused Palestinian nationalism with the Jew-hatred that has dominated it ever since.

The Palestinians are the first people in the history of humanity to embrace terror and genocide as a way of life. Palestinian schools train kindergarteners and first graders to aspire to murder innocent Jews by blowing themselves up alongside them, and then tell the children that if they're lucky enough to have male genitalia they will go to heaven and be rewarded with 72 virgins to attend their every whim. Palestinian parents murder their own children by telling them to kill Jewish children so that Allah can receive them. This is the sickest culture on the face of the earth, and the fact that it is supported by secular leftists in Europe and America reveals the terminal sickness, as well, of those who crusade in the name of "social justice."

At the core of this sickness is a hatred for the West and Israel for the crimes of being successful, democratic and tolerant. And at the core of that sickness is self-hatred. Self-hatred for the 1,000 year failure of Arab Muslim culture to compete with the West and for the absolute bankruptcy of the Palestinian cause -- despite billions and billions of dollars poured into the West Bank and Gaza by Europe, Israel and the United States whose sole purpose was to help this people consumed in their own emotional poisons. The money of course was stolen in transit by their corrupt and homicidal leaders who buried their loot in Swiss bank accounts or used it to buy weapons of mass murder, and to spread destruction, which is the only contribution that the Arabs of the Palestinian mandate have made to the world since their national aspirations were first announced half a century ago.”

Step up to the board all you Palestine lovers in Ireland and tell us where you stand NOW!!!

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