Friday, September 16, 2005

What a state it will Gary Bauer

Gary Bauer is pro-American but he is truthful and in this article he shows the nature of the Palestinian state and the contradiction in American politics (and I could put it much firmer than that) which has led Bush and Rice to campaign for this projected Palestinian state. What will be its nature? What sort of country will it be? Bauer gives some clues here. This was carried on Israpundit and I include a couple of comments at the end which contain some other information for readers to follow up (John Loftus writings) ...editor Felix Quigley

“What A State It Will Be, by Gary Bauer

The European Union, the United Nations and, sadly, even the Bush Administration continue to push for the creation of a Palestinian state that, we are told, will live "side by side with Israel in peace." Meanwhile, did anyone take the time to check out what the "citizens" of this future state did in the last 24 hours, as Israeli forces withdrew from Gaza? Mobs carrying Hamas and Islamic Jihad flags rampaged through Gaza looting, shooting guns in the air, and then burning Jewish synagogues to the ground. The frenzy wasn't completely unexpected given the culture of death that has prevailed in the Palestinian territory for years. Bodies even had to be exhumed from Jewish graves during the evacuation, because everyone knew that once the Palestinians were in control the graves would be desecrated. There has not been one word of condemnation for this behavior from Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.

Secretary Rice, while congratulating both the Israelis and the Palestinians for "their effective coordination," sadly failed to even mention the torching of the synagogues. Moreover, our State Department unbelievably issued a statement criticizing Israel for not demolishing the synagogues. According to the diplomats at State, leaving them standing put the poor Palestinian Liberation Organization in the untenable position of either guarding the synagogues or allowing their destruction by the mobs!

In short, these thugs are doing what everyone knew they would do. The new baby nation of Palestine straining to be born shows all the early signs of being a deformed monster - a new terrorist state, built on radical Islam, and controlled by murderers and thieves.

Posted by Joseph Alexander Norland at September 13, 2005 08:12 PM
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1. Yehoshua Kehati said:
If you want to really understand the corrupt international relations we (Israel/Jews) are dealing with, read "The Secret War Against the Jews". Begin in the middle of the book, approximately, with the story of the USS Liberty, "accidentally" fired on and virtually destroyed by Israel while it was fighting for its life.
As it is said,'People have friends, nations have interests'. The duplicity of the USA and England continues through to the present, and a key word is: O-I-L. Also, remember that most humans think either that they are smarter than G-d, or that He doesn't run tthe world.And don't forget "From Time Immemorial", by Joan Peters, which deals wth duplicity in its many forms as it played its role in Arab-Israel relations.
Anyone want to buy some greenhouses, cheap? Contact Mort Zuckerman or James Wolfensohn. So much for sophistication!
Posted by: Yehoshua Kehati on September 13, 2005 09:34 PM

2. elvis said:
Yehoshua- A well documented book by John Loftus. His web site has lots of other juicy info on the subject plus a review of the book which you site.
Posted by: elvis on September 14, 2005 01:52 AM

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