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People do not realise how far advanced are the plans to destroy Israel and how closely related to that destruction is the way that Muammar Gadhafi fell.

We had a glimpse of the reality that underlies the hypocrisy of the “News” as put forward by organs such as the BBC in all of the events that took place in Yugoslavia. Let me remind you that Serbs were beheaded by Jihadists and that Serbs were kept in a house/prison in Northern Albania and their body parts were actually harvested, which means that they were kept alive AS THIS WAS BEING CARRIED OUT
The barbarity of the “sacrificial killing” of Muammar Gadhafi is part of this whole process of a descent into barbarity.

The Jews are terribly divided and there are huge ideological chinks in their armour against the possible repeat of events 1939 to 1945.

The main thing is that the capitalist system as a system of carrying out and fulfilling man’s needs is bankrupt, and is as we speak causing the most widespread suffering, among youth in countries in the west like Spain, in weaker countries in Africa.

All of nature is threatened…not just man

Inside Israel Jews are horribly divided.

And on the outside there are Jews like Pamela Geller who on the one hand plays a leading role in opposing the barbarous and lying Islamic organizations in America, but on the other is attacking day after day, those youth both middle class and workers, who are taking to occupying areas as a protest against the ravages of capitalism.

This is very common. Jews News which does a very important job in Israel of mobilising youth to demand the rights for Jews inside Israel does not miss an opportunity either, like Pamela Geller, to attack Israeli youth who are effected also by the WORLD CAPITALIST CRISIS when they also venture to protest. Jews news should really be on their side.

This is the reality

Israel and Jews face the most vicious foes in Islam, and in all the various opponents such as Iran, such as Abbas and Hamas, AND INDEED ALMOST THE WHOLE WORLD AS SEEN IN THE UNESCO VOTE AT THE UN.

The roots of this Palestinian Arab movement quite simply lie in the Holocaust. THAT IS WITHIN LIVING MEMORY STILL.

Hajj Amin el Husseini was the Arab man who joined in with Hitler and who inspected personally the death camps as the Jews in those camps were being exterminated. He was also known as the Mufti of Jerusalem and he sat on the right hand of Hitler during those fateful years.

Abbas and Arafat were and are the descendants of Hajj Amin el Husseini.

Enter another force, that of the US Imperialists, and remember it was a US drone which struck the Gadhafi convoy, and also recognise that the US has built up the 23rd Arab State in the heart of Israel, and built up that proto state with an army, police force, money for industry, shopping malls etc.

At the same time Hamas has been given unending support on the island of Britain where Britain has been host to Hamas and to the most evil Jew Haters on the planet. Meanwhile the US also has been supporting Hamas in many ways, since it was Bush and Condi Rice who insisted that the election be held in which the Arabs elected on masse the Hamas Jew Haters. Ergo the 24th Arab State, this time sitting on the other side of Israel.

To the North is Hizbullah which again has been protected by the United Nations forces, including to my knowledge Spain. That is Spanish men and women have been out there protecting Hizbullah as rockets unending are brought openly into Lebanon.

So now we find that Israel is surrounded and it is reckoned 100,000 rockets are pointing at Israel.

Iran according to The International Atomic Agency is close to developing and testing the Nuclear Bomb. Iran already have the rockets to deliver.

Will Israel survive? Will the Jews as a nation in Israel survive?

How will Israel survive? How will the Jews as a nation in Israel survive?

BlandOatMeal on Israpundit:

23rd and 24th. Gazaland is a fait accompli, and Ramallah is already a separate quasi-state with its own military and its own foreign policy. The US already de facto recognizes Abbas as the head of a Palestinian state, with capital in Jerusalem: The US consulate in Jerusalem is for Arabs only, Jews excluded.
Too many Jews think they can cut out their own heart and give it away, and still live. Hevron, Beit Lechem, Beit El, Sh’chem, Jericho and East Yerushalayim — that is the Biblical, historical heartland of Israel. The rest of Israel is essentially the “Near Galut”, the shriveled, useless right hand of a dead Am Israel that has lost its soul.
Israel cannot be divided. End of story.
One more comment: “Stupid Jews”.
There, call me an Antisemite.

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