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Gadhafi ended as memorable fighter against "New World Order"


Qaddafi two

At the centre of this New World Order…Anti-Semitism

It is most noticeable that the virulent strain of anti-Semitism runs through the mass protests which are staged by a Leftist Fascist type leadership and which have attracted many millions of impoverished by the crisis youth, middle class as well as workers threatened with unemployment, loss of homes and poverty.

The dole queues are growing at an alarming rate, youth especially are hit badly by unemployment, the charities are overwhelmed, children are forced into sometimes near starvation and certainly under-nourishment, countries like Greece become inoperable.

Yes it is the crisis in the capitalist system which lies behind all of these events. The crisis in capitalism is what is coming to dominate in the lives of everybody on the planet.

And Nature too is threatened. Dogs are our closest companion in the animal world and dogs are more and more being abused, and millions are being abandoned, to be rounded up and gassed in huge numbers. Could this be a metaphor for our times? Capitalism in crisis will destroy our life on earth, all life on earth.

The rulers of capitalism are not stupid. They DO understand the depth of their crisis…Their system after all. They DO understand that the old forms of rule, often through parliamentary democracy, will not be sufficient to trick the workers and middle class people. They DO understand that they need to find an alternative method of rule.

The rulers of capitalism may not have a clear-cut plan as yet. They are groping forward. But some tentative steps have been taken.

The rulers of capitalism DO understand that Islam is one of the “ultimates” in repressive ideology and it was because of its repressiveness that Islam became an ally of the very worst barbarity that capitalism ever produced, which was the Nazis. Islam and the Nazis were at one in the Holocaust.

And remember my first point…Anti-Semitism is at and will be at the centre of the capitalist New World Order.

Now anti-Semitism is at the centre of the fake left leaders who project themselves at the head of the Wall Street and the “Indignado” Movements around the world. Anti-Semitism is also at the head of the whole of the US and EU strategy towards Israel (and the Jews because Israel is the National Homeland of the Jews) as they force Fascist Palestinism onto Israel and the Jews, and deny the Fascist Nazi roots to Palestinism (Hajj Amin el Husseini being its founder) Now also anti-Semitism is at the very centre of the Arab so-called Spring, which is shown clearly in that Mubarak and Gadhafi have had the Star of David imposed upon their images in Islam article features, and where Egypt has become the centre of operation for Hamas, and where Libya cannot tolerate the presence of ONE Jew and ONE synagogue.

All of these facts are well known and yet this aspect of these recent events has been well and truly buried.

This means that there is a vast unspoken conspiracy afoot with anti-Semitism at its very centre.

This IS the New World Order.

Haile Selassie also was a religious dictator and a political despot. And although forgotten today Haile Selassie was a big issue in politics in the 1930s. As a despot should we defend Haile Selassie against the Mussolini invasion and against the Nazis?

Whether or not to defend Selassie unconditionally against Imperialism, then in the form of Italian Imperialism? For Leon Trotsky there was only the one answer and it had to be immediate and almost instinctive:

“When Italy attacked Ethiopia”, Trotsky later explained, “I was fully on the side of the latter, despite the Ethiopian Negus for whom I have no sympathy. What mattered was to oppose imperialism’s seizure of this new territory.”

Similarly with Muammar Gadhafi and his Government! Gadhafi was fighting a war essentially against NATO, which was and is the New World Order. It was impermissible to stand on the side-lines. It was impermissible not to seek to educate workers, youth and middle class people being hit by the capitalist crisis that this also was a matter of deep principle.

For us as Trotskyists it was essential that Gadhafi win, defeat NATO and defeat the “Sharia becoming” human dregs that followed NATO in Libya during the recent months.

The murder of Gadhafi is a metaphor in fact for the whole war. Without NATO these human dregs were useless. They could not fight. Time after time we all know they stuck their bums up in the air, ran up the road a bit, ran back down the road again, prayed again and waited until NATO planes directed by the SAS on the ground pounded the Gadhafi forces. Only when everything was a rubble could this human dross actually win anything!

So after a memorable resistance in Sirte the Gadhafi car column was hit by NATO planes, reduced to zero, it is a miracle how Gadhafi emerged alive looking at the footage of the wreckage, THEN the brave souls moved in to kill the defenceless leader, with following lying narrative of course.

These followers of Mohammed do not fight actually. They allow NATO and the New World order to do the fighting for them. Sarkozy and Cameron are obliging and Obama is a Muslim man essentially.

The Empire and the New World Order plan to rule by means of Sharia!

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The real nature of a capitalist/imperialist system in crisis was on display in the murder of Muammar Gadhafi. I mean “on display”. This horror show, worse than the worst most bestial piece of horror film you have ever seen, was flashed through into every home and kitchen in the world. And it was forcing all human beings to take a side.
More is at stake than Libya…much more. But Muammar Gadhafi and company, essentially his tribe, did something very important. THEY FOUGHT! This for Jews means that THEY FOUGHT while Noam Shalit crawled on his belly in front of the Hamas Jihadists, and Netanyahu and the whole of the Israeli ruling elites (only 3 votes against remember) crawled even more, and this is a great portent of the future.

This is the New World Order. In this New Order there is no place for independently minded Jews, those kinds of Jews who fought the Roman Empire to a stand-still. The NWO needs a new type of Jew, one which is subservient. If Jews will get on their belly and grovel in front of Hamas they are welcomed “into the parlour”.

That means for Obama and Rice stripping Israel of its Nuclear Arns weapon. Gadhafi made many decisions in his long political life and a few were wrong but many were right. Gadhafi was RIGHT to arm the IRA late 60s and early 70s to fight against the British Army Gorillas terrorising Ireland. RIGHT again to break decisively from the Provos and Adams when the latter embarked on an anti-protestant campaign of killing, as he did after “Bloody Friday” and other sectarian bombings. Gadhafi was RIGHT to spurn the Nazi Fascist Slavery promotion of the Arab League and embrace Black Africa. Naturally the blacks loved him, especially the Black poor. The Arabs hated with a vengeance. Gadhafi was RIGHT to try to give the tribes a voice in the revolutionary committees he set up everywhere. Gadhafi was RIGHT to create a universal Health and Education service free for all. Gadhafi was RIGHT to provide nearly free petrol to Libyans. Gadhafi was RIGHT to pioneer an aquifer water system as the 8th wonder of the world. Gadhafi was RIGHT to strip the veil away and employ strapping young girls as his bodyguard, and what a statement that was. You see the growth of the Al Qaida in the world was fatal for Gadhafi.

And Gadhafi made some mistakes all right, but only the one mistake that he could not pull out of. That mistake was that he made a deal with modern Imperialism, and especially with Britain and America. That was the mistake that led to the horror of Misrata in the past few days. Perhaps he was growing old and listened too much to others. But this is a mistake which may have a glorious ending yet, but not in Libya, where there is now a Fascist dictatorship in power. As in 1933 the deed is done and once the Fascists are in power it is no simple matter to overthrow them. There will certainly be a tribal war but it is no small matter for a tribe to gather the leadership (brain) to dislodge the Muslim theocrats, as Iran has showed us.

Action in this world must be taken BEFORE and not after the event. Speaking in an interview in 1933 Trotsky allowed his mind to range over the issue of democracy and dictatorship and how one can give way under certain conditions to the other:

“Do I consider the group of fascist dictatorships (Italy, Germany) and the quasi-Bonapartist (Poland, Yugoslavia, Austria) episodic and temporary? Alas, I can’t make mine such an optimistic prediction. Fascism isn’t provoked by a psychosis or “hysteria” (this is how salon theoreticians like Sforza offer consolation) but by a profound economic and social crisis that pitilessly eats away at Europe’s body. The current cyclical crisis has done nothing but render the morbid organic processes sharper. The cyclical crisis will inevitably cede its place to a conjunctural reanimation, though it will be to a lesser degree than that expected. But the general situation of Europe will not get much better. After each crisis the small and weak enterprises become even weaker, or completely die. The strong enterprises become even stronger. Next to the economic giant of the United States a Europe broken into pieces represents a combination of small enterprises hostile to each other. America’s current situation is very difficult: the dollar itself has bent the knee. Nevertheless, after the current crisis the international relation of forces will change in favor of America to the detriment of Europe.
“The fact that the old continent as a whole is losing the privileged situation it had in the past leads to an excessive exacerbation of antagonisms between European states and between the classes within these States. Of course, in the different countries these processes have reached a different level of tension. I think that the growth of social and national contradictions explains the origin and the relative stability of the dictatorships.
“In order to explain my thought permit me to refer to what I had the occasion to say a few years ago on this question; Why do democracies give place to dictatorships, and is it for a long time? Let me give a literary quotation from an article written February 25, 1929.
“It is sometimes said that in this case we are dealing with backwards nations, or those lacking in maturity. This explanation is barely applicable to Italy. But even in cases where this explanation is correct, it clarifies nothing. In the 19th century it was considered almost a law that backwards countries climb the steps of democracy. Why then does the 20th century push them onto the path of dictatorship? Democratic institutions show that they can’t bear up under the pressure of contemporary contradictions, now international, now internal, most often international and internal at the same time. Is this good? Is this bad? In any case, it’s a fact.
“By analogy with electrical technology democracy can be defined as a system of switches and insulators against the too-strong currents of national or social struggle. No era in human history has been as saturated with as many antagonisms as ours. An excess of current is increasingly being felt in parts of the European network. Under too much pressure from class and international contradictions the switches either melt or blow up. These are the short-circuits of dictatorships. The weakest switches are obviously the first to fail.
“When I wrote these lines Germany still had a Social-Democrat as the head of government. It’s clear that the subsequent march of events in Germany – a country that no one can consider backwards – has not been able to shake my appreciation of the situation.
“It’s true that during this time the revolutionary movement in Spain a (sic) swept away not only the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, but also the monarchy. Contrary currents of this kind are inevitable in an historical process. But internal equilibrium is far from being realized on the peninsula beyond the Pyrenees. The new Spanish regime has not yet demonstrated its stability.”

It is certainly NOT about oil in Libya today, or not just and essentially about oil. The old revolutionary committee idea of Gadhafi failed to withstand the challenge of Jihad, and above all failed in conditions where a west was becoming more sympathetic to Jihad in all its forms (The alliance is deep and progressing, whether it is Bush and the Saudis, or Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood). According to William Engdahl there is a global unity in all the actions of the US and EU (NATO) on the world stage, from the colour “revolutions” in Ukraine, from the Jihad in Yugoslavia and all the lies, to the so-called Arab Spring.

The old forms are no longer sufficient to hold the masses as they are severely affected in their daily lives by capitalist monetary crisis, essentially a crisis of credit built up since 1945.

The powers that be are seeking new forms. Mrs Clinton said “We came, we saw, he died” and that is the new form. A new form also was the shenanigans of Bill over the cigar. How outraged Mrs Clinton then was. But on making the remark above she handed the Blackberry back to close friend “Huma Abedin” who is really, really close to Hilary
Oil is a small matter in these affairs. What matters is POWER, hence the nature of Mrs Clinton’s initial reaction in words about seeing and killing on the murder of Gadhafi.

There is a re-arrangement of the world’s affairs taking place.

What is clear is that Israel must hold on, and make it crystal clear that it will use, its nuclear weapons.

Will the Israeli ruling elites be prepared to take action and stymie the Iranian nuclear threat? That may not be possible with new party leadership in Israel. To do that means to go against the US and the EU whose chosen partner is Muslim Brotherhood, is theocratic regimes preferably Mohammedan, which as Hitler recognized were the most savage in tooth and claw, to which barbarity even the Vatican tends to play second fiddle in these recent days.

I do not know. I cannot be sure if the present Israeli leaders will mount a strike, essentially also against US and EU interests, or if Iran is destined to have the Nuclear Bomb. I suspect they will but even so everything still depends in Israel of new party and new leadership.


Obama has set the stage for his big prize.

"I understand those who protest that some countries have weapons that others do not. No single nation should pick and choose which nations hold nuclear weapons. That is why I strongly reaffirmed America's commitment to seek a world in which no nations hold nuclear weapons. And any nation - including Iran - should have the right to access peaceful nuclear power if it complies with its responsibilities under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. That commitment is at the core of the Treaty, and it must be kept for all who fully abide by it. And I am hopeful that all countries in the region can share in this goal." -- President Barack Hussein Obama, June 4, 2009


This Associated Press report is factual and the facts speak loudly, and the facts will continue to do so, with the sounds of chop, chop not far away, as the Islam gathers force and confidence in Libya

I simply disagree with those who suggest Cameron or Obama are crazy, i believe they want this as a method of repression. That is more believable and logical than that they are misinformed etc.


BENGHAZI, Libya (AP) — Libya's transitional leader declared his country's liberation on Sunday, three days after the hated dictator Moammar Gadhafi was captured and killed.
He called on Libyans to show "patience, honesty and tolerance" and eschew hatred as they embark on rebuilding the country at the end of an 8-month civil war.
The transitional government leader Mustafa Abdul-Jalil set out a vision for the post-Gadhafi future with an Islamist tint, saying that Islamic Sharia law would be the "basic source" of legislation in the country and that existing laws that contradict the teachings of Islam would be nullified. In a gesture that showed his own piety, he urged Libyans not to express their joy by firing in the air, but rather to chant "Allahu Akbar," or God is Great. He then stepped aside and knelt to offer a brief prayer of thanks.
"This revolution was looked after by God to achieve victory," he told the crowd at the declaration ceremony in the eastern city of Benghazi, the birthplace of the uprising against Gadhafi began. He thanked those who fell in the fight against Gadhafi's forces. "This revolution began peacefully to demand the minimum of legitimate rights, but it was met by excessive violence."
Abdul-Jalil said new banks would be set up to follow the Islamic banking system, which bans charging interest. For the time being, he said interest would be canceled from any personal loans already taken out less than 10,000 Libyan dinars (about $7,500)....

AP contradicts itself: Sharia law is the basic form it says, yet this gives an Islamic tint. The expressions basic form and giving a tint are contradictory in meaning

In essence Islam does not do things like "giving a tint". Sometimes where Muslims are a demographic minority it (the Jihad) may tread cautiously. But this will not be the case in Libya where Islam has achieved state power on the basis of murder and brute force supplied by Cameron and Obama.

There is just no question about that. The only question that arises is whether these leaders, and their huge state machines, have somehow stumbled into this situation in a ham-fisted manner

It cannot be a mistake. There is such a long list of the capitalist west lining up with Islam, think Indonesia as one of the early cases, then above all think Bosnia-Herzegovina, think Kosovo and even the organ harvesting of Thaci, think also the new "Palestine", remember No Jews Allowed, always there is this ethnic cleansing, and above all Libya with the ethnic cleansing of blacks, and to come tribal ethnic cleansing, a hell hole.

The reason the "left" in Ireland does not wish to discuss Libya in any detail is because they have long ago sold their souls to "Palestine" and the ethnic cleansing by Islam in Palestine {Think here of Judenfrei gaza and also recent statements by Fatah leaders insisting that their state must be free of Jews} is no different say to the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from Kosovo.

{For an example of how sections of this fake left view Israel, and how the Protocols of Zion rubbish is rampant in the fake left, view the end comments in}
(see note 1 below)

This is all under the support of the US political ruling class, and of course the British (who have always had a working alliance with Islam and Sharia ever since the "Great Game" a policy directed against Russia. Russia is still the target")

One other point: This idea of making Zionism out to be a bogey man in the left is such utter nonsence. That is just in the end protocols of Zion anti-Semitism.

Zionism is the need for the Jews to have a Homeland and why should Jews not have a Homeland when the Arabs have 22 "Homelands" and surround tiny Israel.

THAT is why Israel needs Nuclear Weapons and there is no point in having Nuclear weapons if not prepared to use them to defend itself.

In everything the fake left is writing about Libya it is leaving out any understanding of Islam, seeks to hide the nature of Islam, seek to hide the anti-Semitism which is inherent in Islam at all levels

Jews have got to waken up. The US and Western Imperialism are not on their side, they are on the side of Sharia. Sharia is a very effective method of repression and they wish that to be effective.

(Note 1)

oh boy, felix...

The reason Iran is tooling up nukey is the fear of Israel's rogue stance and ambiguity re its arsenal. Israel has the region terrorised into martial idiocy, and all to the nefarious purposes of the imperial axis of WASPish NATO&Co.
If israel were to call for mutually assured common human renunciation of these barbaric instruments of mass destruction that threaten us ALL progress can yet be made, but I fear you express the sentiments of a sectarian zionism incapable of percieving our common humanity and interdependence, the root of all religious teaching, till us hominids start dogmatically applying them.
To threaten their use is to descend into the Nazi bunker and embrace Hitlerian nihilism.. not I think a Jewish precept, certainly not overtly anyway, in my experience.

As for gaddafi's demise, if you see Islamist, rather than Zionist, puppeteering, I suggest you change your Troskyist paranoid shades, before you give yourself a psychological hernia.

Further: your apparent adulation of warrior virtues indicates that your deity is Mars, rather than Yaweh. Make up one of your minds, before you incinerate the screen altogether.

Oh, and Adolf was right( from a social justice point of view) in many of his policies. It was his Aryan racism poisoned the brew and led him to the self-certainty of the horrors he released. That can be repeated, under a star of David, with equal barbarity, if Israel fails to wake from its racist self-certainty and embrace humanity(in every sense of the word)rather than its current PRIMITIVE tribalism. Shalom.

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