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First a report from the New York Times tells of the anguish of Israeli Jews. These people have lost many of their children in the post OSLO suicide murders in pizza bars etc. and this extract tells it well (hat tip to Shiloh Musings)

Following is the New York Times article which interviews bereaved Israeli parents, Arnold and Frumet Roth and Esther Wachsman and the orphaned Shvuel Schijvesschuuder.
In Israel, Swap Touches Old Wounds
Published: October 14, 2011
JERUSALEM — Arnold Roth had just returned from synagogue on Friday morning when the phone rang. It was Israel’s Justice Ministry, telling him that two of the people who murdered his 15-year-old daughter Malka at a Jerusalem pizzeria a decade ago would be freed next week as part of an exchange of 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for an Israeli soldier held by Hamas.
It was not an unexpected call but it was, for Mr. Roth, a horrifying one.

“This deal is a disaster,” he said of the exchange for the Israeli soldier, Staff Sgt. Gilad Shalit, as he sat with his wife, Frimet, on the balcony of their Jerusalem apartment. “Some of these people will go back to murdering. They pose an existential threat to all of us.”

Blocks away, Esther and Yehuda Wachsman were absorbing similar news — that a man who took part in murdering their son, Nachshon, in 1994 was to be freed for Sergeant Shalit. By cruel coincidence, it was the anniversary of the killing — Oct. 14.

But Mrs. Wachsman had a different response.

“I’m willing to pay the price for another woman’s son to come home and end the agony,” Mrs. Wachsman said, sitting near a corner of her living room devoted to Nachshon’s memory. “Our hurt will never go away, but I just hope and pray with all my heart that Gilad comes home healthy in body and soul.”

The contrasting responses from two couples who have known and comforted one another were part of the highly charged emotional and political atmosphere in Israel since the announcement on Tuesday about the exchange aimed at ending more than five years of captivity for Sergeant Shalit, 25. Early on Friday, a man who lost both his parents and three siblings in the pizzeria attack that killed Malka Roth defaced the Tel Aviv memorial to Yitzhak Rabin, the slain prime minister. The man, Shvuel Schijvesschuuder, 27, said he was protesting the freeing of his family’s killers.

“People don’t understand the horror of what has been going through my mind,” he said in an interview at his home near Tel Aviv after being detained and freed by the police. His brother, Meir, 32, said all five remaining members of the family would leave the country forever after the deal was completed.

“We feel betrayed and we are going back to Holland,” he said.

As the details of the exchange become public, the near universal joy that greeted the original announcement is being tempered with concern. Israel Radio reported that Sergeant Shalit would be handed over to the Red Cross in Gaza on Tuesday, taken from there to Egypt and then flown to a military base in central Israel, where he will be reunited with his family. They will then be flown to their home in the country’s north.

The full list of Palestinians to be released will be posted on an Israeli government Web site by Sunday, although the Justice Ministry’s calls and lists published by Hamas provided some idea of who is on it. About 477 prisoners will be released in the first round, with 550 to follow two months later. Several hundred of those to be released are serving life sentences, and most of them will go either to the Gaza Strip or go into exile to other countries.

Among those is Ahlam Tamimi, a 31-year-old woman who was a key figure in the pizzeria attack. She is often described as the driver of the car that brought the suicide bomber to the Sbarro restaurant and killed 15 people. But the Roths say her role went far beyond that, to the actual planning of the attack.

In interviews from prison, Ms. Tamimi, who was a journalist, has told of having brought the suicide bomber to Jerusalem and then going on Palestinian television’s afternoon broadcast to announce the news of the attack without acknowledging her involvement.

“I’m not sorry for what I did,” she told an Israeli news organization in 2006. “I will get out of prison, and I refuse to recognize Israel’s existence. Discussions will only take place after Israel recognizes that this is Islamic land.”

The Roths said their anger over the prisoner exchange was focused on Ms. Tamimi, who is being sent to Jordan. She is young, fervent and charismatic, Mr. Roth said, and proud of what she did. In a documentary on Palestinian prisoners, she was asked whether she knew how many children had been killed in the attack. She did not. When told the number was eight, she smiled.

The Roths recalled that their daughter, known as Malki, was a dedicated volunteer for disabled children. In her memory they started and still run a foundation that helps families keep their disabled children at home by providing equipment and therapy. About 30 percent of the foundation’s beneficiaries are Israeli Arabs, Mr. Roth said.

“This is not a political issue for us,” he said. “I am not some raving right-winger. We too share the joy of the Shalit family. But the victims are being marginalized. We object on principle. We see ourselves as agents of the children who will be killed by the graduates of this release.”

For the Wachsmans, the return of Sergeant Shalit is especially poignant. Like Sergeant Shalit, their son was a 19-year-old corporal in uniform when he was seized by Hamas militants. But in their case, the Israeli military tried to rescue him six days later and failed, leading to his death.

“It happened 10 minutes from this apartment,” Mrs. Wachsman said. “I heard the helicopters.”

One man being freed next week was the driver in the abduction plot, she said. His parents have been interviewed on television saying that it is about time that he was freed. Mrs. Wachsman did not share that sentiment.

“I wish him nothing but ill for the rest of his life,” she said, her gaze steady.


(Deals with the "ramallah lynch" of October 12, 2000 and has families of lynched soldiers speaking on

"The government lied to all the bereaved families. They promised the bereaved parents that the terrorists would never get out. Ehud Barak made a personal promise to me that this terrorist would never see the light of day. I knew that day that he had lied to me. I told everyone that it was only a matter of time before the next deal. I saw the Goldwasser and Regev deal and I knew that it was only a matter of time before the murderers of my brother (are released)."

The painful monologue above belongs to Michael Norzich, brother of Vadim, who was murdered by a mob in Ramallah in the year 2000. Michael said that no one called to tell him that one of the murderers of his brother is included in the list of 477 prisoners who will be released as part of the first phase of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal.

Abed Alaziz Salaha, who was photographed in the horrific photo with his hands covered with blood in what has become the symbol of the second intifada, was sentenced to life in prison but is expected to be released on Tuesday.

Abed Alaziz Salaha waves his blood-covered hands after Ramallah lynch (Photo: Imagebank/AFP)

THAT monster is being released this week by Barak/Netanyahu

(Video, which shows the horror hatred of Islam for Jews, can be seen on

"The pain is stronger today," Michael (a brother of lynched soldier) told Ynet. "Not because of the deal itself but because of the way it is carried out. It is not a deal but a major loss. It is a twisted deal. You don't release at any cost. There is a price. You cannot give it all."

"I have nothing against the Shalit family, they acted as expected of any family whose son has been kidnapped but I did expect more from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, they should have exhibited some consideration and not have cheated thousands of bereaved families."

The Ramallah lynch took place on October 12, 2000, when a mob of Palestinians murdered two IDF soldiers, Vadim Norzich and Yossi Avrahami, and mutilated their bodies.

The lynch occurred at the start of the al-Aqsa Intifada and despite attempts by the Palestinian Authority to erase any documentation of the brutal murder, the horrific images reached every corner of the world and sent shockwaves in Israel.



Gilad once more came across as a very courageous youth, a disarming smile, but somewhat of a childish quality.

But before Gilad could enter Israel he was put through more hoops and more torture by none other than the new post-Mubarak rulers of Egypt, and their ackward cruelty was something to behold, and gives an indication of the Jew Hatred that is inherent in Islam and in Arab society. This episode has been glossed over by the speed of events and it took Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch to nail it:

HamasCameramanShalit.jpgThe interview was but one parting shot of psychological warfare. The report below says Shalit had been "freed," but that armed, masked Hamas members were still in the area, and as shown above, they were still in the room.
The questions range from asinine to abusive. The Egyptians and Hamas could not help but make Shalit, as obviously frail as he was, jump through one more hoop where he must have worried Hamas might change its mind or add additional complications if he said the wrong thing.
The director of Egyptian state TV, which has already shown its readiness to be party to abuses of human rights recently, claimed in a New York Times report that it was just too juicy a story to pass up. Shalit was not "free" at that point, however, and what the Egyptians could also not pass up was the chance to stand between the hostage soldier and his family and country that much longer.
"Israel 'shocked' at Egypt TV Schalit interview," by Tia Goldenberg for the Associated Press, October 18:
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israeli officials harshly criticized an Egyptian television interview with soldier Gilad Schalit minutes after Hamas militants freed him in a prisoner swap Tuesday, saying the questioning was inappropriate and insensitive.
In the interview aired on Egyptian state television, a gaunt, sallow and uncomfortable looking Schalit appeared to struggle to speak at times, and his breathing was noticeably labored as he awkwardly answered questions. The footage, along with earlier Egyptian TV video showing Schalit being transferred to Egypt, were the first images seen of the soldier after more than five years in Hamas captivity.
Armed Hamas militants were in the area during the interview. One of them stood behind Schalit's chair, wearing a a black face mask, a green headband of the Qassam brigades — Hamas' military wing — and a video camera in his hand.
"You have known what it is like to be in captivity," the interviewer Shahira Amin said to Schalit. "There are more than 5,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails. Will you help campaign for their release?" she asked.
"What has the experience brought you? Has it made you stronger?" she asked at another point. And, brushing aside the fact Hamas had barred anyone from visiting Schalit, she asked him why he only gave one interview while held captive.
An Israeli official questioned the ethics of the journalists involved.
"We are all shocked that a so-called interview was forced on (Schalit) before he could even talk to his family or set foot on Israeli soil," the official said. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was discussing a sensitive diplomatic matter, but said the sentiment was widely shared in official Israeli ranks.
Israeli security officials told Israeli YNet News that the interview was a violation of the deal for Schalit's release.
However, an Egyptian security official said the Egyptian information minister asked the intelligence chief for an exclusive interview with Schalit. According to the official, Israel allowed only one cameraman from Egyptian TV to film inside the tent where Egyptian and Israeli intelligence officials were meeting with Schalit. It was not a condition in the deal but a request from Egypt. The interviewer said it was not coerced.
An ashen-faced Schalit answered a range of questions on his captivity and what he thought of the 1,027 Palestinian prisoners released for his freedom.
He was then handed over to Israeli officials and only then given a medical examination, where doctors determined he showed signs of malnutrition and lack of exposure to sunlight....


Firstly…Gilad once more came across as a very courageous youth, a disarming smile, but somewhat of a childish quality.

But a great deal has been heaped onto his young shoulders, being a teenager when he was taken by the Nazis. 4international wish him and his family/friends happiness

Secondly we have to examine more clinically all aspects of this issue…how did it happen that a very long tunnel started in Gaza, crossed the border, and allowed the savages to attack from behind? Has that ever been explained?

Thirdly was Sharon when he was considering the withdrawal from Gaza already a somewhat ill person, was his future illness even then having a physical effect on him?

Fourthly I often ask in such situations as this, what might Leon Trotsky or Vladimir Lenin have done, both having been highly involved in ruthless civil war situations? And a follow up to that question I ask are the Jews too conservative and too doctrinaire to learn the lessons of war from Lenin or Trotsky?

As many have often remarked, Palestinism in all of its forms is really the baby of the British Imperialists, transferred from 1945 onwards into the swaddling clothes of the American Imperialists, whether that be George and Condi, or the present Muslim in Charge.

Hence it is no accident that Netanyahu, who always does the bidding of the US and EU Establishment, once again rescues Palestinism, thus we have Hamas very handily because of this deal being safely transferred into Cairo from the doomed Damascus, and Hamas being given a shot in the arm to take the leadership away from the barren Abbas. For the US and EU it was always about Hamas, you know. The US and British elites have always been unerring in their choice of partner, always preferring the Fascist Armed Men on the Streets type.

Where does this leave the Jews? It leaves the Jews in a very difficult position, without a credible leadership of any kind. Herzl knew very well what Jewishness and Judaism was: it was a religion and a culture all tied into the package of nation. Note well it was never a theory and practice with which it was possible to confront the modern scourge of Fascism.

We have reached a kind of end of road situation with this deal. The responsibility lies with all layers of Israeli leadership. Their inability to act like a Trotsky in a situation which has always demanded a Trotsky opened the door for these consequences (the withdrawal from Gaza and the criminal “secular” attacks on religious youth at the time was always only a sign of the illness, not the illness itself)

The courage of young Gilad Shalit I applaud. Not his parents though, but even they are in no way responsible. What is responsible is the sickness in leadership with the Israeli Judaic tradition and leadership which cannot fight the Fascists, but which is too proud to face up to its inability, as a true patriot would definitely do.

The Shalit deal by Netanyahu, as agent of US Imperialism, represents an end of the road situation, more even than the Withdrawal from Gaza situation, because after Netanyahu and his betrayals there is nowhere else for Jews to go inside that tradition.

For their religion and culture to endure they need to turn to Trotsky and THAT tradition.


2 days after the Shalit release the repercussions build up

In the comment we made and placed on vital sources including Jews News we wrote:

For the US and EU it was always about Hamas, you know. The US and British elites have always been unerring in their choice of partner, always preferring the Fascist Armed Men on the Streets type...

And today (Thursday) there is clear evidence that this is correct! What is correct? Answer that there is more to this deal with Hamas than meets the eye

1.       Netanyahu, Obama, Cameron et al know that Abbas is a busted flush. And as such they want to bring Hamas (and Hizbullah and Iran) more into the centre of things, unbelievable almost but we are talking here pact with the devil situation.
Read the following for rich affirmation of our point of view yesterday, with a new element entering the situation, the treachery of still Stalinist Russia, China too obviously, and also obviously the present day Fascist Left.

It is contained in today’s article in Debka.

The content of this article by Debka is that the Russian Stalinists (Debka does not use that descriptive word but we as Trotskyists do) are laying out the carpet for Hizbullah.

But note the stage for this has been set by others, by Netanyahu, by Obama, by the EU of course.

That is the real meaning of the Shalit deal with Hamas.

Keep your feet on the ground folks! Netanyahu is always the servant of US Power Imperialism (The Empire)

In the end this means a carve up with Jews expelled as happened in Gaza, also under a “strong man” leader of the “right” Sharon.

The Debka article spells this out. The PLANNED carve up will be not with Abbas but with Hamas. Abbas has no power. The forces of Jew Hatred have built up and the deal will be with Hamas.

Netanyahu and his sort are doing a deal with the very devil

This is Debka this morning. You cannot get any more explicit than this:

By concluding the prisoner exchange deal with Hamas, Israel sought to draw the United States into dumping the Palestinian Authority chairman and his Fatah party which governs the West Bank in favour of ties with the fundamentalist Hamas. This would enable the transfer of Hamas' political bureau from Damascus to Cairo, thereby diluting or even severing its close bonds with Damascus and Tehran.

It is suspected in some Russian ruling circles that the Israeli prime minister may even have won support for his deal from certain factions in Washington for the dual purpose of pulling the rug from under Abbas



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