Friday, November 11, 2011


Luthuanian, the ANTISEMITIC "clubber", with Iran Bomb the Holocaust is with humanity again

4international begins a vital new series on the Iran Nuclear Bomband its implications

Kenneth Timmerman was interviewed by Linda Grant last night on the Spanish Radio Station “Talk Radio Europe”. Ken absolutely left in no doubt that Iran is developing Nuclear Bombs in order to strike against Israel. Ken made many points during his interview (His mastery of the facts was so impressive) but the main point he made was at the end, not taken up and developed by Grant, when he emphasised that in Iran we are not dealing with a leadership which is based on REASON, referring to the belief by this Islamic leadership that the arrival of the Twelfth Iman is due, and will be hastened by the chaos involved in Nuclear War with Israel. He repeated over and over the terrible threat that is posed by Iran to the Jews of Israel. He left no doubt whatsoever about this.

Although Grant is Jewish her conduct of the interview reminded one of a bad visit to the dentist and can ONLY be compared to pulling teeth. Timmerman got little help. The most telling factor came at the very end when Grant was bringing the interview to a close, and she stated something along the lines that “we can only hope” (her favourite saying on air is that she hopes things will “quieten down” and what she means by this saying which she applies to every situation is anybody’s guess!)

But Timmerman who was razor sharp during this whole interview reposted immediately to Grant that “hope is not a political programme”, and Grant did not take this up either, repeating some other meaningless jargon about hope brimming over something or other. There was a clear collision between Grant and Ken Timmerman, and I suspect it will be a while before Grant interviews Timmerman again.

I have had disagreements with Grant in recent weeks. She would not answer my question to her on air about the name (just the name never mind any discussion about the relevance) of Hajj Amin el Husseini. When the Timmerman interview was over two notable things happened. Number One there was no response from the Israel hating crowd of Brits who listen to this radio station…I mean none. I mean not a cheep. And into the bargain when I rang to speak and back up what Timmerman said Grant appeared to go deaf, because her phone at Talk Radio Europe rang about 20 times but there was no lifting of the phone at the other end. (I used the same mobile so Grant would have remembered the number, which has a distinctive number depending on area) in any case Timmerman spoke alone, no response from the Israel hating Brits, and this Irishman could not get through! That's about the length and breadth of it!

Make of all of this what you wish. My organization, 4international, says that Israel is in grave danger. It is a combination of the world anti-Semitism of all countries in the world, and especially European countries (Timmerman did deal with the huge trade between Germany (remember the Nazis) and Iran, a trade that goes on even as we speak)

Unlike Grant 4international do not believe this will be resolved by “HOPE”

Unlike Grant 4international will not allow any phone to go unanswered and we will enter into all debate on this issue. Whatever happens we will stand four square behind Israel, its Leaders, and the Jewish people in the testing hours ahead. More will follow on this theme in coming days. Stay tuned into and keep reading our articles which are archived on

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